Friday, July 17, 2020

Summer in the Mountains

Wow, the weather is lovely. Cool in the morn and hot afternoons. Nothing I like more than dragging my hose about and watering. Truly. I'm glad I decided against a sprinkler system. It makes me get outside each day. I love puttering about my pots and fine tuning my garden beds. Needed more now than ever.

Our governor, whom I adore, had to give a speech to all Montanans, telling them to wear masks. Our city has had a mandate saying masks must be worn in inside public places. But still folks are fussing and being stupid. Now no mask, no shoppy. Easy as that.

Well, we celebrated the 4th of July and in a responsible manner. Our kids came over and we hung out in my garden but still far apart. I served patriotic cupcakes, played John Phillip Sousa and we set off some little works. The kids have always loved the smoke balls, tanks and chickens. I look at them and to me they are still those little kids who danced around in the stinky smoke...lol Later that night, we met at the high school to watch the Big Works. We all wore blinky necklaces courtesy of my hubby. A fun day with all my loves.

I said to my hubby the other day, that we were so lucky to be able to stay home. I have enjoyed this time. I even started painting folk art again. I am working on a new garden sign for my front step right now. We've been watching the old show, Cheers on Hulu and it is so funny even after all this years. Also, watching World on Fire. A hard watch and a little bit soap opera-y but interesting. I continue to read my old authors, and the latest is Victoria Holt. I read her in my teens and now I know why I am so in love with England. And dashing men with dark flashing eyes....lol

Coming up is my youngest's birthday. We will get together again amongst the flowers and wish her well and celebrate her 35th year. Take care, and wear a mask. Always, Kit

Monday, July 6, 2020

Yep, I'm still here!

What a gorgeous day! My favorite thing to do on a summer morn, is to wander my yard in my jammies. Don't worry, I'm not shocking the neighbors. We are very private due to tall fences. Best purchase ever. I turn on my fountains, deadhead some plants and sit on my swing and just breath in the air. Cool, clean mountain air. Perfect way to start my day.

Well, life goes on doesn't it? Goes to show we just shouldn't worry so much. I have a feeling the world will get a little crazier in the next months so I am retreating back into quarantine. Too many stupid people out there making this virus worse. We started to yard sale and visited some stores but when we saw so many people without masks, we opted to stay home. Just not worth the risk.

We celebrated the greatest Daddy ever in our yard with distancing, of course. We had chocolate cream pie and the kids gave him a pot of flowers for his shop steps. I gave him a Glacier Park blanket that we had seen when we took our Jammer tour last fall. I was just now able to get one sent to me. He loved it! Now I can crank up the A/C...lol

My black monolith of a frig is dying on me. She has been around for 15 years and has decided to cause us a bit of grief. At first we though it was just the ice maker but no, the control panel is failing. Argh. Well, we hopped in the car, put on our masks and went shopping. Only to find that Covid is not only making people sick, you can't find a frig! Businesses are low on product and staff. Our repair man reset our frig and knock on wood, it is currently working. But we decided to play it safe and ordered one to hopefully arrive the end of July.

So there you have it. Just living each day as it arrives. Off I go to enjoy the sunshine and the quiet.  Always, Kit