Saturday, April 24, 2021

Enchanted April

Today is a bit rainy and cool. But I see Green Fuzzies starting! Spring is taking her sweet old time this year but can you blame her? I kind of want to hide out still too. Take one introvert, add a year of staying home, and you get a person who is totally okay with her small circle. I rather like shopping online and there really isn't anywhere that I really have to go. I pick up books curbside at my library and nice people load up my groceries each week. I have gotten really good at cutting my own hair and I have never saved so much money. And with all my extra time I have finally tackled my attic, still a work in progress and I putter out in my yard doing cleanup. So, for now I'm staying put. Besides I don't think the human race is out of the woods yet. 



We had our Easter Party a week late to make sure we were all vaccinated. And it was everything I wanted it to be. I was supposed to make a turkey dinner but that got waysided when my oven died. We ordered a new stove online but it won't get here till mid May. Damn covid. So I made us all a picnic dinner with fried chicken, salads and pie. It was delish! My youngest loves Easter egg hunts and so Jules and I set one up and Em and her Daddy ran all over the yard. We laughed so hard and the big hit was the Jesus Easter eggs I found online. Yes, they actually make eggs in his likeness. We played games till late and the champagne flowed. We didn't want the day to end.

So, as we get to the end of April I've come to the conclusion that my blog has to change with the times. I think I will continue it but only recap once a month. I am really enjoying Instagram and the many new friends I have made. I don't even have to buy magazines anymore, I just love scrolling thru the squares. It fits my time and I have fun coming up with a photo that depicts what's happening in my world on that particular day. So for now, that is where you will find me. @amontanalife Well, I am off to do some chores and watch a little golf. Take care, still wear a mask and get vaccinated. Always, Kit