Sunday, November 24, 2019

Ouchies, Thanksgivng Prep and Thrifting!

Out of commission for a bit. I knew I should have done a blog before dental surgery. Nothing drastic, just a tooth pull and a bone graft. But yowsers, I was sore and not really in the mood to do anything but change ice packs and gauze. Hubby took great care of me, ordering meals, fetching milk shakes and telling me that the bruising wasn't turning me into a Good man! I also got a visit from the Tooth Fairy! My sweet Em left me a little fairy and I got $5.00! So sweet! 

I am getting so excited for Thanksgiving! There is just so much about this holiday that I love. The colors, the nesting and of course the food. What a lot of people don't realize about me is that I hate to cook!  But not during the holidays. The holidays bring something out in me. All of a sudden my hidden Martha Stewart emerges and the recipes are found and the kitchen is scrubbed in preparation. I make all the favorites and I get such pleasure out of seeing my family come back for thirds. And I have so many leftovers, I don't have to cook for 3 days. Win win.😊

Otherwise, we finished our college football season and our Griz did well. Waiting to see if we go to the playoffs.

We went to our antique mall and scored some Christmas decor including a little blow mold candle. Then lunch out. Fun day together.

My oldest Jules is off on a business trip but not before we had a lovely lunch together. So nice to catch up and do some chatting. And have a naughty

Felt a bit of cabin fever. So I hopped in my Jeep and down the Bitterroot I went. Such a lovely drive. Lots of cows and horses and V's of geese. I did a bit of thrifting and came away with some new treasures. Ever since I joined IG, I see these lovely vignettes for Christmas and I want to try my hand at them.

Off I go. Coming up is a very busy week. Tuesday is my mother/daughter holiday nite out with my Em. And we are going to see 42nd Street The Musical. In a cute little theater in town. What a great way to kick off  Thanksgiving week. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Always, Kit

The Beast! 

Thursday, November 7, 2019


I am up early. Daylight savings time never fails to mess up my time When my youngest was little she would go thru the day saying, "The time is actually..." Thinking back to the prior day. Always made me laugh. I finally could not keep my eyes open at 9 last nite. I spent the day decorating for Thanksgiving and was tired out. But I am now surrounded by bits of gold and brown and my happy ceramic turkeys. It is my month to celebrate Fall. 🍁

Halloween. She was a bit cold with snow on the ground, but she was wonderful. Now that we are both retired, we no longer have to race home to set up our display. Hubby took his time setting everything up, with trips in the house to warm his fingers. I made my dining table spooky and made my Chili. The staple dinner of many a Halloween nite.

The newest member of the gang. Hello Jack!

These are all "fun-kins" that my husband and kids carved years ago. They make a nice glow. 🎃

The house all ready to greet trick or treaters of all ages. We only ended up with 24 total, due to the cold. But they were all great and loved our decorations. One man told me he has been bringing his kids for 5 years, and that his kids insist on visiting even tho they now live across town.  He even threw me a kiss. Aww, that does my heart good. It's not a huge display and I have to admit there is nothing spectacular to it. Just a bright spot on a dark street. I guess it beckons.  🎃

Our kids visited, all dressed up like every year since they were born. They were going to head downtown but decided on having a big bowl of chili instead. So lovely to see them.

So now is the quiet and calm of November. I love these days of planning and nesting. I don't rush the month for December. All of that excitement will come in due time. Always, Kit