Thursday, February 20, 2020

Just the way I like it

Woke to fresh snow on Feb. 17th. And lots of it. Just perfect. It put the kibosh on my shopping trip but I didn't care. I sat there and enjoyed it as I drank my coffee and ate my Rice Krispy treat. I couldn't have been happier. Hubby took care of all the sidewalks with the trusty blower. Best thing we ever bought. The neighbors are glad we got it too!...lol

Life has been lovely since we got home. Quiet with lots of time to putter around the house. This is the perfect time of the year to get all those little pesky things done. Haven't shredded papers for 4 years? Done! Move filing cabinet to attic? Done! How about finally bring up the new display shelf that you bought 2 years ago to the craft room. Did it! And love it even more in it's new spot.

Was thrilled with the super bowl. And that is odd coming from this Bronco fan. Kansas City is one of our arch rivals but I have a soft spot for Andy Reid and Mahomes is an incredible quarterback. Fun game. Tho the half time show was just so so for me.

My oldest Jules had another First Friday showing of his art and we were there to cheer him on! Such wonderful pieces. The theme was Aviary. A lot of people showed up and the wine and compliments flowed.

The Oscars. Hey, I liked it. Yes, a bit predictable but having Parasite win was a big surprise. I enjoyed all their excitement. My favorite part was the song nominated from the movie Harriet. Wow! I have to admit I love the fashions and watching all the stars hob nob. And the the two boys from Jojo Rabbit just cracked me up. We are working our way thru the movies and have seen 1917 (I cried at the theater), Judy, her life made me tired, and in the queue is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Had a road trip to our neighbor to the west, Idaho. Had to pick up some art from a show my son was in. Going at this time of year can be dicey but the roads were clear and dry. So nice to watch the countryside go by. Once we got to Couer d'Alene it was lunch at the Olive Garden, a little antique shopping and then home. We hit a bit of a snow storm heading into Missoula but I didn't care my ice cream cone was just too tasty...lol Great trip and great conversation. I didn't get the doll house or blow molds (too pricey) but I did get the salt and pepper shakers.

I am thrilled that 2 of my favorite shows are back. Survivor and Better Call Saul. Such fun and I like nothing better than eating take out chicken, on the couch with my face glued to the TV. It's what I chose to do for Valentine's Day and it didn't disappoint. And I didn't have to dress up. 😊 Always, Kit

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Disneyland 2020

We are back! We did it! Been home for a week now, trying to get back to normal. But Disney keeps invading our minds....lol Such a wonderful time. With the best companion and friend. So many new memories and so much to share. I will post pics and explain as best I can. I have to admit this trip was very heavy on the Star Wars. Our first time seeing the new land and first time riding the new rides. You will notice that I have a new reality. I use a scooter now to get thru the parks. Just too much walking for me with my bad back. It was a godsend! I went 16 hours the first day and did great. In fact, this trip my athletic hubby got tired before me. :) I was so grateful that they have made the park more ADA friendly and it gives me hope for future trips.

This is the new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. A pretty amazing town on the edge of the universe and Disneyland. Every nook and cranny is filled with items to investigate and marvel at. The Millennium Falcon is huge! And so wonderful. We rode this ride first, called Smugglers Run. Fun! Both Steve and I were chosen to be pilots. I have to admit I crashed quite a bit but Steve was a natural. As you wander the area you run into Storm Troopers (they were investigating my scooter), R2-D2, and Chewy! Plus they had a little entertainment with the First Order intimidating the crowd.

Back over to regular Disney. We love to do our special rides and visit the familiar haunts. They have done a lot of improvements and everything just was beautiful. The weather was lovely, except for the first day we had sunshine and it was in the 70's.

Night time in the parks is amazing. The first pics you see are from my favorite show called Fantasmic. The music is incredible and it just makes me happy and I always cry at the end. Over in California Adventure they put on a show called World of Color and it is wonderful. Using water jets and color and fire and projections and you get it all with wonderful Disney music. Bottom pics is Galaxy's Edge at night. Steve found a little group of warriors having a light saber battle outside the Falcon. So cool!

Over at Galaxy's Edge we had reservations at Olga's Cantina. Quite the saloon and hard to get in to. I had myself some fruity space age drink and enjoyed the music from the intergalactic DJ. Only a certain amount of people can get in at a time and you have a 45 min and 2 drink limit! When we left, who came around the corner but Kylo Ren. Villain. But Rey and Chewy were there to protect us. Chewy even gave hubby a big hug and a growl. And Steve scored some of the special Coke bottles to take home with us.

I just adore the music and the flowers and the ducks of Disneyland. A favorite part of my trip. Riding rides is great, but you have to sit and absorb the atmosphere. So we grab an ear of corn and a turkey leg for my guy and find a bench in front of the castle and just chill. If we are lucky the Disneyland band will come by and play or Mary Poppins will go wandering by.  One of my favorite things to do is go to see Frozen the stage show. It is an hour of pure entertainment. The cast is so professional and it is worth the time. All the special effects are incredible and Let it Go stops the show of course. If you listen, when she starts to sing, all the little girls in the audience start to sing also. Magical. I scored a Sven drinking cup for my collection.

The Rise of the Resistance. The coveted new ride that just opened in Galaxy's Edge. The reason we are so excited to be riding it is: The only way to get on the ride is thru a random lottery system. Each day we arrived at the park before opening. We then had to open our Disneyland app and try and find a uncrowded area (yeah right) for good wifi. Once the park officially opened at 8 or 9 am, you had approx. 20 seconds to go thru the procedure and try and get a boarding pass. We were very lucky and got one each day. You can see mine on my phone. When you would get one all of Main Street would cheer and high five. It was quite fun to be part of. But of course more fun if you got one. The ride itself was incredible. 20 minutes of immersive Star Wars fun. We were fighting the First Order. Steve got a new hat and I a button for my hat to show we thwarted the enemy.

The bits and pieces of the rest of the trip. One of the best events was meeting John Cochran from the show Survivor! I was star struck. And he was so nice and took a pic with us. After scoring our boarding pass, we had the best breakfast at the La Brea Bakery. They had the best sour dough bread there. We finished up riding the rides and seeing the sights. And my love gave me a gift. My favorite ride is Peter Pan. The line was a 35 min wait and I can't stand that long so I was going to pass it up. He talked to a Cast Member that said he would take care of me. He did. I got on in 5 min. and it was lovely. To celebrate the end of our trip we had coffee and cake under the twinkle lights on Main Street. Perfect. Always, Kit

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