Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Keeping entertained

Been very hot. And I would love to decorate the grave of the man who invented air conditioning. Of all the great inventions in the world that one saves my sanity...lol Looks like another week of heat and lets hope we get down into the 70's soon. I'm still plugging along and enjoying my summer. Funny that it doesn't take much to entertain me. I have redecorated my living room with items that make me think of the sea. Turns out, we have decided to not go to Oregon in October. Just do not want to risk it. After 5 months of keeping to ourselves, we don't want to blow it. Not safe out there yet. 


Started painting a creepy gnome from the backyard. He got forgotten in one of the gardens and lost all his color.  


Headed north to Flathead Lake for a road trip. Hubby is selling items in an artist's shop and we needed to restock. Such a lovely drive and great to sit and chat and look out the windows at a different view. 




Been baking again and tried my hand at a cheesecake. The batter was a bit lumpy but it came out great. 


Working around the yard and pruning trees. We lucked out and by chance found a tree service that could do my 25 foot apple trees (grown for shade) and do them to my specs. They came out great and that's a load off my mind.


Our biggest entertainment is yard saling. Since we have a mask mandate in town we feel very comfortable going. And everyone is doing their part with gel and distancing. And folks seem starved for contact, even with strangers.


So happy to watch the Indy 500 the other day! I love how they are trying to give us events and safely. I am eager for NFL football to start since my local college team has cancelled their season. Sad


Coming up next, painting my bathroom! It's been way too long and needs it. I have about 8 color chips stuck up and trying to decide which shade of yellow. Hmm. This looks better....lol


Well, as you can see even if life has gotten a bit strange, we still manage to keep ourselves occupied. Anyone want a Popsicle and do you want to watch an episode of Cheers? Take care. Please wear masks! Always, Kit



My Tata's Cottage said...

Oh your cheesecake, yum! MY mom baked a delicious cheesecake. Sometime all the little imperfections make it taste better I think ! There are some places I would not travel. My brother was telling me his grand daughter and her hubby lived in Philly. Then all this happened and they were working from home. He said the city is so dangerous and so much has happened there. My nephew bought a beach house in Delaware so the kids moved up there. I think they are truly blessed.Your blog makes me feel at home. I hope you have a wonderful evening and stay safe and cool. We have a heatwave here and it is nearly 100 today. UGH! I would like to help decorate that A/C guys grave too! HUGS across the miles XO

allisamazing said...

I love the Flathead Valley. It is so beautiful. It’s been a few years since we have been down to that area though. Seeing your pictures brought back some great memories :)

Prims By The Water said...

I would love a piece of that cheesecake. Looked yummy! Beautiful scenery you have too! Janice

Susan said...

Hello Kit. Nice to see your post. I LOVE cheesecake. I love going to yard sales, too. Glad you and your sweetheart are hanging in there. I'm with you on the heat. I thoroughly dislike hot weather. I'm a face-freezing kind of gal. It's nice to not have to shovel snow yet, though.
Take care.

Lorrie said...

Your cheesecake looks delicious. Choosing paint colours is one thing that takes me a very long time as I dither between this shade or that. I hope it cools down for you soon. I'm enjoying the warmth here - it's not too hot and the mornings are downright cold!

Lizzy D said...

Me! Me! I'd love a popsicle and a socially distanced visit in your garden, after a morning yard saling. How fun.

As you know it will be hot here thru October, but we ghad ONE glorious cool morning, made me feel a hint of Fall.

I am so sorry you can't go to the ocean this Fall. But it will be there, safer and still beautiful, another time.



Angie said...

Kit - the weather has suddenly turned - did you have loads of wind today? And tomorrow's high is only 67? Do you mind telling me the location of the shop you mention? And I join you in being sad about the Griz. Bring on the NFL!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit! Oh, I LOVE your kitty! So sweet!