Tuesday, June 25, 2019


And the living is too easy...lol Been home for a week now from our vacation to the coast and I must admit, I am a slug. An Oregon slug...lol I have mowed and potted up some more flowers but I have to say, that is about it. I have finally roused myself to get my vacation pics in order and make up a blog. I hope you enjoy a look at what me and my love do when we are let loose in the state of Oregon!
The condo greeted us looking incredible with a bottle of wine to toast the trip and a visit from the resident seagull. Our first day always includes a trip to Cape Foulweather and Newport. We visit the harbor town and had a lovely lunch at Local Ocean where I got my fresh crab fix!

Off to Cannon Beach, where the flowers are always lovely and abundant. The shops are filled with everything you can imagine. Even my coveted can of pretzels from my home town of Pennsauken, NJ! How in the world did it make it to the West Coast?? Back home, we fill the days whale watching (saw two with their tales high in the air, the first day!) , puzzle making and just gazing out to sea. That is our favorite boat going by, the Sampson!

On to the Newport Bay Aquarium. Where the new show is SeaPunk! What a great exhibit. It features a story fresh out of the likes of Jules Verne, about a stranded diver in a submarine at the bottom of the sea that has to find a way to survive. Intermixed with fish and eels and sea creatures it is a fun time!

Hung out in our local town today of Depoe Bay, The Worlds Smallest Harbor! I love all the little shops full of postcards, shell creatures, and kitsch. I always buy a bag of the best caramel corn ever and we snack on it for days. My favorite lunch spot is Tidal Raves with a view to kill for and the best salad and chowder combo on the coast. Then home to just relax, we do a lot of relaxing. :)

One of my favorite spots to visit is the Marine Gardens. It is a bit hard to get to and that particular day the wind was really blowing and sand blasting my legs. Ouch! But we found little bits of glass, and agates and cobbles. We headed into Lincoln City to do some antique shopping and a visit to my hubby's favorite gallery. Once home a flock of seagulls visited our lawn and we spent a cozy foggy evening by the fire. 

Traveling south, we headed to Florence. This route is lovely and takes us by Sea Lion Caves and Heceta Lighthouse. Once there we visit the shops and had a great lunch of Coconut Shrimp and sourdough bread. We always keep our last day open on the coast, where we visit my most favorite place. Beverly Beach. When my love and I were first married, it was the first campground we came to. And when we had children, we brought them here and they loved it as much as we did. We walk along the beach and gather black cobbles for the kids, and then drive thru the campground and smell the air. Wood smoke and growing things. :) This place brings up so many wonderful memories. May we have many more years of visiting. Too soon it was time to go home, but that was okay, I had my garden and cat waiting for me and I know I will be back again. Always, Kit  

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Wonderful Spring!

Well let's see, where did I leave off? Oh yes, I was going to have a birthday. Another successful trip around the sun. Well my family made sure I had a wonderful time. It came complete with steak and crab, a yummy dessert, balloons and cards and the four of us together. So that made it just perfect!

It was time to buy my flowers for the summer (always have to wait till the end of the month due to late frosts) In fact, last night it got mighty cold and I thought I would have to cover all my new plants. But it only got down to 38 degrees. Only...lol  So the potting up began and I had a great time. I put on my tunes and the sun cooperated and I was done before long. When I get back from our annual trip, I will buy more plants and round out the yard. And by that time, plants will be on sale!

Another event, made me so proud to be a Montanan. There is this plane here in town, a DC-3. It sat in our air museum for many years in dry dock. Well, some wonderful people took it into their heads to restore it and fly it to Normandy, France for the June 6th D-Day celebration. And they did just that. Miss Montana was fully restored and every time she would fly around town, I would run around outside and watch. Weather caused some delays, but finally, I heard her take off and when I went out front, she took a lap over Missoula and then came around and headed East, down the Hellgate canyon. She was on her way! I cried and prayed. Her voyage took her across the states to Maine, then on to Greenland and Iceland. To Scotland and London. Then more weather challenges but on June 5th, they participated with other DC-3's in a air drop of jumpers from all over the world to re-enact the drop over France. We were lucky to have the wife of one of our pilots do a live feed via phone and were able to watch in real time. Incredible! And of course I cried. On June 6th they were invited to be one of few chosen, to participate in the Presidential Fly Over in Normandy on the beach. Wow! She has become the darling of the skies. To hear the rumble of all those planes and to know one is from right here was awesome. The pilot's wife has been wonderful about including all of us and having live feeds, from the cemetery, the beach, and their house where we had a question and answer session. I have felt the closest I ever have, to this historic event and celebration because of them. I dug out my Dad's dog tags and happily displayed them and thought back over him telling me his stories of WW2 and Normandy. And he always cried. Thank you Dad.

Coming up I am headed out to the coast of Oregon. For my little piece of heaven. A leather chair, a cup of hot coffee, the sound of the sea and my love. Lots of pics will be taken and of course, fun will be had. Always, Kit