Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Eve

Wow! A new year is upon us. And this past year has been such a different and great one. Sure there were times of tears and heartache, but much more of the happy. Don't they say you have to have some sad times to appreciate all the good? Well, I hope sad times are at a minimal in 2019. For all of us!

Christmas went off pretty darn well I must say. Being one who really doesn't like to change things up too drastically, I was worried. How will the holiday go when push comes to shove? No gifts? No stockings? But I shouldn't have worried. It was just like in the Grinch movie, "Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more." Yes! This year felt so good. 

We spent the Eve and the Day, eating tasty food, playing games, talking and catching up and laughing. There was so much laughing. My youngest and I went to church. We sang with our whole hearts and I must say I think Jesus loved our enthusiasm. There is something so wonderful about singing Silent Night in candle glow. And you look around at all the smiling faces. And there's Hope. 

New ornaments were exchanged. I even crafted some for my children out of Scrabble tiles. Hubby made some stained glass ones for all of us, to remember our late cat, Sam. 


A new hand carved Santa became mine. Hubby knows that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is my fav show, so he made me the Santa from the show. And Rudolph! 

Now with more time, I had a chance to craft this year. I made a little scene to commemorate my Hubby and I being together for 40 years. It was so much fun and I think it came out pretty good even though I was a bit rusty. :) 

And we got snow! A real White Christmas. On Christmas Eve. It had waited. Till my oldest got home from the Midwest. Till my youngest was not on the roads for the holiday, with her job. I could then relax and just enjoy. I love my snow!

There you have it. Our Christmas. Simple and lovely, with no holiday "hang-over" I am even doing one more thing different this year. I am leaving my decorations up till this weekend. No rush to get them put away right after the 1st. I am going to enjoy the lights and glitter just a bit longer. Cause it only comes once a year. Always, Kit

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Merry Christmas to All...

The holiday is almost here. Incredible! I have filled the month with events, and crafting (my first in years!) and decorating. And it has been a blast. But what has really impressed me, has been the little moments. Hubby and I driving around town in the dark, singing carols while looking at the best lighting displays. My favorite is a vintage car all decked out in lights with a Blowmold Santa and Snowman sitting inside. Makes me smile. We also wandered downtown to all the shops and they were full of holiday items and treasures. And the scents of the season. Wet  We visited the Christmas Shop at a local nursery and it was lovely. But I don't really think I like an upside down Christmas tree. And yesterday my youngest video taped a line of school buses traveling in a "parade" and sent it to me. I have a strange love for school bus parades and it made me laugh and clap and smile the rest of the day. Plus, she stopped by later and what did she bring me? A teeny tiny school bus ornament! Precious. 

This year has been so different and so lovely. Not only because I am retired and have more time. But we came up with a radical plan this year as a family. Times are hard on everyone and even though we are comfortable, who knows what is around the corner. Instead of spending money on more "stuff", we decided to not exchange presents. Instead of giving someone an item to say we love you, we chose to just tell them and show them with small actions. Like the video above or me taking my daughters friends to the airport when no one was available. Or my hubby running all the way home with a pine bough and pine cone for me to have. And my oldest kid, texting me everyday while away on a business trip so I don't worry. The effect it has had on me, has been incredible. No scrambling, no anxiety, no wondering if I got the right present for someone. No wrapping. No excess money being spent. And it has had it's effect on the others. My oldest is relieved, my hubby is very happy to not have to try and find me the perfect gift and my youngest is channeling her love of shopping to her friends. Who need some treasures more than me. I have a life time of treasures and I am sure I will get more, but not at the expense of someone's else's bank account. Just because it is the "thing" to do. 

Today will be spent making fudge (hubby's favorite) and just puttering about the house. My oldest is motoring her way home for the holidays and should arrive around late afternoon. Hooray! Tomorrow starts the food preps for the holidays and a dinner out with family. I can't wait to have us all seated around the table. I can't wait to hear all their stories! Always, Kit

Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Week before Christmas...

