Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Lovely month of May

A sigh of well being. From where I sit I see new snow on my mountains. It looks like it's going to rain a bit more today and it is rather cool. I even have the fireplace on. My cat is curled in a tight ball and earlier looked at me like it was me who made all the nice weather disappear. I keep telling her it will come back soon. 

My world is now very green with dashes of shades of purple. So pretty and it smells great. I finally had blooming tulips and the forget-me-nots are going crazy all over the back yard. I began work on my garden beds and got out most of my yard art before bad weather sent me indoors. 

On the 8th we had a wonderful event to go to. The Spring Showcase Ice Skating Spectacular! Our youngest has been taking lessons for the past year and our oldest played ice hockey for the U of M. So they joined up and did a little ice dancing number together. It was so cute and fun and we cheered like we were at the Olympics. Flowers and kudos were given and friends were met for the first time in a year. Just lovely.




My oldest celebrated his birthday with a trip to Glacier Park to roller blade the Going to the Sun Road with his sister. They had a wonderful time and great weather. 


We all got together for Mother's Day and it was so lovely. I had cake with cherries and we just sat around and chatted. Anymore, just give me my family and dessert and I'm happy. 

Now that the world is opening up, I have had to catch up on all my neglected appointments. I got my hair trimmed finally and she said I didn't do too bad a job keeping it cut. Hit the Dentist and eye doc. And then my main doctor. Then my cancer doctor (all was clear) Yay! And finally coming up is a routine Colonoscopy. Whew! It feels good to get it all taken care of. 

Well, tomorrow is my 66th birthday! We shall keep it simple with a picnic supper, homemade cheesecake and my kids. That is all I need. Give me laughing and stories and lots of hugs and I will be the happiest birthday girl. Oh and just like I told my cat, the good weather has returned and it is lovely out!  Always, Kit