Saturday, January 30, 2021

I was Mad as Hell...

Boy was I upset. It was hard to write earlier in the month because I was so angry. As a lot of us were. I thought Jan 6th would be the best day. The day it was confirmed that Joe had won. Not the day the world went crazy. I remember sitting here with my husband when what I was reading online got drastically serious. I told him we need to turn the tv on. And what we saw was unreal. We just couldn't believe it. And I remember thinking, why are they not stopping the mob. We watched till we went to bed.


Slept horribly and still could not believe the news coming out of DC. 6 dead, and that #45 had whipped up the crowd before hand (we never watched his stupid speeches), inside help, rioters looking to kidnap and kill. Was this really happening? In the following days word would come out of heros and of police pleading for their lives. The videos were unbelievable. 


And then we had to wait 2 tense weeks to see what else could happen before the inauguration. So many troops, so many worries, but you know what? It came out fine. It came out more than fine. It was beautiful! Who ever planned the event has my kudos. From the Covid Memorial to the Inauguration, it was lovely. I felt such pride and hope. For the first time in 4 years I was not embarrassed to be an American.



Now we have to see if those chicken shit politicians will stand up and do what is right. #45 has to pay for what he incited and not just slink quietly away. I never want to see his or a member of his vile families, name on another ballot.


But it looks like the Republican party is going to sell out again. What else is new? They do not want to do what is right for the country but what will further them ahead in their own careers. Figures. So I will continue to watch Brian Williams and Colbert, both brilliant men to get my info with a chuckle. And continue on cheering Biden and his team. Let's wish and hope for a brighter future. Always, Kit