Friday, September 25, 2020

Spur of the moment

I love to plan events but sometimes doing something on the spur of the moment can be so sweet. Our oldest has been roller blading his whole life but recently it has helped in his recovery from back surgeries. Last Sunday he decided to participate in a virtual marathon. 26.2 miles from Missoula to Stevensville, Montana. We have a lovely bike path so that meant no traffic which made this Mother happy. We had offered to be support crew but he was using his sister for that. Okay, good to know. 



As he started out I got a text from our youngest and I got to thinking. Would it be okay to come watch? You know kids, they like to be asked. She said it would be great and we could meet her at the first checkpoint and cheer Jules on! So I grabbed the hubby (I didn't even give him time to shave...lol) and we headed out. We parked on the other side of his truck so he didn't know we were there, and all three of us cheered and jumped up and down as he went by. His smile told us everything we needed to know. He was pleased. 



Em told us where the next checkpoint was and so we followed Jules to each spot cheering him on. It was a lovely cool day and being down the valley was an extra treat. We got to hang out with Em (social distancing and masks) and we were so pleased to watch Jules do so well.  I can't imagine what the cars thought as they passed by but we didn't care and the horses were just fine with all our noise. As he skated up for his last little bit I was so proud of him. I am so glad we got to witness it. And happy we just dropped everything to go. 


                                                         Way to go Jules! Always, Kit

Friday, September 18, 2020

Snippets from our days

I am enjoying a rainy day. Very few and far between this summer. I love the cool feel and the scent of the pines in the air. We'll be back up into the high 80's tomorrow. So summer is still with us. I see a lot of folks on IG are debating on whether to decorate for fall yet. My own feeling is, don't rush the seasons. I hope to enjoy my current decor and the outdoors till the end of September. Summer all the way. Come October 1st, Halloween will get it's time to shine. August 25th.

I read an article recently which asked the question, How have you been changed by the pandemic?. It got me to thinking, and my first thought was, I really like staying home. I used to dream years ago when I was working, that my most perfect day would be one where I could rise late and then do whatever I wanted to do. When I retired this came about but I still found myself running errands all the time. With Covid that all stopped and I do not miss it at all. In fact, I will continue ordering my groceries online in the future. It is freeing. I also like having all this time for myself and husband. When I look back years from now, these last 5 months will make me feel lucky I had this close time with him. August 27th.

I also am amazed that I am enjoying cooking again. With more time at home, I like making harder dishes. We had homemade stew with french bread recently and it was great! I think a roast chicken sounds good for the weekend, don't you? August 28th.

I am spending this day running in and out of the house. Why? A B-25 bomber The Maid in the Shade is visiting and every time I hear her hit the skys I have to try and see her. I just love airplanes! She sounds so amazing and she makes me jump up and down. Literally...lol  Hubby and our Em went to the airport yesterday to climb thru it but I only like them when they're flying. September 4th.

Coming up is the Kentucky Derby. Such fun, I just love horse racing. And they are so lovely. I want to give them all a big hug. Especially the ones who tried so hard and lost. September 4th.

Right now it is a balmy 35°. Yep, our neighbors to the north sent us a taste of winter. All my flowers are okay and we have snow in the mountains. So pretty. I just love the change of the seasons. Perfect day to bake banana bread. But for now I will sip my coffee and enjoy my Molasses Cookie. September 6th.

Gorgeous day. Sunny and 72° . We just came in from pruning the maples in the backyard. I have found if I plant something, it will definitely grow. And grow and grow. September 9th.

Football has arrived! And tho I am very sad my college team is not playing, I am enjoying the teams that are. For some reason I can accomplish anything with the sound of football playing in the background. Makes me happy. Old throw back photo from 1986 and we still love them. September 10th.

You won't believe this but for the first time ever, I am watching the Tour de France. What? It came about one day when hubby and I had finished picking up our grocery order and some sandwiches. We sat down and we looked for something to watch while we ate. Nothing. But hey, what is this? And now we are hooked. I love the scenes of France and it is quite incredible how far these cyclists go. My word what their hearts and lungs must look like. Huge! September 13th.

Very smokey out. It is listed as unhealthy but I will not complain. I feel for our western states and their fires. Montana has been there and it is heart breaking. Such pain these people are experiencing. September 14th.

We have to stay inside for the most part. Unhealthy air. Burns the eyes and throats. Tomorrow rain is expected and wanted very badly. Poor hubby can't run and no mowing for me. So I have been reading, Phyllis Whitney. I have been seeking out the books I missed when I was busy having my babies. She is entertaining. So much more than the current news. Yuck. Too much politics. September 18th. 

 Off I go, time to work on a few projects. Take care.  Always, Kit