Saturday, May 25, 2019

Busy as a...

Bee, of course, and Mother and Gardener and Friend. All different kinds of busy and loving it! We celebrated my oldest kids birthday and Mother's Day together and it was lovely. I love that he chose cherry pie and Cool Whip as his celebrative dessert. We had a great dinner of Mexican food (his favorite are Chili Rellenos) and sat around till late just chatting and telling stories.

Now if you are observant, you may have noticed I have used some different pronouns in relation to my kid. I have chosen the birth of my oldest and Mother's Day to share something on my blog for the first time. And with the permission of my child, I am happy to say my daughter is transgendering into a male. We have known for about a year now and have been going thru the "change" together. We are very happy to see him being the happiest we have seen him in years. Yes, it has been difficult and yes, it has been hard at times. I grieved for 2 weeks when I found out. For the girl I lost and for the pain she must have felt for so long. He has assured us that my hubby and I never made him feel bad. That he had just come to the conclusion of how he felt and who he was in recent years. I did a lot of reading and web searching on what I could do to help him out. Turns out, I was already doing it. Loving him whoever he is! In respect for him, I am now using different pronouns and he has changed his name to Julian. So in the future, when I mention my son, that is who I am referring to. Sometimes I think I should send out "birth announcements" to everyone....lol  Change is not always easy, but when you see a change that makes another human being so happy and at ease, it is a very good thing. 

On the home front, everything is sooooo green! And I love it. I spend a little of each day gardening and planting seeds and tweaking the look of the gardens. Still rather cool, so no coffee on the swing or patio yet. But I can feel it is coming. 

So for now I am busy getting ready for my birthday tomorrow! "Will ya still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64!" I intend to spend it watching the Indy 500 (weather permitting) with my Everything bagel, coffee and fruit salad. Later we will all meet up and I am looking forward to a surf and turf dinner at the Club will all my loves. Just perfect. Happy Memorial Day to All! Always, Kit

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Bloomsday 2019

Our wonderful annual trip to Spokane, Washington happened this past weekend. Bloomsday is a 12K or 7.4 mile run through this lovely and hilly city. The thing I like the best about the weekend is that they are usually about 2 weeks ahead of us into springtime and I finally get to see some greenery and blossoming trees. And they did not disappoint me.

This year it was only me, hubby and Em. We had to leave Jilly home due to back surgery recouping. But we texted and sent pics the whole time. The drive over is so lovely and through the prettiest of forests. We take lots of breaks and visit the best Subway Sandwich store in Kellogg, Idaho. Lovely customer service and yummy food.

We stay at a wonderful hotel called the Davenport Grand. It is new and so lovely. And the best thing is that it is close to Riverfront Park, and all the great stores downtown. And once race day comes, the start is just outside our front door. Extra plus, there is a Starbucks in the Lobby. We couldn't resist this photo in the hallway, remind you of a famous scary movie? :)

We head over to the packet pick-up and "shoe fair". My hubby gets to be in Second Seed, which is one step down from the Elites because even though he is almost 70, he is fast!

Once that is done, it is time for some shopping. One of our first stops is Aunties Bookstore. Such a lovely store with so many books, magazines and trinkets. I sat on a bench and read a couple of magazines while the others browsed. At Atticus, I always get the best Italian Soda in the Pacific NorthWest. Boo Radleys was a bit crowded, so I opted to sit on a bench outside and people watch. 

Time for our carbo load dinner at Luigis! It looks like what an Italian restaurant should look like. And of course we ordered pasta!

I was a bit tired out, so I decided to chill in the room afterward, but Hubby and Em went down to the park to see the Falls. And brought me back a beer from the hotel rooftop bar. Ahhh.

Every year my daughter comes up with a costume to wear as she runs. This year she was Rosie the Riveter. She looked so cute! And even got interviewed by the Spokesman-Review newspaper.

Once my runners leave for the start, I go and get my coffee, danish and fruit (the breakfast of champions....lol) And head over to the park. The sun was shining, and I found a bench near the Carousel. There is music playing, lots of people milling around, waiting for their runners, and the sounds of geese landing on the river. Just perfect!

They returned victorious if not a bit sweaty. I got to see the finisher t-shirt and hear their stories of their run. "Did you see the vulture?", "How were the bands along the route?"

Then it is time to leave and head home. That quick it is over. But we extended the fun by a stop at the Valley Mall and lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. During the long drive home, we talk about the run and past trips. Hubby and I have been going for 31 years. We hope to continue the tradition and maybe our oldest can join us in 2020. Always, Kit