Saturday, July 31, 2021


I was still hemming and hawing a month before on whether we should go. Covid was still happening and tho we were both vaccinated, how safe would we be? How were the airlines handling it? Was Oregon even open? Well, I did my research and we took a leap of faith. And everything worked out. Alaska Air was wonderful, masks required and our flight was only half full. Once we got to Oregon, we could relax. Our stores and restaurants were open and masks were being worn everywhere. Sigh of relief. I felt safe. 

Now for the pics! We got our rental car and for the week we were from It really comes in handy when you're trying to change lanes in Portland. Everyone stays away from "Out of towners!" With a shaken fist! The drive is gorgeous. And the condo a welcome sight. 

Our first day on the coast is always spent at Cape Foulweather and Newport. Sadly the gift shop was still closed But we wandered the shops of Newport and had a lovely lunch at Local Ocean. Yummy crab!

Headed north to Cannon Beach next. What a pretty town! The flowers always amaze me. Found my favorite antique store and bought a vintage sewing basket. The drive was so lovely and I always get a kick out of the giant marshmallows (wrapped hay bales) in all the fields.

We spend a lot of our time just relaxing at the condo. The view is beautiful and so private. But we headed to my favorite beach, the Marine Gardens in search of sea glass and agates. And were not disappointed. A lovely lunch at Kyllos in Lincoln City of clam chowder really made my day.

Traveled south to Florence. On the way, we hit the Flea Market in Waldport and that place never disappoints. A wander in old town and the harbor and a great lunch at the Zebra Bar. I really would have loved to have that

On our last full day we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium to see their new exhibit, SeeTime. A wonderful display. The perfect way to cap off our trip. I am so glad we took this trip. It recharged us and gave us new stories. I found some lovely treasures and just enjoyed watching the sea. And being with my best friend. Always, Kit

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Lizzy D said...

Delightful. I am so glad you got to go this year!

Angie said...

Kit! So glad to have you at Mosaic Monday! I am so happy for you that Oregon was all you hoped it would be, and not the things that worried you! Loved that you were "from Tennessee"!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I know you enjoyed your trip. We felt the same way taking off to travel to NC...wondering what would be open. But we did find and had good experiences everywhere too. You got to do a lot! How wonderful!

Small City Scenes said...

I just love the Oregon beaches. Although we have beaches on the ocean also Oregon beaches have a special place for me. You shots are wonderful

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wonderful that you were able to get away. It all looks so lovely. I miss road trips. Can't go anywhere right now. This country is very small and there is nowhere to go so we'd have to catch a flight. My husband is fully vaccinated but I don't get my second dose until the end of September so can't go anywhere until after that. Ticket prices have been super high anyways so hopefully that will get back to normal at some point.

Prims By The Water said...

We have a Zebra Bar too. Akll decorated in Zebra theme. So glad you had a wonderful time in Oregon. How funny to have a rental car from TN. I had a couple come to our gift shop last weekend from Missouri and they told me our rocks and stones were so much more prettier than there's were. I guess I just took them for granted that all rocks are the same. Janice

Lorrie said...

What a fun to read capsule of your vacation. I'm glad you were able to go. I would love to visit the Oregon beaches one day.

Susan said...

Ohhhhh, Kit. That sounds like a fabulous trip. Oh by gosh, chowder and crab are faves. It looks so lovely. So glad you and your "best friend" could go. Looks like we both traveled this summer. I had many days on Cape Cod and then Colorado! Yippah! Love going to new places. Take care and have a great rest of the summer. Hugs. Susan