Sunday, March 22, 2020

Strange times

Ever feel like you're in one of those movies in Netflix? I've always steered clear of dystopian movies and after watching the Matrix, I remember thinking, I would have taken the other You won't find me watching Bird box or the Quiet Place. Walking Dead? Ewww. I do not like to watch anything that shows life being threatened. But now our world has gone a bit crazy and I find I'm living in a horror movie. What to do?

Well, for one, make sure my children are okay. They're smart so I know they are taking precautions and heeding instructions. And I am very lucky to live in a smaller state population wise. So far only 22 cases. Plus, since hubby and I are retired staying home is not a biggie. That's basically what we do anyway. I know a lot of folks feel constrained, but I have never needed to go somewhere to keep me entertained.

So, I decided to just be. I found a great series to watch, The Great British Baking Show. But be forewarned, one must have pastries in the house to totally enjoy.  I decided on a small project to do while I watched. I am going thru 30 years of saved magazines. I rip out the pages that appeal and recycle the rest. I sleep in, hubby and I visit over coffee and share funny memes on our phones. He goes out to his shop and I putter around the house. The one thing we don't do is watch the news or listen to anything that head moron has to say. Mental health is important too.

We all try and be brave, but underlying, we all are worrying too. How can we not? But I decided it's out of my hands now. We'll get thru this and one day look back and think about what happened and tell our tales of toilet paper, the art of washing our hands and the goodness of people. I hope we stay well, we're kind to one another and we're resilient. I for one intend to keep watching fun movies, visiting my IG friends, and getting ready for spring to arrive. Because time will continue, and this too shall pass. Always, Kit

Gift left for me on my front porch from my daughter. She knew it would make me smile! :)

Sunday, March 8, 2020

A Lion and a Lamb

All in one day. Woke to snow but by the afternoon, it was sunny and mild. That's what spring is like in the mountains. We toyed with the idea of uncovering the outside furniture but we smartened up and will leave it till later in the month. Not too many signs of spring yet.  But my tulips are up about 3 inches. That's it.

So I still putter about the house. Moving some pictures, spackling holes, adding new treasures. Pulled out all my green items for the month. My way of celebrating St. Patty's Day. Without the obvious shamrocks and leprechauns.

Took the hubby out for a date. I was in much need for a turn thru our antique mall. The pickins' were slim but I did manage to find a few items that caught my eye. It always amazes me, that there are literally hundreds of items and all of a sudden one piece will stand out. I found this birdhouse in my favorite green and nearly squealed. Then when I saw that there was a little silver bird in a bit of sparkly glitter on top, I did a little dance.

Down in the basement of the mall, in a pile on the floor was this Fisher Price toy cash register. Now it is true I have one, but this is an older model from the 60's with great graphics and get this. It was $1.00!!

Now sometimes I think I was a magpie in another life. I hear tell they love sparkly things. Well so do I. Spotted in a little basket hidden under a different piece, a tiny little rhinestone broach. Couldn't resist. Oh how this will shine on my new winter coat! 😊

Well, it's a lovely Sunday now and I am baking shortbread cookies and watching golf. Yesterday when my oldest and hubby went skiing I made a great Banana bread.  Later I am off to watch my youngest ice skate in a recital. She took lessons this year and I can't wait to see her twirl. Later. Always, Kit