Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Just chillin

Can you believe its the mid way mark to the month? Wow! A whole lot of relaxing happened. In fact, I finally tucked away all my Christmas into its boxes just yesterday (it has been spread all over the rec room). And today all my outdoor decor went back under the stairs. Nitie nite blowmolds. I did some reorganizing (I love to organize) in the storage area and rec room and I feel good. Nice to get that done, like an early Spring cleaning.

Well, I have been totally absorbed by the playoffs. College and professional. I plan my day around when the game is. Shower? After the game. Dinner? Let's order in. In fact tonight is the big game between LSU and Clemson. I am so jacked! Dinner is already planned, Pizza and beer. I dont care who wins, just so both teams play well. I hate blow outs.

Guess what I did? I finally went to the movies. I have been telling my hubby that I would go for I swear a year. I just don't like to go. I much prefer to sit on my own couch, popcorn and candy at the ready. The pause button when you need it and in my comfy clothes. But with the latest Star Wars movie out, I treated him to a matinee on cheap Tuesdays and all the snacks were on me. For Star Wars I would leave my comfort zone.  It's the first movie my hubby and I saw when we met 42 years ago. It only seemed fitting we should go to the theater. We had fun but oh my, those previews just about drove me crazy. They seemed to go on forever. And most of them are for movies I wouldn't even stream. But all in all, it was fun but I told him not to bug me to go for awhile...lol

Coming up, I'm getting ready to go to California. Off to play at Disneyland with my love. Our favorite place to be like kids and visit the Mouse. I am excited to see palm trees and flowers, eat a Dole Whip and ride a rollercoaster. Until then. Always, Kit