Saturday, October 23, 2021

October, the most beautiest month.

I can see snow on the mountains to the north. The last of the warm weather has fled and Fall is full on. The leaves are gorgeous this year and once it drys up, I need to mulch them. But I do enjoy them scattered about. I just love this time for nesting and getting ready for winter. All my yard art is safely tucked away in my garden shed. And the furniture is stored and covered. I've retreated inside and have been enjoying the process of redecorating my rooms for Halloween.


September kept us busy. Steve participated in the Senior Olympics and all three of us attended (with masks and distancing) and cheered him on. We even had matching t-shirts made up with our last name and we were quite the hit with the crowd. Steve won a medal in all three events. Gold, Silver and a Bronze. We were so proud of him. 


We have acquired another cat. Remember the neighbor cat who I named Tabbers? Well, he never ever went home and our neighbors let us adopt him. He is such a sweetie, and he just loves Steve. We are slowly getting him used to the house and got him all his shots. He is less skittish with each day and is realizing his new home is quieter and safer than the one he left. 


Off to Helena, Mt we went to catch some of the changing colors in the high country. It is such a lovely drive, and I just love seeing all the ranches. We did some shopping at our favorite antique store and I found a new clock and an egg cup in my Rooster and Roses pattern. 


Steve and I went and got our covid booster shots, which made me feel so happy. Having the vaccine has made such a difference in our lives. We still stay away from people and wear masks but I feel safer. I just wish more people would feel the same. Always, Kit