And all thru the house. I have been tweaking and arranging and having the most splendid time. :) My mind will not stop. And all the lovely Instagram photos do not help. I keep getting these different ideas and want to act on them. One of them was this idea to change out my trusty old floral arrangement on the coffee table for a different one using an old Coke wooden crate. Problem was, I did not own said crate. So hubby and I went to the Red Truck Vintage Market and I was hoping to find one. Alas no. But I did find a couple of cool items. I was so excited to see the lights in a booth, I nearly knocked over everyone to get there and put my hand on the box so no one could sneak up and get it from me. I looked quite But it was mine and it works and it was only $5.00. The box alone was worth that to me. It sits in my my front window and looks even prettier with a cat ornament on the other side. 

Well, every year my youngest and I like to go to a holiday show. It can be a movie or a play or a sing along. Just something special for the two of us. This year, when I saw the ad in the paper, I just knew it had to be the traveling tour of Broadways Cinderella! Oh how I love that show. I grew up on Leslie Ann Warren singing the wonderful songs of Rogers and Hammerstein and I taught that love to my children early on. My youngest was so excited. The show was incredible! Such voices. Such dancing. And at one point we both had tears in our eyes. I commemorated the evening by giving my Em a blue and white sparkly crown ornament for her tree. I hope when she looks at it, she will remember, "A Lovely Night!"! 

The cards are out for this year, I didn't do a Christmas letter. I choose to sit on my couch, coffee and cookies at hand and wrote little messages inside. I had the time finally and I quite enjoyed it. We always include what I call our silly picture of the 4 of us. Usually taken on a birthday or holiday. It's always in the kitchen (the lighting is the best) and we take about 10 of them, acting all sorts of silly. This year's picture was from my Royal Wedding Birthday Party. 

Okay, back to the Coke crate idea. I must have been talking about this a lot because one day my hubby comes home from being out and about and in his hands are not one crate, but two! A Coke and an RC Cola. Beat up and battered and looking so fine. Turns out his friend had them at his shop and was kind enough to sell them to my hubby. What a great surprise! So for this year, this is what I came up with:

Plus, I gave my new bear a new ride! My vintage Tonka Jeep is now a Christmas truck. 

Off I go, today I am just going to relax and watch some football and try not to get any more This coming week is just for some visiting, some baking, and hanging out with my hubby. While I anticipate my oldest getting home for the holidays from her business trip. All I want for Christmas is all 4 of us together. Always, Kit 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Jingle, Jangle, Jingle

Oh what a month it has been so far! So many wonderful happenings and it has only been 8 days. I was a pretty good girl and spent the last week of November decorating the house for Christmas. I got it done and the tree up too! My goal is always to have everything done by the 1st. I like to have a full month to enjoy all my lights and decor.

We took our time this year decorating the tree. The girls are off doing their own thing now, so we are on our own and have over 500 ornaments to place. I know, it is a lot, but I just love ornaments! So we got the lights on and the tree ready and over the next few days we would decorate. I have found, give me a football game to watch and I am a decorating The only problem was, I was so into the game we forgot to put the beads on! Of course we realized it when we were almost done. And the beads have to go on first. So keep it on the down low, but my tree is bead less this 

On the first day of December we headed to the Montana Antique Mall for their open house. They put on such a lovely event. Not only antiques and collectables, but cookies and cider and live music. So much fun! I found a few items. I am a sucker for a teddy bear with a sad face and found Bessie her Christmas ornament of a little stuffed kitty. But the big news is....for about 3 years there has been a display shelf that I have wanted. It says TastyKake on it. I grew up in New Jersey on TastyKakes. How in the world did this display get out here? They don't sell them out here. The tag on the display said Not For Sale. Every time I would visit, I would turn over the tag and hope it had a price. Well, this time it still was not for sale, but the owner of the booth was there. We started to chat and I thought, go for it. And I told him about liking the display. How I had hoped it would be for sale. Well, his wife came over and it turned out they have been thinking of downsizing a bit. He hemmed and hawed and then gave me a price. I couldn't believe it! I was going to get my display. The wife was so happy for me and I could not stop smiling. I am still smiling!

Well, I will leave you with that for now. I have had lots of quiet time to write and watch old Christmas movies from the past. And here is a tip. If you can't find a movie on Hulu or Netflix, try YouTube movies. I watched Scrooge and The Littlest Angel and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever on it. Happy Season! 
Always, Kit