Thursday, October 24, 2019

Football, Art Shows and Birthdays!

Such a lovely month. It seemed like our color arrived, bam, just this past week and now with our wind the leaves are just pouring out of the trees. But I'm okay with that because now from my couch, my view has changed. Also our living room is so bright with northern light. I can see the north mountains and they have a lot of snow on them. That makes me smile.

Update! The shower arrived in 3 massive boxes. Since I had so many appointments last week that deemed I should shower, we put off installation until the 21st. We are in day two and motoring along. All three walls are up, the base tray is mortared in, and the new wall is in place.  I have to admit, we had a little swearing and my hands are chewed up in places but all in all it is going great and I love it! Thank heavens I married a handy man.

Now for an early October recap. Both my kids were invited to again exhibit their art and photography for First Friday Downtown. Steve and I happily visited and cheered them on, wine in hand. I even bought myself a new piece of art.

We had the U of M's Homecoming which is special since both our kids graduated from there. We went to the big game and it was incredible in spite of the rain. Bringing in the American flag were skydivers! Exciting to see. And we won 59 to 20. Perfect!

On to hubby's 70th birthday. It was a quiet affair, I ordered special cupcakes for him to take to his carving buddies and we had a nice dinner out and celebration with our kids. We usually do not exchange gifts but I found him a new inflatable for Halloween night, Jack Skellington. He loved it!

Well, I think I'm caught up now. Whew. Been a busy but lovely month. And I even fit in a blood draw, dentist visit, 2 wonderful lunches out, and a drive down the valley. Now we are headed toward my favorite holiday, Halloween. Oh what fun will be had! 🎃 Always, Kit

PS: Shower is finished! And it looks great. Hard to take pics since the bath is so small. I will include an internet one. 😊

Friday, October 11, 2019

Pumpkins, Bats, and Looking for Color

What a day! We have certainly been on the weather roller coaster lately but today was so lovely! We took advantage and pruned some trees and did a little outside trim painting. I took a drive to the library and the color is just popping out everywhere. That makes for wonderful errand running. I also had to check out the recent sighting of the Main Hall Pumpkin by hubby. Every year some one climbs to the top of the building and places a pumpkin on the spire. It makes me thrilled and so happy to see it each year.

We took another road trip, this time to Helena, Mt. Such a pretty drive and tho there wasn't a lot of color yet, still lovely. So many cows! We always stop at Bert and Ernies, our favorite restaurant from way back in our early days. I decided to walk down the Gulch to our antique store, as Steve moved the car. I passed this wonderful shop called Beargrass Mercantile. In I flew and they had so many great items. I found a vintage embroidered table scarf that was beautiful. The antique store was chock full and I found a green wall pocket with a frame. I have never seen anything like it. Then, drum roll please...I went to my first Hobby Lobby!! Unreal! So much stuff and it was hard to take it all in. A lot of it was not my style but I could see why everyone likes it. Will I go back? Probably not, I think I'll stick to antique stores. I do like my vintage.  On the way home we stopped for Cokes and sang to Garth Brooks. A nice way to motor down the highway with my sweetie.

The decorating is done for Halloween. Or so I I keep getting all these new ideas. And Hubby made me two new bats that I have to hang. I love them!

I love sitting here at night with all my orange pumpkin lights on and the fire going. Add a Velvet and Seven and it's perfect. 🎃 Always, Kit

My most favorite apples in the world!