Friday, February 26, 2021

Now where did that month go?

I am sitting here and just feeling good. So much to be grateful for. I know folks are tired of the weather, politics, staying home. But so far the only thing that bothers me the most is not hanging out with my children. We text and send photos but it's not the same. So we have come up with a plan. We're going into quarantine again in March and getting together for Easter! Hooray! Big dinner, Easter Baskets and an egg hunt. Plus lots of champagne and game playing. 😊


This month has been quiet. Our library re-opened so I have been able to borrow books curbside. They have a great set up just like picking up groceries. No contact. I've never liked buying books since I find it a waste of money and do not have or want shelves of books I'll never read again. 


We enjoyed the Super Bowl.  When our team doesn't play I have a calmer I made my 3 Bean Chili with fixins'. I was happy to see Tampa Bay win. 

Did not enjoy the Impeachment. I knew they couldn't convict but there was always the hope that justice would win out. And now I see (the man who will not be named) still has a hold on these morons. I just don't see it. Why? 

But my President Joe Biden makes me smile and I would love to give him a big hug. Go Joe!


Hubby go both his vaccine shots. Actually yesterday was his second so he may be feeling punky later today. Me? Nope. Our county is still doing tiers. And I understand why. So hopefully soon. 


Watched two wonderful shows. First was Belgravia. My daughter and I watched at the same time but in our own homes. And we texted back and forth. Such Fun. Next up I watched the new rendition of All Creatures Great and Small. I liked it so much I actually clapped at the end. So well done. 

 Valentine's Day came with cards and candy. And lots of snow. Which I of course loved. In fact it is snowing now and I could just sit here and watch the day thru. Well, that is it from here. Life keeps going on and I try to enjoy it as much as I can. No sense in wishing away my days waiting for spring or whining about having to stay home. It is what it is. Stay home, wear a mask and get vaccinated. For everyone's sake. Always, Kit