Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Two Celebrations!

A rainy one here today. I don't mind, I like a weather mix and the air smells incredible. The wind is kicking the blossoms out of the apple trees and it looks like it is snowing. So. Many. Blossoms. Oh the apples we'll have.

We were lucky and Mother's Day was beautiful. When I came out in the morning, Steve had the front door open so that I could see that my kids had put little hearts along my front walk. Oh how pretty! And they had left me a jar of Crab Apple Blossoms and a cookie decorating set from the best baker in town. What a great way to kick off the day.

Later, my children showed up and we had the nicest visit and kept 6 feet apart. We chatted for 3 hours. No hugging but just seeing them did my heart good. My oldest had painted me a picture from the road trip we had taken to Great Falls. So lovely and a great reminder of a very fun day together. And my youngest had written me a lovely poem. So talented the two of them. 💕

The next day was my oldests birthday. I made him his dessert of Cream Puffs and stopped by his house. Em had put a sign out that said, Honk it's my birthday and folks were doing just that...lol Later that nite we were part of a car parade past his house, so much fun! He just loved it and it was great to see him having such a great time.

Covid has sure put a different spin on holidays but I have a feeling we'll remember these times more. We still stay home except to pick up our pre-ordered groceries. And take the time to do some projects. I am on the last book in my series, that makes 14 books read. We have watched various movies and have even revisted some old feel good sitcoms. No national news for me. I'm tired of them passing the buck. Locally they are starting to relax our restrictions. We will still wear our masks and carry our gel. We promised our children to keep safe. Always, Kit

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Spring has arrived!

What a difference a week makes. One day all is brown and cold and I am still curled up on my sofa. Not that I minded all that much, but I was starting to hanker for something new. A change.

And ta da! Everything turned what I call the "fuzzy greens". All the trees in town get this soft lime green color that I just love. Just driving thru town to pick up our groceries was a treat.

And now my first flowers are blooming and in a day or two my apple trees will blossom. My favorite thing to do when this happens, is to stand underneath them and just listen to all the bees just humming as they go to work. There must be thousands of them.

I finished my yard cleanup and did my first mowing. Looks nice out there. With hubby home he has helped a lot with the pruning. I am just now putting the fountains and yard art in place.

We are still staying home tho some of our restrictions have been eased. Only 12 deaths in the state so far.  But I really don't feel the need to be in a crowd. I really feel our numbers will increase if we are lax in mingling with others. These protesters make me mad, and the people who do not wear masks and stay back, put us all at risk. I haven't hugged my kids since March 8th, but that's okay if it will keep us all safe. My kids brought me a home made Dole Whip and we had a lovely chat from across the lawn.

I did something you are not supposed to do in quarantine. Yes, I admit it, I cut my own hair. I just couldn't stand how long it was, so hack hack. Hubby did the back for me. Came out pretty good. And I haven't dyed my hair since January. And you should see how gray I am getting....lol

We did pull the Cobra out of storage and took 3 drives. Felt so good to get out in the country.

So hubby and I are happily hanging out together. Watching movies, doing projects, and enjoying our time. I am on my 9th Mary Stewart book, we just finished Better Call Saul and I'm still baking. Wear masks! And stay back! Always, Kit