Saturday, December 22, 2018

Merry Christmas to All...

The holiday is almost here. Incredible! I have filled the month with events, and crafting (my first in years!) and decorating. And it has been a blast. But what has really impressed me, has been the little moments. Hubby and I driving around town in the dark, singing carols while looking at the best lighting displays. My favorite is a vintage car all decked out in lights with a Blowmold Santa and Snowman sitting inside. Makes me smile. We also wandered downtown to all the shops and they were full of holiday items and treasures. And the scents of the season. Wet  We visited the Christmas Shop at a local nursery and it was lovely. But I don't really think I like an upside down Christmas tree. And yesterday my youngest video taped a line of school buses traveling in a "parade" and sent it to me. I have a strange love for school bus parades and it made me laugh and clap and smile the rest of the day. Plus, she stopped by later and what did she bring me? A teeny tiny school bus ornament! Precious. 

This year has been so different and so lovely. Not only because I am retired and have more time. But we came up with a radical plan this year as a family. Times are hard on everyone and even though we are comfortable, who knows what is around the corner. Instead of spending money on more "stuff", we decided to not exchange presents. Instead of giving someone an item to say we love you, we chose to just tell them and show them with small actions. Like the video above or me taking my daughters friends to the airport when no one was available. Or my hubby running all the way home with a pine bough and pine cone for me to have. And my oldest kid, texting me everyday while away on a business trip so I don't worry. The effect it has had on me, has been incredible. No scrambling, no anxiety, no wondering if I got the right present for someone. No wrapping. No excess money being spent. And it has had it's effect on the others. My oldest is relieved, my hubby is very happy to not have to try and find me the perfect gift and my youngest is channeling her love of shopping to her friends. Who need some treasures more than me. I have a life time of treasures and I am sure I will get more, but not at the expense of someone's else's bank account. Just because it is the "thing" to do. 

Today will be spent making fudge (hubby's favorite) and just puttering about the house. My oldest is motoring her way home for the holidays and should arrive around late afternoon. Hooray! Tomorrow starts the food preps for the holidays and a dinner out with family. I can't wait to have us all seated around the table. I can't wait to hear all their stories! Always, Kit


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Have a wonderful Christmas dear KK.

Love & hugs for all of you ~ FlowerLady

Lizzy D said...

Lovely post, great ideas, tho I do admit to a thrill when I receive a gift. You cab see a school bus parade everyday here at 245 as the schools all let out and the busses clog the roads!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Not sure how the gift giving got out of hand for so many. Why do people feel the need to shop themselves into debt just to buy stuff for everyone on their Christmas list? That's surely not what the season is all about. So many would benefit by getting back to a simpler way of celebrating. It will be a regular day here since it's a Tuesday (hump day here) and my husband will be working. It's the first time we won't have either of our boys here so have done minimal decorating. I think tomorrow I'll put up a little tree that I'll leave til the new year. And if I don't, then that's okay, too. :) Happy holidays to you and yours.

Angie said...

Kit - we just went out to dinner yesterday with friends and were surprised by gifts they had brought for us. I feel guilty, but I have no plans to reciprocate because it will create a never-ending cycle of gift-giving … sigh.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Merry Christmas. We changed what material things we do for Christmas when we retired in 2013. Our holidays are so much more enjoyable. Our kids came home from Oregon for the holiday. My favorite thing I heard this year was when 6 year old Nic came in the house into the kitchen and looked at the counter filled with baked items and excitedly said "It Looks Like A PARTY in here". It just made the holiday perfect.

Merry Christmas
xx, Carol