Tuesday, February 26, 2019

It's a Blizzard Auntie Em!

Yep, a real and true blizzard hit us yesterday. And I was beyond thrilled! I could enjoy it because I didn't have to go out into it, the house was stocked with food, we kept our power and my kids were safe at home. The wind just howled and snow blew everywhere. We ended up with an additional 8 inches.

 And I had the house to myself to cozy up on my couch and watch the Live from the Red Carpet show with Ryan Seacrest. I am a Oscar groupie! I watched the Oscar show, and then to spread the joy, I watch the other show on Monday, to keep the Oscar love I have been reading all the stories of the parties and all the goings on of the rich and famous. What can I say? It is a world I will never be a part of and to tell the truth, do not want to be, but I'm curious as to what goes on. 

My take on the Oscars, in a nut shell. The opening with Queen was wonderful! And kudos to all the stars who danced and sang to the songs. I thought the set design was horrible! Even if I hadn't read that it looked like Trumps hair or a lady's body part, I would have come to my own conclusions. How come with all those ladies in high heels and long dresses there isn't a guy always standing at the bottom of the steps ready to help them. A big thanks to Captain America for helping Regina King. Chivalry lives. Instead of a daughter of a star handing out statues, we need a son of star helping ladies up the stairs. Speaking of long dresses. I have to say I wasn't impressed with too many of the formals. My favorite was Angela Bassett. She looked beautiful. And I agree, the country western singer in the pink dress did look like a loofah! As much as I love Glenn Close, I was delighted by the surprise of the winner of best Actress. She had the best speech ever. And finally, and I won't even mention his name, the director of the movie that didn't get Best Picture should be ashamed with throwing such an embarrassing tantrum in front of everybody. Bad move. He needs to call up Glenn Close and get some much needed lessons on how to lose with grace and class. 

I have started my new book in the Dickens series, A Tale of Two Cities. I have to admit, I watched the movie with Ronald Coleman first and it was wonderful and helped me to understand the book better. If you want to watch one of the movies available, I suggest this one. This actor was incredible and the story is a sad one, and he had me weeping. Also, when reading Dickens there is just some parts that do not make sense to me, so I use Cliff Notes to explain what exactly is Bacchanalian (a tendency toward drinking alcohol) Oh!

On the home front, our street outside is super slippy and a lady ran into my Jeep last week. Luckily she wasn't hurt and came to the house with her info. Our neighbor saw it happen and called the police and so her insurance company will take care of fixing my car. Bummer. But it's a good thing that I don't have to drive anywhere lately. It is amazing. My old jeep had some wheel damage and piece of trim popped off, but the whole front of her car exploded. So not only did she get a ticket, but her car is a mess. I feel for her. So I think I will stay put until the snow starts to melt and make banana bread. :) Always, Kit


Saturday, February 16, 2019

"Reviewing the Situation...."

I have found in these slower months of the year, that I have more time to think, to reminisce. Things I haven't thought about in ages, all of sudden come to the forefront. As you know, I have been on a Charles Dickens kick. I was reading a list of all his books and realized that I had never read Oliver Twist. Really? And the reason I'm surprised by this, is because I have been in the musical twice! I thought I knew the story. But did I? So I tossed aside A Tale of Two Cities, (for now) and started reading and reading and loving the story of Oliver all over again. Lots of memories were stirred up.

The story of Oliver, had always been a favorite musical of mine. And when I heard that there were auditions being held for the show, I decided to break out of my comfort zone and try out. The year was 1977 and I was 22. The cast was supposed to be the biggest one collected for any show before. Over 200. I thought with that many people I could get a part in the chorus. I knew I could sing but wasn't too confident on my acting. What a process! And if you have ever auditioned in front of a crowd, I tell you it is the most nerve wracking experience in the whole But I persevered and made it to the Call Backs.  A few readings and songs later and I landed a part. I was to be Mrs. Bedwin! Not the chorus, but a lead. She is the kindly lady who takes care of Oliver when he is at Mr. Brownlows house. And I got to sing a solo. The song Where is Love. Wow. Me?

We rehearsed for 2 months, I helped with sewing costumes, especially the 75 workhouse boys caps. And I got to wear the loveliest blue Victorian dress with mop cap. I felt so beautiful. Such wonderful people, so much talent and when we debuted, we were a hit! We performed at the historic Wilma Theater to sold out crowds. I think most of them were the parents of all the workhouse

I remember I was so pleased when the director told me (a man of few compliments) at the cast party that I had been fantastic. Had he been taking of the bubbly?  I had hoped I did well, but one never knows. Back then not many pictures were taken and no videos. Oh how I would love to re-watch it now. (As a side note, the wonderful actor JK Simmons of Oscar fame, played the Knife Grinder in our show.)  

I saw last week that the Oscar winning movie, Oliver! is on tomorrow. You can bet I will be taping it to watch and enjoy. I still know every song by heart and I will be singing right along with Nancy and the gang.  Always, Kit

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A Month of Love and Candy

Another month has started. The month of love and hearts and though it is not January, it still is a good one for just being. I never make any resolutions or goals, so I do not enter these 28 days upset that I already fell off the I never was very good at making myself do something, I was not inclined to do in the first place. So I am not a trend follower, or a fad lover, I just go the course of what makes me and mine happy. Works for me.

What is really making me happy lately is Charles Dickens. Wow, that man could write. I just finished reading Bleak House and the names he comes up with, Caddy Jellyby,  Mr. Turveydrop, Mr. Guppy, just make me smile. I watched the mini series ages ago with Gillian Anderson, it was wonderful. So I rewatched it to see how it compared to the book. They did a pretty good job of keeping to the story. I have never read  A Tale of Two Cities so I believe I will start that next, or should I watch the movie first?

My favorite sport is over for the year. It was kind of a boring Super Bowl but it still was enjoyable and hey, the food was good! I made my 3 bean chili and had all the fixins'. Oldest kid came over and while a blizzard raged outside we cheered and booed and enjoyed each other's company. Though I wanted the Rams to win, in the end, Tom Brady was so humble and thrilled to pull it off, that I was happy for him.

And just so you don't think all I do is sit on my couch and eat bon bons, I came up with a schedule to move through my house and dust and polish each item. Yes, each item. Amazing, right?  Broken down over many days, it wasn't too bad and I have just 2 bedrooms to complete. I am rather proud of myself and everything just shines. And it feels good to get all my treasures happy. 

Well, off I go. I am baking some cookies today. My favorite in the morning with my coffee. And it looks like we have another snow shower starting. Perfect! Always, Kit