Monday, September 30, 2019


Saturday, Sept. 28th. I'm sitting here, and I'm waiting for snow. Snow in September. I once had snow in June and it isn't unheard of to have snow on Halloween. But I must say this is a first for me. Already we are seeing pics from Great Falls and Bozeman with the white stuff on patios and trees. Part of me wants to be part of the excitement, heck David Muir mentioned our state on the news. But I would really rather have it bypass me. I worry for my trees. P.S. As I sit here on Sunday morning, it is softly snowing. I can enjoy it since I know it won't last. And I have a close eye on my trees and a hose at the ready! ❄❄❄

A week ago, we had one of those incredible perfect days for a drive. In order to take the Cobra out, it must be about 72°, no rain and sunshine. We headed up the Blackfoot. A lovely 2 lane along the river. God it was lovely. I can't help but grin the whole time and then my face hurts the rest of the So worth it!

I spent last week putting my gardens to bed for the season.  I did pretty good and got all the major pieces inside my shop. All my throws and outdoor pillows are washed and stored. When all this snow melts and better weather returns, I will finish up. With this cold, my flowers will be done and they need to be composted.

I am pretty much a happy hermit since I retired, but I actually ventured out to two lunches last week. Two! It was lovely. One with my SIL and a good friend and then a meet up with an old friend and her best friend. Both were fun, with lots of laughs and good food.

It is now Monday, and the snow is gone and the sun is shining. Only winter for a day. I sit and wait for a delivery. We ordered a new shower to install ourselves. Are we crazy or what!? My husband is very handy and with me as his gopher we should be able to do this with minimal damage to our marriage. Wish us luck! Always, Kit

Monday, September 23, 2019

Autumn has arrived!

A gorgeous day out there (Sunday)! We are in for a stretch of cool and cloudy this coming week with our first frost. So sadly I need to start to deconstruct my garden. Time to put everything away for the winter. Sometimes I think of waiting till October, but truth be told, I am spending less time outside and the last thing I want to be doing is dumping pots when it's snowing.

But it has been a lovely summer. Some plants performed wonderfully (Black Eyed Susan Vine, Sweet Peas, Geraniums, Coleus) But my thought of having pink Begonias instead of Geraniums did just okay. The heat affected them. They look great now that it is cooler. Hmmm. But I enjoyed experimenting a bit this year.

We had a belated birthday celebration for my youngest. Born in July, she was away at Comic Con. So the beginning of September became her new birthday, at least for this year. Fun to finally get all 4 of us together. We had dinner at the Montana Club where lots of stories and info was shared. Home for presents and dessert, and more stories. Oh how we laugh! These are my favorite kind of evenings.

I got my crafty on! It all started with a chat with my hubby. We were talking about how we used to occupy ourselves when we were children during the summer. I recalled going to my elementary school to make popcycle jewelry boxes. I loved the scent of the Elmer's glue and running my hands thru the beads to find the perfect knob for the top. I casually remarked that if I had one thing from my childhood, it would be that box. Later, Steve came in and told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. Okay. In them he piled a bunch of popcycle sticks! And he told me, "Make yourself a new memory." And I did! It was so much fun. I had a hard time just finding one bead, so I went a little

As I finish this, it is now the first day of Autumn! And my thoughts turn to being inside more now. I don't mind at all. I am ready to start thinking about the holidays to come. And new decorating schemes! Always, Kit

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Enjoying my Time

Wow, I can really feel it now. The air is so crisp and bright and I haven't had to turn on the A/C for days. I even had the fireplace on last Sunday morning. Glad I got all my windows and screens all washed. Except for putting away all the yard art, I am ready for Winter. My sweetie brought me my first token of the new season. Horse chestnuts!

Decorating with my school buses.

We had our first home game opener on Saturday. The U of M Griz played Northern Alabama under the lights. And I am happy to say we won. Gorgeous night with a fly over by my favorite plane, Miss Montana. Fun to meet and greet our seat mates and get my first soft pretzel of the year.

Now that we are in September I can now open the bag of Autumn Mix. I have held myself back for

Road trip!! We had always said that when I retired we would go back to Glacier Park in the fall. And we did! It was wonderful and tho a bit rainy, we had such a great time. I had forgotten just how lovely the park is. When you are standing there below those mountains it is humbling. We took a Red Bus tour, and left the driving up the Going to the Sun Road to Jammer Karl. He took good care of us, gave us a lot of great info and told our group some great jokes.  On our tour we had folks from Alabama, Wyoming, Indiana, New York, Canada and we were referred to as the And we made it to and from Lake MacDonald Lodge, without plummeting to our deaths. That's a plus. On one of our stops we got to see a Black Bear scurrying up the hillside. What a thrill! ( A Jammer is the name given to the buses and the drivers, due to "jamming the gears") Though now of course, the engines are brand new and the rigs refurbished. Such an incredible visit. It brought back so many great memories from our early days together when we lived in Kalispell. 💕

So, now I get to do some relaxing and puttering about. We are planning another short trip to see the fall color but of course that depends on the weather. Always, Kit

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Are ya ready for September?

Autumn is coming in all her glory. She brings with her; football, especially my local boys -The Griz, my show Survivor, a trip to Glacier Park, and all the countless little things that surprise and delight me. Here in Montana it will still feel like summer with some high temps but the mornings are nice and cool. We have been very lucky so far and have not had a major fire season. I hope I did not just jinx us. The air is clean and the colors are sharp. Which makes for some great gardening.

Life slowed somewhat and was filled with lazy mornings over coffee and lots of time to read and watch a new mini-series, Fosse/ Verdon. I am really enjoying it since I have always been a fan of what goes on behind the scenes. But I am amazed this man didn't die sooner than he did. Talk about burning a candle at both ends.

I got a lovely surprise on August 17th. My daughter told me to keep the day open and she was going to take me on a little trip. She wouldn't give me any hints but that I would love it. And love it I did! We headed east to Deer Lodge, Montana. First off, what a lovely drive and great chatting. We parked on Main St. and there were a lot of folks gathering. She looked at me and said, "Any idea yet?" And it came to me in a flash! Is it the Tri-County Fair Parade? And more importantly, the running of the horses??!! She clapped her hands, and jumped up and down and said, "Yes!"  I was so excited! You see, last year she posted a video of this event and I was amazed at these horses. So she found out when it would happen again and took me to it, a year later. As we looked south we could see a mass of brown forming. In front were two cowboys leading the pack of riderless horses, they came at a full gallop and their shoes made the best racket. I estimate there were about 20 of them all heading down the street with 5 cowboys bringing up the rear. It was fantastic! Such a thrill! Then the rest of the parade came by filled with tractors, emergency vehicles, and Smokey Bear. Everyone threw candy, and we ended up with a half of a bag, a free flag and bottles of water. It was the sweetest little parade. Wow, what a great time we had. Thanks Em! 💕

As most have felt, the seasons are changing. We are now having lows at night about 46°. And I am turning on my little lights about 8. My burning bush is getting a pink blush to it and I found a couple of red leaves in the backyard. I have started "nesting". The pioneer in me is getting ready for I have just finished washing all the blinds in the house and have oiled the furniture. Next up is washing the windows and screens. It feels good to prepare the house for more inside living.

With this change, I feel more creative and have a few crafts to work on and I am redecorating for September, so good bye boats and floats. I feel energized! Off I go, apples need to be raked and a lawn to mow. 😊 Always, Kit