Tuesday, November 24, 2020

My Favorite Week

It's here! I just love this week. There is something about this holiday that just makes me want to sing! And I do, constantly, my husband reminded me...lol But it is snippets of Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf and Holly Jolly Christmas. I think we need more Thanksgiving songs besides Over the River. Anywho, yesterday I started preps for the holiday and for someone who hates to cook, I am so excited. I love cooking for this holiday. I think it is because it is really the only thing that has to been done. No card sending, no gifts to wrap, no stress. So I started off with Chex Mix, a favorite of the family except one. Then I need to start thawing the turkey. About a month ago I went in an actual store and got my turkey. I didn't want there to be a run on turkeys. Like the toilet paper fiasco! A nice 14 pounder which will suit us just fine. 


Today, some more cookies need to be baked and some house cleaning. As per my daughter, (scientist, EMT, and public health worker) we have been quarantined for two weeks so we can be together Thursday. So far so good and we can see that glorious finish line where I will be hugging my children. We haven't mingled with anyone outside our bubble and no one has any symptoms. I have read recently that people are saying it is worth the risk to gather together without precautions, but I certainly don't think a turkey dinner is worth a life. 


Wednesday will find me baking our pumpkin pie and creating some of our side dishes. Raspberry Jello mold, Mac and Cheese and Yams. And finding all the decor to create this years table. 


I am happy to hear that Macy's has come up with a way to have the parade. So good to hear. Such a tradition to watch and then cry when Santa comes to town.


The kids will be here bringing games to play and I have lots of sweets and snacks. I have the stereo all loaded with Autumn tunes and champagne chilling. 


From my home to yours, I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving. No matter how you do it. Please be safe and smart. Always, Kit


Sunday, November 8, 2020

Hope Restored

I can finally write again. These past few days have been so hard for so many people, and me. And they will continue to be a bit hard because here in our country, so many people voted for that horrendous person. The person who was supposed to guide us and take care of us and who instead called us names, put us in harms way and made light of a situation that has killed so many people. I am happy to be rid of #45. I felt such pride and love when I heard Biden and Harris speak yesterday. I was overwhelmed with hope and joy and I knew God had heard my prayers. We can now move forward. Not dread the next 4 years. I feel cleaner somehow, and that our respect and dignity has been restored.

As soon as I heard, I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted. The day seemed promising and not a burden. I have always decorated for Thanksgiving, a favorite holiday of mine. But this year I just didn't have the energy to do it. But yesterday, my hubby brought up the boxes and I started to put my beloved turkeys and pumpkins around. Before long I was humming and having a great time. Surrounded by my fall colors and favored decor I felt great. 

We watched the speeches and opened the bottle of champagne that I had bought just in case. What a moment to see these two wonderful families on stage come together and give us hope. They sounded so lovely and made no crass remarks or snide comments and I quite loved them for it. You know some folks say, He'll raise my taxes! I don't care. Go ahead. To me what matters is to have peace and kindness and love in my home. Not hate. 

Today for the first time in weeks, I woke at 6am. Fully refreshed and ready to get on with living. It is softly snowing and is expected to for the rest of the day. Perfect. I will watch my football, and do some baking. Oatmeal cookies I think. Then later make a big pot of stew with french bread. Perfect. And write to my kids and visit with my hubby and enjoy this lovely feeling of freedom. Perfect. Always, Kit