Sunday, January 27, 2019

Snow very White

So very bright out today. Sunshine bouncing all over our cover of snow. Making me squint. We had quite a snowfall a few days back. Of course I was jumping up and down and clapping my And I do not mind the sunshine since it is cold and there is no risk of it melting too soon. We left up part of our Christmas lights this year. The part we call the Sprites. They are balls of grapevine and have little lights in them and they hang from our apple trees. They give off a pretty glow during our dark nights. I have noticed quite a few folks in town have left lights up. Makes it easier to get thru the winter for some. 

We have some deer visiting us this winter. In just the past few years they have ventured into my part of town. I love them. They have been able to find some of the old apples that have rolled into the bushes. And any seeds that the squirrels have dropped on the ground. They bed down in our neighbors yard and are protected and now and then they get really close to my front window. Hello beautiful.

I have been filling my days with a little bit of sewing. I watched a bit of Pride and Prejudice (the good one with Colin Firth) and it just makes for having a needle and thread in ones hand. I found this little quilt at a yard sale many years ago and it has become Bessie's. But some of the squares are wearing, so I made some new squares out of old fabric. She seemed to like my choices and immediately took a long and hard nap upon it. :) 

What we do for our pets. This is my latest coffee table decor. I call it Clocks and Pom Poms. Bessie's Pom Poms. They are her cat toy of choice. She loves to reach up with her paw and snag one and then bounce it all around the living room. And rest assured, she doesn't touch anything else. Just her Pom Poms. 

We had a lovely day the three of us watching the Championships. And even Bessie was appalled by the lack of a penalty for the Saints. I feel for them to lose that way but it happens to everyone. I was happy to see the Rams win and very unhappy to see the Chiefs lose. It is a shame that everyone seems to hate the Patriots. Except of course New England. I am hoping for a Rams win at the Super Bowl. 

Winter nights are the best. I love when the house starts to get dark and I start turning on the little lights and the fire is on. And I feel downright old fashioned and quaint. Meals are easy, the company is great, and I do my writing and thinking. I could not be more contented. And mixed with the book on my lap (Jane Eyre) is my phone and I am texting my daughter who is out on the roads. I need to know she is safe and I love the mix of these two worlds. Social media and old world texts. There is a place in the world for both. Everything in moderation. Always, Kit

Monday, January 14, 2019

January you are so sweet!

As I write the furnace has just kicked on again. It's cold out today. I think our high will be about 20. Sounds good to me. Very cloudy but not at all gloomy. At least to me. I nest better when it is cloudy and in January, it is all about the nesting.

Christmas has been organized with some purging, and put back on it's shelves. All tidy and ready for it's long rest. You can almost hear it all sigh with relief to be back out of the Like it's owners own feeling of introvert-ism. December is all about the glitter and excitement. January is for resting, the quietness, the great feeling of just being at home.

In January and February, I give myself permission to not have to be productive. Or creative. Or busy. Unless I want to be. I have been doing a lot of journal writing and it feels so good to put thoughts down on paper again. I also have been spending a huge amount of time watching football. But hey, it's my sport and pretty soon it will be over for the year. I also consider it a great way to hang with my hubby. He loves it too, and we even have a special fist pump to use on good And who can say no to popcorn and beer?

I have discovered the wonderful thing called Hulu. Oh the great movies they feature! And now I have time to pick and choose and pull one up on my ipad whenever I want. I just re-watched You've Got Mail and Mystery, Alaska. Fun movies. I know a lot of folks read tons of books, well I used to, but I find I start a book and I get Then I fall asleep. And I really do not like naps. Well, I don't fall asleep watching a movie. And there are so many great one's out there now. Next up to see, is Goodbye Christopher Robin and Wonder. And no, even though I adore Sandra Bullock (and I have Netflix too) I will not watch Bird Box. I only watch happy stuff. Our world is scary enough without adding more crazy to it. 

My house is all decorated in it's winter colors of blues and browns and it mimics the view outside my window. It adds to my lovely mood. Very simple and I get to say Hello to some of my treasures that I haven't seen in a year. And clocks. Clocks are a big love for me.  Always, Kit