Thursday, June 11, 2020

Trouble in River City

Been awhile. Hard to know how to jump back in. Who would have thought that Covid-19 was the least of our worries. My how the world has gotten crazy. Even in my little city folks are showing up at the courthouse and protesting. Peacefully, thank heavens. But we did have some groups wandering about in flak jackets and rifles who made me feel awfully uncomfortable and they said they were there to protect us. I stayed home, but my kids went and I didn't rest easy till they were safely home. Let's hope that this time, change will come. This is taking too long to rectify. Love thy human being!

I try and stay upbeat and have been working around the house and gardens. I went to the nursery a couple of times and picked up my flowers, and now all my annuals are planted up. Most of my yard art is out and I am working on repainting a few that have not weathered very well. Still a bit cool and rainy here, normal for us. I was happy to see most of my plants came back this year and our raspberries are looking wonderful.

We had my birthday celebration at the end of the month and it was simple and fun. Hubby outdid himself with putting up decorations and picking me up my favorite sticky buns from a local restaurant. I had to laugh. We had picked up our groceries earlier in the week and there was a few items that they didn't have. So my hubby ran to the store (with mask and gel) and got them for me. Wrapped them all up and surprised me! I loved it. My kids came over later and we visited in the backyard and had birthday dessert. Very simple but very heartwarming. I felt very loved all day. 💕

For the first time in 3 months, we went to our antique mall when it reopened. Masks were required and they had gel at the ready. I found a few treasures. It was fun to get back out.

And I was nervous and excited and so happy to watch the launch of Space X's Dragon capsule. As it took off, I of course burst into tears. I love the space program and have been enjoying all the interviews from the spacestation.

So normally at this time of the year I would be on the Oregon Coast but we moved it to October this year. We used to take all our trips in the fall when we were first married so this will be a treat. So we'll just enjoy the summer close to home. Well off I go. Time to mow. Always, Kit

It had been since January since I had dyed my hair. Time to think and move forward. All red and sassy again and I feel great!