Thursday, March 28, 2019

5 O' Clock in the Morning

I am up with the birds today! That's if any of the birds are actually up yet. I tossed and turned for a bit, and then thought, what the heck, I will just get up. I am trying to be very quiet so I do not wake the hubby, but more importantly, Bessie the Cat. If she gets up, she'll want her treat. Then she'll want to go out. Then she'll want to come in. And then she will want to play. Of course, this will all make noise and then the Hubby will be coming out, blinking and wondering what the hell is going 

Anywho, life has been motoring about being the lovely thing that it is. St. Patty's Day came and brought with it a race my Hubby took 1st in his age group in, and 14th out of about 380! And his prize was an awesome large sugar cookie that he shared with me. We had our Corned Beef and Cabbage and it was mighty good, though as I get older the cabbage is not so easy on the stomach. :( I watched The Quiet Man, or as my youngest puts it, "the movie where the guy drags the redhead through the fields." All was lovely and good, and I put all my green tchotchkes about me. I at least have green inside even if it is still brown and white out. 

Along came March 22nd, and Hubby and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary. I wasn't sure how to mark it and decided that since it already fell on a Friday (which is traditionally our take out chicken and watch Survivor night) that that is what we would do. But I added cheesecake! And it was lovely. 

My love surprised me with seeds to plant this season on our special day too!

The weather turned nicer and the snow has started to melt. But just so that I don't get too eager for Spring, it is supposed to snow At least it will be short lived. But I can actually see my garden beds now. Still no sprouts though. I have been opening windows and doors and letting all the fresh air in. And my mind is going a hundred miles an hour thinking about working in the yard. I want to do so much! But I must be patient and in the meantime I will continue to organize and purge in my attic. I have magazines as old as my marriage up there! Yikes. Got to run, I hear something. Uh oh, Bessie is up! :) Always, Kit

Sunday, March 10, 2019

March Came in like a Lion

And I can't help thinking of that song from Carousel...."A whipping of the water in the bay, then April sighed and stepped aside and along came pretty little May" That is about how our weather is here in Montana. We tend to mirror New England. We do not even consider it springtime till the beginning of May. That is why I do not get my panties in a twist, wishing for Spring and dreaming of Spring and whining and crying about more snow. The month came in with another blizzard, which I enjoyed with many cups of coffee and some old movies and my warm and trusty blanket. Here tell, this coming Tuesday another storm is set to hit, so I am baking some cookies today. They will taste mighty good as the wind howls. 

On the home front, the word on my Jeep is that the appraiser, appraised. And gave us a higher figure to fix it than we had been told. Good. We have a great car guy who fixed this same Jeep a few years back when a teenager decided to cut a corner while my daughter was driving. You can't even tell it has ever been in an accident. Jeep goes in this coming week. Yay! I miss it. I do have a rental car, all shiny and new, with tons of bells and whistles, but it just is not my Jeep. But I am grateful I do have some wheels.

Cause I need to get out and about now and again. Took my oldest to lunch at our favorite spot and it was so much fun to sit and chat and eat good food. We always have some very good laughs and I come away feeling great! Then yesterday I got to meet up for lunch at the best salad bar in town with a dear and old friend from my days at Willard School. We had such a great time catching up and it is always nice to be able to lift each other up, like we did when we worked together.

Since I retired, I have only been to my old workplace a couple of times. Last Thursday was the March graduation (we are on a 3 trimester year) and I got to visit the brand new school. Built on the same lot. It is lovely, and very modern looking. Not quite my taste but it was wonderful to see my old friends and students. Do I wish I was still there? In a heartbeat, no. :)

I intend to wear out my sofa, reading, watching and writing. Bought myself some new journals. Now that I have so much time, I try and write every day. And I am enjoying it so much again. Just like I did when I started 48 years ago. Finished A Tale of Two Cities and it was wonderful, but so sad. I have the movie A Quiet Man, saved in my Netflix and will watch this week with St. Patty's Day coming up. I just love the scene when Maureen O'Hara is singing and polishing her treasures in her new house, and I know just how she feels.  Always, Kit