Tuesday, April 14, 2020


It came! And I couldn't help but think of the lines from the Grinch, but I've modified it. "It came without egg hunts. It came without baskets. It came without chocolates, fancy clothes and a tisket a taskets." Maybe Easter doesn't come from a store. Maybe Easter perhaps means a little bit more. " It was a quieter one for sure, but it was lovely. And we were able to make it special, even if in little degrees.

I started off my day with a virtual church service with my daughter. We even wore Easter bonnets! Though I have to admit I was still in my nightgown. Em and I facetimed on our phones so we could interact. The sermon was lovely, we got to sing and even take communion. Easter service is so important to us so I am glad our church could do this.

We haven't broken the lockdown rule so we haven't seen our children in person for awhile. I wanted them to still have Easter baskets, and was grateful that I had picked up a few things before the craziness started. I wanted them to see that even tho the world is a bit topsy turvy, some things can be familiar. Like their old baskets from when they were babies.

I had wiped down everything and was careful to not touch anything. We drove over to their house, and put them on their steps. And as we backed away they came out! They were soooo surprised. We had a nice visit from far away and tho I would have liked to hug them, we didn't. It was so good to see their lovely faces.

What really got to me on the short drive to their house was total strangers that we passed would yell Happy Easter! I was so surprised. So that I did the same on the way home and folks smiled and waved at us. It felt so good.

No big dinner this year but I had some frozen ham and au gratin potatoes. Plus, I made cream puffs! I haven't made them in 20 years. They were great. Steve and I had dyed eggs earlier in the week so we had some deviled eggs too.

So all in all, it was different but actually it was a bit sweeter because of what is happening out there. I think I appreciated it even more. Always, Kit

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Well here we are

Who would have even guessed our world would become such a mess. Talk about a little too late once the horse is out of the barn. Damn moron at the top. But, lovely to see most people stepping up to the plate and helping out. Makes me proud. Even my very social daughter has kept to her house and has forbade her Dad and I to shop. Our social distancing is complete. We pick up pre-ordered groceries and only that. We only see our kids from a distance or on video chats. I get so angry when I hear that folks are still gathering and sharing hugs. And the times I hear that this is nothing but the flu and no one is going to make them stay home makes me wonder at their stupidity. They probably also voted for the moron. And you know what they say, you can't fix stupid. So I will stay home and away from them.

On the home front, I am still baking. Today I made an Angel Food cake. And we will have it with cherries and whipped cream. I am quite having fun. So far I have made cupcakes, and oatmeal cookies. And we will not mention calories. Calories are non existent during quarantine, right?

I haven't started any major projects. But I have never been this caught up on We have finally seen: Once Upon A time in Hollywood, Coco, and Rocketman. A new show for us is The Good Place. It's funny and just what we need. And the Baking Show has become a favorite for hubby and me.  We're almost done the series. No reading for me. I find it makes me sluggish and tired. Just some little excerpts from a favorite author of mine, Gladys Taber.

Had an earth shaking experience on Monday, literally. Monday? I've lost track of what day it is....LOL  But anyway, we had an earthquake. Shook for about 30 seconds and freaked me out! All my art was swinging as was my dining room lamp. Turns out it was in Idaho. I have to admit, this normally very cheerful lady was a bit upset. It was like, "Come on! We have this damn virus, it's still snowing and now this?! What's next? Locusts!?" It took me a day, but the real Kit has returned. :) 

To ease me on cooking we have taken to getting takeout twice a week. It helps our local businesses and gives me a Plus, it's nice to get in the car and get a different view. The weather is still winter like so no gardening for me yet. Hopefully soon. That's it for now. Hubby works on some honey-dos, I keep the house going and we both try and keep our sense of humor. And think toward the future. Stay home! Always, Kit