Sunday, September 15, 2019

Enjoying my Time

Wow, I can really feel it now. The air is so crisp and bright and I haven't had to turn on the A/C for days. I even had the fireplace on last Sunday morning. Glad I got all my windows and screens all washed. Except for putting away all the yard art, I am ready for Winter. My sweetie brought me my first token of the new season. Horse chestnuts!

Decorating with my school buses.

We had our first home game opener on Saturday. The U of M Griz played Northern Alabama under the lights. And I am happy to say we won. Gorgeous night with a fly over by my favorite plane, Miss Montana. Fun to meet and greet our seat mates and get my first soft pretzel of the year.

Now that we are in September I can now open the bag of Autumn Mix. I have held myself back for

Road trip!! We had always said that when I retired we would go back to Glacier Park in the fall. And we did! It was wonderful and tho a bit rainy, we had such a great time. I had forgotten just how lovely the park is. When you are standing there below those mountains it is humbling. We took a Red Bus tour, and left the driving up the Going to the Sun Road to Jammer Karl. He took good care of us, gave us a lot of great info and told our group some great jokes.  On our tour we had folks from Alabama, Wyoming, Indiana, New York, Canada and we were referred to as the And we made it to and from Lake MacDonald Lodge, without plummeting to our deaths. That's a plus. On one of our stops we got to see a Black Bear scurrying up the hillside. What a thrill! ( A Jammer is the name given to the buses and the drivers, due to "jamming the gears") Though now of course, the engines are brand new and the rigs refurbished. Such an incredible visit. It brought back so many great memories from our early days together when we lived in Kalispell. 💕

So, now I get to do some relaxing and puttering about. We are planning another short trip to see the fall color but of course that depends on the weather. Always, Kit

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A Bit of the Blarney said...

Wonderful post! We were visiting Glacier just 3 years ago! What a wonderful experience that was! AND. . .I opened my 2 1/2 pound bag of candy corn just yesterday!!! Have a wonderful week!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Don't believe I could handle scary driving any longer... Even the word plummeting gives me chills. lol

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

So nice to see and read about yet another of your wonderful adventures.

Even down here in s.e. FL, I am feeling hints of autumn and that is so exciting!!.

Have a GREAT week KK ~ Love and hugs to you and your dear hubby ~ FlowerLady

Lizzy D said...

What a great road trip! And I love the green prickly chestnuts, they do seem to be harbingers of Fall. My fave is the Autumn Mix, I have never seen it to buy. But I WILL find it.


Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Living in Florida, it's still in the 90's, a little cool weather sounds good.

Susan said...

So glad you had a little getaway, Kit. Good for you! Thanks for your visit to Writing Straight from the Heart and comment, too. Always love, love, love when you stop by. Hugs. Susan

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have never been to Montana but my grandson has many times. Both he and his wife loved Glacier Park. My great grandson is home schooled so they make it a point to take him to as many points of interest/educational places they can.

Those Horse Chestnuts look like Moon Flower seeds. I had to go to Google to see what they are. Do you use them for anything?

Here in Northern Indiana we have a week of high 80 temps for every day of the 7 day forecast. I am thinking that our season are doing a bit of switching about with each one starting about a month late. It seems to be becoming the norm.
xx, Carol

riitta k said...

I'm not ready for fall yet, the garden has a lot to do... Your yellow buses are so cute beside that fall arrangement.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How nice to spend time at Glacier National Park! You took some amazing photos and I know it was beautiful. I love your banner! I have one of the little yellow school buses! I have it with my old children's books. Enjoy your week!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Kit
We loved visiting Glacier National Park a couple of years ago. We drove an didn't take the red bus, but maybe next time we visit we will, as it sounds like fun! We loved the views and wildflowers there.

I'm ready for is coming close here in Colorado as the aspens are beginning to turn gold.

Angie said...

Hey neighbor! I love your header and sidebars. Do you miss teaching, or get a little nostalgic with the start of a new school year? What a coincidence you mention Autumn mix - when I stopped at the gas station on Saturday, I looked for candy corn and they didn't have any - I need my FIX! I recognize all those locations in Glacier - you are practically in my neighborhood! Glad you enjoyed your road trip, and thanks SO MUCH for sharing it with Mosaic Monday!

Lorrie said...

How lovely to visit the national parks in the autumn. They have a much different feel than in the summer when so many people are out viewing the beauty. Your autumn traditions sound like fun!