Tuesday, April 30, 2019

What a difference...

A day makes. Yesterday we woke to snow and it was soooo cold. It melted pretty fast but the day remained cloudy and cold and flurries would appear out of no where. I had the fireplace on and opted to stay indoors and have a "throw away day". Which means I did squat....lol

Today it is sunny and lovely, still cold but if you sit in the sun, out of the wind, up against the south side, wearing a heavy sweatshirt, it feels rather balmy. Heck, I am just happy to see the sun. And no matter what the temperature, everything in my yard has decided to leaf out. So nice not to be looking at dead looking branches and stems anymore.

So what have I been up to? A lovely Easter was had. My youngest and I went to church and it was a wonderful service. Later the kids came over for a roasted chicken feast. They sure appreciated a home cooked meal and I love all the stories we share. I had made up two Easter baskets for them and they were so thrilled. Usually my oldest travels at this time of year, so it was extra special to have all four of us together.

On April 24th my oldest went into the hospital for much needed back surgery. They scoped her hip! She is doing very well and we hope that this takes care of what has been a long and painful problem for her. We visited her at the hospital and then at her home and her cat kept a close eye on us. :) I am always amazed how fast they get people up and walking!

In spite of our classic Montana Spring, which really should be called Montana Late Winter, I have gotten some gardening done. I started out front and worked myself along to the back. Cleaning and pruning. The other day I had some company in my yard when two raccoons stopped by to frolic and chase each other all over my backyard and up into my blue spruce where I could see their little faces peeking out from time to time. I of course had retreated to the house to watch because as cute as they are, they freak me out a little bit....lol Bessie has been in heaven with all the furniture uncovered, especially her favorite metal table. And she keeps me company while I work.

That's about it for now. I am about to head out into the sunshine to do some more clean-up. Hubby pruned the rose bush and now I need to snip up all the little bits. Now where is that cat? 
Always, Kit

Monday, April 15, 2019

Blame it on the weather

Oops! I guess I just wasn't in the mood to blog for a bit. To tell the truth not too much has been going on. Still cold and cloudy but I think Mother Nature has had enough of this weather and has decided that things are going to grow anyway and they are. I saw my Hollyhock coming up and did a little dance in the backyard the other day. There are a few tulips but still no buds. I started clean-up outside and slowly but surely am getting my beds ready. I feel like I am preparing guest rooms but I have no idea when my guests will arrive....lol 

Since I can't really garden just yet, I decided to read The Secret Garden again. It has been years. Such a great book! I had posted to IG about it and guess what? I heard from the great great granddaughter of the writer. So wonderful. I just love social media. Then I just had to re-read her A Little Princess. So good!

And since I can't really garden yet, I have discovered Hulu. Oh the dangers of finding a show that I was in love with in the 90's. That show was ER. The hospital show set in Chicago. I remember how I couldn't wait for each new episode. So I have to admit, between running the house, I am binge watching. It was so well done! No wonder I don't watch any of the crap that is on TV nowadays. I keep yelling out things like, STAT, and order a CBC. Start an IV. We'll have to CRACK his chest! I have promised myself only to watch the first 3 seasons, but we shall see. :) 

And in spite of the weather I am getting ready for Easter. Just a few touches here and there. I do love my bunnies. This year all 4 of us will be together for our big dinner and baskets. I am looking so forward to it. 

This past weekend we did have an event to attend. My hubby had his cars in the annual Mall Show and they looked great! The whole family was there and most of town from the looks of it. (Cold and Cloudy) it was fun to hear all the comments and praise for my car guy. He deserved it, he worked hard on these cars.

Today is a special day for me. Exactly 6 years ago today, I was in Billings, Montana having cancer surgery. It was a scary and horrible time and I wondered if I would ever get past it. I did! It changed me forever and for the good. And life has never been better. This month I went in for my checkup and I am still cancer free. Thank God. And believe it or not, the sun is shining today so I am headed outside to celebrate.   Always, Kit