Friday, August 27, 2021

Now where did that month go?

I am sitting here with my cat on my lap in the quiet of my home and I feel so contented.  I just finished mowing and watering my flower pots. This year will go down in history for the best flowers. I have to give credit to the heat and everyday watering. They are huge!


Though I am grateful that we are now back down into the high 70's and have gotten some much needed rain. And the smoke has cleared from the air. Our night time temps are now in the 40's and there is a hint of autumn in the air. My Burning Bush has a pink glow to it. And I found my first red leaves from my Autumn Blaze Maple. 

The world is a bit of a mess again. But I've come to expect it. We are still reeling from 4 years of the worse president ever. #45 is a disgrace and his followers are no better. Biden is doing his best to give us a better world and they just want to drag him down. I wonder how long it will take to get back to normal. We are still wearing masks and I am eager for my booster shot. I just don't get it. Anti-Vaxxers are worried about what's in it. I take 4 medications a day, and to tell you the truth, I have no idea how they work but they keep me alive. Just like this lovely vaccine. Thank you scientists. 

In July, right after we got home from Oregon we had a memorial to attend for my husbands best friend. It was held at the Carousel for Missoula, a hand carved creation started by Chuck K. He taught my hubby how to carve and they were friends for over 30 years. Such a sad loss. 

Back tracking a bit, we celebrated our daughters birthday in July and it felt great to safely be together. We ate donuts and chatted and did a lot of laughing. 


I love the Olympics, and I spent those two weeks glued to the tv. I couldn't get enough and am proud to say I think I caught almost every event. It had a strange feel to it without fans, but I think Japan did a great job. My favorites? Track and field and swimming. Now I can't wait till February!

 Well, I think I remembered everything of consequence. In between happenings, I read and garden and enjoy long talks with my hubby. It is a most pleasant way to spend my time. Always, Kit