Sunday, August 25, 2019

Chicks and Chaps 2019

I look forward to this event each summer. I love an event that is just for women, an event that pampers me AND there are alot of handsome cowboys! My daughter and I have attended seven times now. And we are a fixture...lol The organizers recognize us and make a point of coming over to chat. They ended up asking us, where was Em's sparkly outfit??? Usually Em gets very fancy but this year went more casual, and they were dissapointed. We promised them that next year the spangles would return.  They know this is a special event for us two. Chicks raises money for Breast Cancer and recognizes all cancers. It is a special bonding between anyone who has had cancer and if it is possible to be closer to Em, this event does just that.

We get to participate in a rodeo clinic. Complete with roping, bull riding and rodeo clown training. Em runs around to all the stations as I snap pics and drink beer. It's such a hoot! We do a lot of laughing and cheer on all the ladies.

Once back at the tent, appetizers are served and specialty pink drinks are made. Oh, too sweet and potent! I'll stick to my Budlight. And we visit with the other ladies and share stories. They had a silent auction and I found a basket I loved! A print of a map of Montana, in a frame made from part of the wood reclaimed from the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone. It also had some notecards, a puzzle, coasters, a magnet, 2 gift cards to a popular restaurant and a scarf. I put my bid down and hoped for the best. Later Em checked and we were outbid. 😢 I sent her off to up the ante right before the auction ended and we won! Yahoo! (my Ebay skills paid off...lol)

Pizza was offered and I was famished. I was served in a leather chair while sitting under a luxurious tee pee. Very posh and cool. I kept my live auction paddle tucked away in my goodie bag so as not to make an expensive mistake and we wandered off to the Chick Pit to watch the rodeo. A rodeo makes me feel like a Montanan. Watching the events with the sun setting and the dust kicking up makes me so glad to live here. And when I needed help getting out of the stands, a nice down home young man took my hand and led me down the bleachers with a "There ya go Ma'am."

Ahhh, Montana folks, daughters, and Chicks made for a splendid day! And we raised a lot of money.  Always, Kit

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Meet me at the fair!

There is just something about our fair that brings out the hidden farm-girl in this Jersey kid. All I want to do is see the animals. I love seeing little kids in their cowboy boots hauling on the rope of a 2 ton cow and darned if that cow doesn't follow him! I got to pet my first chicken this year and a bunny and nearly got pecked by a noisy rooster. The kids are so eager to tell you their stories and I am happy for them when they have a lot of ribbons on their cage. And even make sure I lay some praise down on the sheep who got a big ribbon and I was guessing it was because of his cool hairdo.

We visited the exhibits, and I was thrilled my kids entered some items. Em had a tablescape and some photography and Jules had some illustrations and photos. They both won ribbons and were quite pleased. It is sad that entering the fair has become passe. My hubby and I sit and discuss the whys and wheres and can't settle on a reason.

Our fair did a wonderful thing a couple years back, they made the admission Free. So now everyone comes and multiple times. It's fun to run into old friends and students. And attendance has doubled!

We again took part in the Made Fair, which runs during the fair. They hold it in the newly renovated commercial building. My hubby went for 2 days with his steampunk creations and did very well. People are just amazed at what he can make and I love sitting there and hearing the comments. "He's a genius!" " Look, that trailer is made out of a toaster! "How does he think of this stuff?!" I was very proud to say the least.

It has turned very hot again and gardening is done only in the morning. We had a wicked rain and hail storm which beat up a few of my plants but I'm happy to say they have recovered. I am really impressed with my new batch of Cone flowers and Rudbeckia but my Holly Hocks got a bug and I had to cut them back. I spend each morning wandering my gardens in my nightgown and it has become my favorite time of the day. Off I go, time to think about something for dinner.  Something easy.  Ice cream? 😋 Always, Kit

Monday, August 12, 2019

August you are Lovely!

August has arrived and with her, lots to do. We started off with an event we have every first Friday of the month in our downtown called fittingly, First Friday. It is an art walk where businesses accept artists works for display. People wander from store to store with wine in hand and browse the art. Our oldest was chosen to exhibit his drawings and photography at the Downtown Dance Collective. We were so thrilled and of course went down to offer our support and have wine! By nights end he had sold 5 pieces and was quite pleased. And we were quite proud! And a little tipsy...lol

Saturday I was in the mood for a road trip. There is just something about sitting next to my guy, sipping coffee and looking out the window, that I love. And you can't beat what we can see out of our windows. Plus it means a break from chores. Win win. Off to Bigfork, Mt. in search of Flathead Lake cherries. This little town is lovely. Full of shops and gallerys. And to get there you have to travel past the Mission Mountains and Flathead Lake. Gorgeous! What I didn't realize was that the town was having an art festival! Yikes was it busy. Lots of tents set up filled with all sorts of arts and crafts. In one I found 2 items for Christmas. We had a lovely lunch at the Bigfork Inn. And took our time wandering the shops. On the way home we found our cherry stand and I bought a bag for ourselves and the kids. So good! Got home tired and a little sunburnt, but oh it was a lovely day.

I started this post at the beginning of the month and now look at it, it is halfway thru! Just finished another busy and totally fun week, but I will hold off on that post till later. We had a huge rain, wind and hail storm come thru on Saturday and I still haven't cleaned up from it.  Off I go. Always, Kit

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