Monday, December 13, 2021


Oh my, am I ever enjoying this holiday season. I spend a lot of time sitting in my spot gazing at my pretty tree, hoping for snow and just like that, here it comes fluttering down. I had a lot of fun creating my vignettes this year and visiting with my old treasures. Now I can do a little baking and I've been watching some movies. New to me, The Bishops Wife and The Shop Around the Corner.  Both were wonderful! We went to the Red Truck Vintage Market and I found a few more ornaments (like I really need any and a little Santa. It was fun to be out and about and of course we wore our masks. Sadly a lot of people were not. 


Thanksgiving was lovely. I had my kids here and Steve, so I was quite content. All the food came out just great and we had our special drinks and fun games. As usual we did not want the night to end but Em and I had to get up early the next day. That's right, we had a date for Black Friday. We decided to meet at 6am and only visit 4 stores. It's not the buying that's important, it's the driving around in the dark, listening to Christmas songs and chatting. We had so much fun and I was able to spoil my kids. 

So now it is only a couple of weeks to Christmas. The cards have been mailed, the house is all decorated but of course I keep I just love how everything looks so different in Christmas colors. Maybe we should hang lit garland all year long. I have come to a decision lately and I feel good about it. I am going to stop doing my blog. I won't delete it, but after this month, I will not add anything new. I find I get a lot of enjoyment out of Instagram and I have met so many great people all over the world. I love going in each day and sharing a pic of what I am up to. And checking in on what everyone is doing. There are so many great ideas and photos to enjoy. I started out in a forum over 20 years ago, graduated to a blog and now IG suits me better. You can check on me, if you want, on IG at amontanalife. It has been lovely getting to know you. Have a very Merry Christmas! Always, Kit


Thursday, November 18, 2021

My Favorite Season.

Coming up on my favorite week. The week of Thanksgiving. The whole week speaks home to me. My cozy meter ramps up and I walk around with a silly smile on my face. Little lights, warm fires, lots of turkeys and autumn colors to add cheer around the house. 

Recap time. October kept us busy. We gathered yard art and carefully tucked it away in my garden shed. Covered the furniture and mulched leaves. We start early so we do not get caught by an early snowstorm. I love this time. I feel like a settler getting ready for the long winter.

We had a lovely celebration, just the three of us at our kids house, for my hubbys birthday. Em had decorated her backyard for fall. I made homemade chocolate cupcakes and we ordered pizza. We sat around the fire pit and chatted and laughed. So pleasant. And by the way, we still only gather with them due to covid. Still too big a risk, even being fully vaccinated and boostered to be around others. I know my kids are safe but I can't say that for others. 


This Halloween was lovely! Prior to the big day my youngest came over and we made spiderweb cookies. The first time in 26 years. We had a wonderful time and they sure were good. We set up our display and had Trick or Treaters. I had put in little bags, a Pez toy and candy in little bags. We only had 9 kids come, but it still made us very happy and the world more normal. Our kids showed up in costume and helped us take down everything outside. We don't want to lose something to the little tricksters. A perfect end to my favorite holiday. 


Onward to the weekend. Our big rivalry football game is this Saturday. But we will watch it from the comfort of our home. I have hot dogs, chips and peanuts at the ready. Go Griz! Always, Kit


Saturday, October 23, 2021

October, the most beautiest month.

I can see snow on the mountains to the north. The last of the warm weather has fled and Fall is full on. The leaves are gorgeous this year and once it drys up, I need to mulch them. But I do enjoy them scattered about. I just love this time for nesting and getting ready for winter. All my yard art is safely tucked away in my garden shed. And the furniture is stored and covered. I've retreated inside and have been enjoying the process of redecorating my rooms for Halloween.


September kept us busy. Steve participated in the Senior Olympics and all three of us attended (with masks and distancing) and cheered him on. We even had matching t-shirts made up with our last name and we were quite the hit with the crowd. Steve won a medal in all three events. Gold, Silver and a Bronze. We were so proud of him. 


