Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What are you doing new Years?

Heading into the New Year and a new decade! It's exciting. I know there will be ups and downs, but any day we are above ground is a blessing. Not much planned for tonight. No dancing and carousing for me...lol But I am making homemade tacos, I have 2 bottles of the cheapest chilling and a very long movie (3 hours!) to watch before the ball drops. Then of course I will run out front and yell and bang pot lids and watch the fireworks over my old neighborhood. All with my love. Perfect.

Christmas was super stupendous! Lots of little events that made up for a great season. I look back and smile about it all. Well almost all. In the midst of our season my oldest had surgery and that always causes a Mommy worry, even if they are 37. But all is fine, and we actually had a wonderful road trip Christmas week to Great Falls for a check-up. I had to drive but I didn't mind when you're with your kid and its Montana. So lovely.

So I end this year with a smile. And with some photos from Christmas day and the Eve.

Em and I at church on the Eve. In her technicolor dreamcoat! 

My newest ornament from my hubby!

And meet Old World Santa. The newest member of my Santa Clan. 

May 2020 be bright and interesting! Always Kit

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Holly Jolly Christmas!

7 4 days out to the Eve! I think my most favorite thing to do this season has been sitting in my spot and enjoying all the little lights. And now that we have had snow, the lights are even prettier. I turn them all on first thing in the morning. I can't imagine what my power bill will be, but I don't really care. I know a lot of people do not like how early it gets dark in the winter but you'll mind it less with little lights.

Did a little baking. My sugar cookies. I don't make a lot of treats. Hubby is not a foody and I'm not really supposed to be eating them. But I have some items for the kids. I just like baking at Christmas. It feels like what I'm supposed to be doing...lol  You know what I really want to make? Rice Krispie treats! Those won't even make it out of the pan. My Grammy used to make them for me and I have a soft spot for them.

As you can see I still haven't posted. Geeze. But in my defense I've just been having such a good time. We went back to the antique mall, I just couldn't help myself. And I found some treasures. I thank my hubby for being so tolerant. First was this 50's Santa light. So cool! And I walked around the corner and here sat a lonely unbought Goose blowmold!!! OMG! I did make myself go thru two floors to see if anything else jumped out at me. But when they didn't I hightailed it back and grabbed her tag. She is outside with all her new friends and I think I'll use her at Easter too.

Last night was our annual dinner out and light tour. Just the hubby and I. Great meal and then we motored all over town checking out the displays. Home to eat cheesecake and have a drink. Nice.

So on to this last weekend before the holiday, I am whipping up some treats, watching football (that's a given), and tonight is Christmas Vacation viewing. Gotta have some Clark Griswold for Christmas. 🎅 Merry Christmas!  Always, Kit

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

🎶 Haul out the Holly... 🎶

Well of course we all know what I've been up to. Decorating. With this short season it was a challenge, but I came thru victoriously! It was a lot of fun revisiting my Christmas treasures. I used to keep detailed lists of items on hand and new items I purchased over the summer, but not anymore so it is a surprise when I open certain bags. Gifts of the season!  😊

My daughter and I had a lovely time seeing 42nd Street. To mark the event, I had bracelets made for both of us. It was so much fun and after the show we danced our way down the street.

Thanksgiving was lovely! All my loves around the table, eating and laughing and enjoying each other's company. Just perfect.

Up early the next day to drive around in the dark with my Christmas music, coffee and my Em. It was so cold! The only line we had to wait in was World Market (first 100 got a $10 off coupon and a Hello Kitty bag) and a lady offered me some hand warmers! How sweet. We hit JoAnns, Penny's, World Market, Walmart (shop lights for hubby), Michael's (I found a new blow mold!) and Target. So much fun! And no punches were thrown...lol  Later that day, I curled up on the sofa and while it snowed I napped.  What a wonderful day!

Hubby and I went to the Red Truck European Market. Lots of crafts and art. The smell of wood fires and Christmas music. I found a little yellow rocking horse and a Big Ben clock that winds, for a song!

Our Griz football team went to the playoffs and we went to the first game. And we won big time! This week they play in Utah so we will get cozy here. I have the popcorn and Goobers and Red vines at the ready.

So now as I finish up, it is 15 days to the big day. I intend to just relax and enjoy my view. This year we are doing the same as last year and not giving gifts. It is so freeing and stress less. Instead my daughter and I had a baking day where we made treats for a friend of hers whose grandma passed this year. He always got treats from her, and he was sad. He loved everything and we loved our time together. It gave us a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I think I am all caught up. Oh, I got my stitches out yesterday and it is looking great and all my bruising is gone. Yay! I am off to finish up my Christmas cards and feed my squirrels. There is one big guy out there who keeps eyeing my bird feeder. I want to save him from a life of crime...lol  Always, Kit