Monday, July 29, 2019

Happy as a Clam

Ever have a day when you find yourself grinning for no real reason? Nothing monumental has happened, it's been very quiet, and even with my allergies causing me a bit of grief, I am feeling happy. I've spent my day mowing and weeding. And puttering and baking. I sat on my swing and visited with the neighbor cat, Tabby and enjoyed the cool before the heat. It feels like the perfect summer day it is. I couldn't ask for more. Well, maybe for my nose to stop tickling.

Well, my kids are back from Comic Con in San Diego so my stint as house sitter, garden waterer and watcher of Grand Kitties is over. It was fun. Tahmo and Bear would warmly greet me each day and I would love to think it was their love for me but I believe it was the daily canned treat. The kids had such a great time this year. They dressed in favorite costumes; Jules was Cecil from Nightvale and Em did a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Comic Con and she was a Harlot from the Netflix show. They attended many panels and I am in awe, they got to see Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamil)!! They spent a day at the beach and when they had to start home and were a bit sad, what better way to lift their spirits but to spend a day in Vegas! They texted and sent me pics the whole time but I can't wait to hear their stories. They have the best stories.

We celebrated with the rest of the world on the 20th. We watched Apollo 11 and it brought up a great dialog of the moon walk. The documentary was a godsend for me since I literally have no memories of the event. I told a friend that I blame it on being 14, my parents divorcing, my Mom marrying someone I barely knew and moving me from my hometown. A little too much for that young brain to take in...lol But now I am up to speed and look what I found as a souvenir! I adore Cracker Barrel for having a whole display in honor of the event.

Off I go, I leave you with my latest treasures from saling. That vintage spinner is amazing! And it lights up. And only a buck! Always, Kit

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Give me the simple life

One of my favorite songs, and also the way I like to live my days. I am sitting here on a lovely morn rubbing my kitties head. She sounds like a little motor boat and seems so contented. There's such a great feeling to know that this little being is so happy. I could sit here all day with green out my window, her by my side and coffee in my cup.

Overnight we had some major weather come thru. Lots of booming and rain but today it is sunny and going to be warm. A typical summer day. I had to empty the water in my pots but we were lucky and did not get any hail. And today, I won't have to water. My butterfly just went by! I believe he is a Western Swallowtail. He flies across the front window, and back again. His way of saying Hello. I like to think he is one of the descendants from my very first one.

Went yard saling yesterday and tho the pickins' were slim, we had fun. I am always amazed how some folks price everything like an antique store and others give it away. I found a great needlepoint of an owl.  I love others needle work, and for only 25¢!! Kind of makes me sad that all that work was done, and it was sold. But it will have a new life in my bedroom.

On the agenda today, is homey stuff. As the temp climbs and I retreat inside, I think I will bake some cupcakes and whip up some noodle salad. 🎶 "Sounds corny and seedy, but yes, indeedy; Give me the Simple Life!" 🎶 Always, Kit

Sunday, July 7, 2019

It's a Grand Ole Month

A cool and cloudy Sunday. I don't mind at all. A perfect day to switch out my decor inside. For the next two months I will gaze upon all my items nautical. Since I love to collect, and there is no way I can display everything at once, they each get their day in the sun for a limited time. Goodbye Spring! On to summer.

We ended the month of June with the Missoula Marathon. My hubby does the 1/2 marathon and I peddled over to my kids house (they are on the course) to be his aid station. Jules joined me and we had a lovely morning cheering on the runners and sipping our coffees. Steve did great! And tho he is now nursing a sore Achilles, it was worth it. Everyone must stand in front of the Victrola for an official pic. It's the law....lol 

The 4th was a gorgeous day here. I put all my little flags out and prepared for a laid back day. But... My kids usually drive up north to Arlee for their parade, but my oldest couldn't go. My youngest was sad and so I offered to take her. I had 5 minutes to change and off we went! I have never done it and it was so cute and fun. We waved our flags, had candy thrown at us, and just acted silly. We stopped for patriotic coffee and sang American songs all the way home. What a blast!! Later, my kids met up with us to see the big works as the sun set. So pleasant sitting in the high school soccer fields, lots of children running around laughing wearing glow-in- the-dark jewelry, and all of us enjoying a lovely Montana night. Just perfect!

So now I will spend some time doing some much needed pruning. I will go out to lunch with a good friend, and prepare to house sit for my kids as they head out to Comic-Con in San Diego. Look out Grand Kitties, Grandma's coming! Always, Kit