Thursday, December 31, 2020

Our Month of Christmas

Oh what a time we had!! I spent Christmas week baking and cooking and getting the house all spiffy. Since we were quarantined, I had plenty of time. I am happiest when I'm nesting so it was not work to me. I could barely wait till the kids got here. I was looking forward to lots of hugs and kisses.


Now to back track a bit. By the end of the first week, the tree was up and it took us 2 days to decorate it. Now over 650 ornaments and I can't help collecting more! To me they are little memories. 


The advent calendars were delivered to my kids. Em got a toy one featuring a Playmobile Christmas Ball and Jules his basket of fruit. 


Even though we do not exchange gifts, I like to come up with little surprises. So for the first surprise, my oldest got a buffalo plaid mug and a gift card for art supplies and the youngest received a pair of earrings with ice skates (she's taking lessons) and a glittery pink tree skirt for her latest pink tree. Plus, I baked them some spritz cookies.


 In to quarantine we went, where we finished The Mandalorian. I just love that show. I watched a very disturbing and way off book, rendition of The Christmas Carol. Hmmm. I really do think Dickens was rolling in his grave on this one. We painted some new ornaments which I had found in Polson. And they came out cute. 


Lots of reading and fluffing of the house. I kept coming up with new decorating ideas. And I prepared the second surprise! This time my youngest got one of her Disney Animator dolls. Moana. And my oldest a gift card to Target.  Plus this time I baked Chocolate Crinkles for them. They were so thrilled. 



On the 19th we all met up on the roof of my daughter's building on campus to watch Santa fly. Yes, fly. Back when they were little, an animated light display in the shape of Santa flew over town beneath a helicopter. I would bundle the kids up and we would run up and down the street as he went by. We all loved it. But it stopped 16 years ago. So a group of folks got together and found the original, fixed it up and hired a pilot. The town could not wait and as it swung over campus we were all crying. Everyone said it was just what we needed this year. It sure gave us all a dose of magic.


As we headed into Christmas week our city again came together for Red Sleighs over Montana. Everyone donated toys and dropped them at the airport. On the 23rd, 10 aircraft took off with pilots dressed as Santas and flew over town and then went to 18 rural communities in Montana. We were so proud of them. 

The kids arrived for Christmas and it was lovely. We ate and drank and played our games. We attended virtual church and sang Silent Night. And I got all the hugs and kisses I could hold and then some. Always, Kit


                                                                            My Loves!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Happy Holidays!

Oh what a wonderful holiday it was! Soooo worth the 2 weeks of quarantining. I was in the kitchen when my kids arrived and got the best hugs and kisses. My first in 8 months. Dinner was fantastic if I say so myself. Everyone ate extra helpings and the champagne flowed. We talked and talked and laughed so hard my insides hurt. What a wonderful feeling that was. We played games and ate pumpkin pie. And later Chex mix and chocolates and we still continued to laugh. We didn't want the night to end and finally broke up the party at 11 pm. We grabbed our last hugs and said a happy good night. 


My youngest and I figured out a way to do a little Black Friday. Our tradition each year. Mainly for the fun of driving around in the dark, sipping coffee and listening to Christmas music. The rules this year were: non crowded stores, masks, if we ran into any anti-maskers we would leave, and lots of sanitizer. For the most part it went well, but at Michaels we ran into some people who would not keep their masks on and the staff was not policing the customers so we left. Great stores were JoAnns, and Old Navy with lots of staff help and safety. Our last store was Target and they had the store set up nicely but we ran into some folks who were not wearing their masks correctly and I had had it! I asked them very politely to cover their noses and they looked very surprised I said anything but someone had to and they pulled their masks up. Em said I was her hero. Well, I think in these times we need to hold people accountable in order to remain safe and well. We finished our morning with coffee and food (take out) and I got my last hug until Christmas. A very lovely morning for sure. 


On to the Christmas Season! I am excited for this one. It has always meant alot to me, but even more this year. I started decorating and it took me a whole week to get it up and running. I love the look of it. A kind of rustic homey Dolly Parton kind of Lots of red and green and using all my favorite Christmas treasures. It has been so much fun putting it all together. Now I get to enjoy it while I sip my coffee and eat yet another cookie. 




Well, that is it for now. Today we pick up our groceries and get ready to settle in to our next batch of quarantine. And two weeks from now, I will be hopefully getting huge Christmas hugs safely. Take care and wear a mask to protect the ones you love. Always, Kit