We have acquired another cat. Remember the neighbor cat who I named Tabbers? Well, he never ever went home and our neighbors let us adopt him. He is such a sweetie, and he just loves Steve. We are slowly getting him used to the house and got him all his shots. He is less skittish with each day and is realizing his new home is quieter and safer than the one he left. 


Off to Helena, Mt we went to catch some of the changing colors in the high country. It is such a lovely drive, and I just love seeing all the ranches. We did some shopping at our favorite antique store and I found a new clock and an egg cup in my Rooster and Roses pattern. 


Steve and I went and got our covid booster shots, which made me feel so happy. Having the vaccine has made such a difference in our lives. We still stay away from people and wear masks but I feel safer. I just wish more people would feel the same. Always, Kit


Monday, September 20, 2021

It's a coming!

A definite Fall feel in the air today. Very cool, and off and on showers. Last night I was raking apples and with the wind blowing leaves out of my trees, I had the feeling Summer was long gone. I am fine with it. We had a lovely Summer but I am ready for all things Autumn. Cool days, football, baking and one pot meals. 

Catching up. A big event that my daughter and I attend in August is called Chicks and Chaps. A fundraiser for breast cancer. But they actually support all cancers. It consists of a Rodeo clinic, tasty food and drink and even tastier cowboys. We always have such a great time and this was our 9th year (last year was cancelled) Emily is known for her outfits and she did not disappoint this year. In fact, she was the hit of the day, the organizers just love her. She made that hat! And our special BFF bracelets.  😊 Not only did she look lovely but she rode the bull and did some calf roping and in high heels! We had such fun. And as you can see, (middle pic, second collage) I was pretty tired out by the end of the day. But it was so worth it.

We also took in the fair. It was lovely to see all the exhibits and the kids won ribbons! I got to wander about the animals and hold hands with my best guy. 

 Well, this day is coming to a close and it has been a good one. My Broncos won and my Angel Food cake came out yummy. Always, Kit

PS: Get Vaccinated and Wear a Mask

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Friday, August 27, 2021

Now where did that month go?

I am sitting here with my cat on my lap in the quiet of my home and I feel so contented.  I just finished mowing and watering my flower pots. This year will go down in history for the best flowers. I have to give credit to the heat and everyday watering. They are huge!


Though I am grateful that we are now back down into the high 70's and have gotten some much needed rain. And the smoke has cleared from the air. Our night time temps are now in the 40's and there is a hint of autumn in the air. My Burning Bush has a pink glow to it. And I found my first red leaves from my Autumn Blaze Maple. 

The world is a bit of a mess again. But I've come to expect it. We are still reeling from 4 years of the worse president ever. #45 is a disgrace and his followers are no better. Biden is doing his best to give us a better world and they just want to drag him down. I wonder how long it will take to get back to normal. We are still wearing masks and I am eager for my booster shot. I just don't get it. Anti-Vaxxers are worried about what's in it. I take 4 medications a day, and to tell you the truth, I have no idea how they work but they keep me alive. Just like this lovely vaccine. Thank you scientists. 

In July, right after we got home from Oregon we had a memorial to attend for my husbands best friend. It was held at the Carousel for Missoula, a hand carved creation started by Chuck K. He taught my hubby how to carve and they were friends for over 30 years. Such a sad loss. 

Back tracking a bit, we celebrated our daughters birthday in July and it felt great to safely be together. We ate donuts and chatted and did a lot of laughing. 


I love the Olympics, and I spent those two weeks glued to the tv. I couldn't get enough and am proud to say I think I caught almost every event. It had a strange feel to it without fans, but I think Japan did a great job. My favorites? Track and field and swimming. Now I can't wait till February!

 Well, I think I remembered everything of consequence. In between happenings, I read and garden and enjoy long talks with my hubby. It is a most pleasant way to spend my time. Always, Kit