Thursday, November 18, 2021

My Favorite Season.

Coming up on my favorite week. The week of Thanksgiving. The whole week speaks home to me. My cozy meter ramps up and I walk around with a silly smile on my face. Little lights, warm fires, lots of turkeys and autumn colors to add cheer around the house. 

Recap time. October kept us busy. We gathered yard art and carefully tucked it away in my garden shed. Covered the furniture and mulched leaves. We start early so we do not get caught by an early snowstorm. I love this time. I feel like a settler getting ready for the long winter.

We had a lovely celebration, just the three of us at our kids house, for my hubbys birthday. Em had decorated her backyard for fall. I made homemade chocolate cupcakes and we ordered pizza. We sat around the fire pit and chatted and laughed. So pleasant. And by the way, we still only gather with them due to covid. Still too big a risk, even being fully vaccinated and boostered to be around others. I know my kids are safe but I can't say that for others. 


This Halloween was lovely! Prior to the big day my youngest came over and we made spiderweb cookies. The first time in 26 years. We had a wonderful time and they sure were good. We set up our display and had Trick or Treaters. I had put in little bags, a Pez toy and candy in little bags. We only had 9 kids come, but it still made us very happy and the world more normal. Our kids showed up in costume and helped us take down everything outside. We don't want to lose something to the little tricksters. A perfect end to my favorite holiday. 


Onward to the weekend. Our big rivalry football game is this Saturday. But we will watch it from the comfort of our home. I have hot dogs, chips and peanuts at the ready. Go Griz! Always, Kit



Prims By The Water said...

What lovely pumpkins displayed for Halloween! I love me a good fire at night. Looks like you had fun! Janice

Angie said...

Kit - somehow, it is not hard to imagine you wandering around with a silly smile on your face! LOL! Belated happy birthday to your hubby! Go Griz! How much the world has changed since the Griz game that we attended three years ago!!!

Susan said...

Oh Kit, what a wonderful post! The pictures are just splendid. Really, you take awesome shots. That last one with kitty in the window is a treasure. Love your header, too. Everything on your posts looks so warm and cozy. Getting chill, chill, chillier here in western Massachusetts. Oh boy. Winter's on its way. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week. I am thankful you are my dear blog friend! Hugs (with masks on, of course), Susan

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Anyone would feel so welcome in your home. Love is everywhere.

Lorrie said...

I love the description of you walking around with a silly smile on your face. This is such a cozy season. I hope you have a wonderful week preparing for Thanksgiving. Christmas is my favourite season and I'm looking forward to it very much this year as we will gather with our children and grandchildren, unlike last year.

Lizzy D said...

Wonderful photos. Really convey the warmth and delights of the season.

Your family s adorable!

Whispering Horn said...

The photographs are beautiful. Such a lovely post.