Monday, October 19, 2020

A Happiest Birthday Party

Getting very chilly out there with the possibility of snow on Thursday. Sounds about We're ready for it. We were lucky and got one more outdoor event done in time. My hubby's birthday was yesterday and since we're still dealing with Covid we had it in my kids back yard. They set it up where we were all spaced 6ft from one another and there was a firepit in the center. It was a lovely Fall day and my daughter set up such a pretty area with lots of candles and carved pumpkins. 

 We had wine and toasted marshmallows, and later homemade chocolate cupcakes. 

The fire kept us toasty and I imagined any germs floating about getting fried. We all remembered when we used to camp and sit around and tell our stories. And it smelled so good!

We do not usually do gifts anymore but the kids made a card each for their Dad. I couldn't resist and gave him yet another t-shirt. This one from Star Wars. He was quite pleased with it all.


It was a perfect night and it felt so good to be together. Even if distanced. Oh the laughs we had. 

For our next get together, the 4 of us will quarantine in our homes for 2 weeks and be able for the first time come Thanksgiving, to be in the same room with each other. That will be lovely and we can safely sit around our table and eat and play games. And boy do I want to hold them close. Always, Kit


Sunday, October 11, 2020

October, let's be having you.

I am sipping my cup of coffee and eating a lovely old-fashioned donut. A perfect way to start a Saturday. I can see Spooky twirling in the breeze. I have hung my home made windsock every year for more than 35 years. He makes me smile. I am all decorated for Halloween and it looks festive. I just love all the bright spots of orange. I am all traditional. Orange and black. And the more offbeat the better. 


Our covid numbers have climbed here in our area, so I have retreated again. The weather is getting colder so everyone is heading inside. Not me, I do not want to breath their air. Still picking up my groceries and am so pleased with my local Walmart. I really find no need to go inside anywhere. As long as I have my online books, football games, and my hubby (not necessarily in that order), well 


Had a lovely family event on the 27th of September. Normally in May we all go to Spokane, WA for Bloomsday, a 7.6 mile footrace. Of course it was cancelled but the organizers let the runners run the distance in our town and record their times. We all met at the Fort Missoula Park. I set up a little table with water and gel and Jules brought music. I was my hubs support crew and Em had Jules. We are still social distancing from our kids. We had a blast! It was 6 loops around the park, and Jules and I got to chat and eat cinnamon rolls and enjoy the view. Our two runners did incredible and pretty soon should receive their finisher shirts. 😊


Fall has been so gorgeous! I cannot remember having so many warm and sunny days before. Rain and wind usually snatch the leaves off the trees. Hubby and I took a drive to Helena, MT. The Aspens were peaking and the color was amazing. Nice to get out for awhile and see the country.


This weekend we have a change in weather and it has gotten colder with some rain. I'm loving it. Made a big pot of chili, perfect with football and for sharing with the kids. Watching lots of football and adding some pumpkin lights to my room. This world needs a lot of color and fun especially in the next few weeks. I have been loving Saturday Night Live and Stephen Colbert lately. Do not watch if you're a Trump fan, but for me, it feels so good to laugh. Always, Kit