Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Week before Christmas...

And all thru the house. I have been tweaking and arranging and having the most splendid time. :) My mind will not stop. And all the lovely Instagram photos do not help. I keep getting these different ideas and want to act on them. One of them was this idea to change out my trusty old floral arrangement on the coffee table for a different one using an old Coke wooden crate. Problem was, I did not own said crate. So hubby and I went to the Red Truck Vintage Market and I was hoping to find one. Alas no. But I did find a couple of cool items. I was so excited to see the lights in a booth, I nearly knocked over everyone to get there and put my hand on the box so no one could sneak up and get it from me. I looked quite But it was mine and it works and it was only $5.00. The box alone was worth that to me. It sits in my my front window and looks even prettier with a cat ornament on the other side. 

Well, every year my youngest and I like to go to a holiday show. It can be a movie or a play or a sing along. Just something special for the two of us. This year, when I saw the ad in the paper, I just knew it had to be the traveling tour of Broadways Cinderella! Oh how I love that show. I grew up on Leslie Ann Warren singing the wonderful songs of Rogers and Hammerstein and I taught that love to my children early on. My youngest was so excited. The show was incredible! Such voices. Such dancing. And at one point we both had tears in our eyes. I commemorated the evening by giving my Em a blue and white sparkly crown ornament for her tree. I hope when she looks at it, she will remember, "A Lovely Night!"! 

The cards are out for this year, I didn't do a Christmas letter. I choose to sit on my couch, coffee and cookies at hand and wrote little messages inside. I had the time finally and I quite enjoyed it. We always include what I call our silly picture of the 4 of us. Usually taken on a birthday or holiday. It's always in the kitchen (the lighting is the best) and we take about 10 of them, acting all sorts of silly. This year's picture was from my Royal Wedding Birthday Party. 

Okay, back to the Coke crate idea. I must have been talking about this a lot because one day my hubby comes home from being out and about and in his hands are not one crate, but two! A Coke and an RC Cola. Beat up and battered and looking so fine. Turns out his friend had them at his shop and was kind enough to sell them to my hubby. What a great surprise! So for this year, this is what I came up with:

Plus, I gave my new bear a new ride! My vintage Tonka Jeep is now a Christmas truck. 

Off I go, today I am just going to relax and watch some football and try not to get any more This coming week is just for some visiting, some baking, and hanging out with my hubby. While I anticipate my oldest getting home for the holidays from her business trip. All I want for Christmas is all 4 of us together. Always, Kit 


Pom Pom said...

Hello peppy Kit! Aw! I like all your fun ideas! Your Christmas card pic is adorable!

Deanna said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Twas a nice treat to stop by for a visit.
All the best,

oldgreymareprimitives said...

All I want is my four also : D merry merry Kit!

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm so happy for you and your Coke boxes! Your hubby is a hero! And it's a nice tradition to see a show with your daughter. We are contemplating Hamilton in Chicago, but the ticket price is sky high. I think we will hold on for a bit. We usually go in summer, and just one play a year.

Happy Holidays, Kit. Loved your family photos!


Lorrie said...

Hello Kit,
How lucky to have those Coke crates! They add a lot of character to any decor. Love the little crown ornament and the tradition of going to a show with your daughter. You are so right that it's being all together that is most important.

Merry Christmas!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

My daughter and I used to go into Chicago every December. Now that she is older (44) we don't do that anymore. The crown ornament was the perfect way to top off the day. I hate it when I get obsessed with an idea and can't find what I want to make it happen. I LOVE it when serendipity makes it happen. Your husband is a peach. it will be quiet at my house this week until the kids come back here for Christmas then leave again to settle in somewhere around Denver. Then I settle in for the countdown to Spring.
Merry Christmas

Diane said...

Have fun with your Christmas decorating, Kit. I know you're having a blast, this being your first year that you have way more time to do the things you always dreamed of doing. Diane

Angie said...

Kit - Love the cat "ornament" - LOL! I am so glad to hear that you write messages in your Christmas cards - one of my pet peeves is getting a card that is a family photo with no message or signature …

You have a most considerate hubby, but of course we knew that already!

I can appreciate you waiting for your daughter to come home - ours just arrived today and now everything is complete!