Thursday, November 29, 2018

Heading into December

With a full head of steam!....lol I have been working non-stop on decorating. Well, okay not non-stop, I have lots of coffee and treat breaks. And Instagram breaks (to see what everyone else is doing this year). I am having so much fun this year. I have to admit in the past when I worked, it just seemed easier to just put the same old thing in the same old place each year. Not this year! I am on fire. I have so many ideas rattling around in this old head, it may explode. I am now choosing what I want to see each day and if it isn't something that I love, out it goes! I am not buying any new items but "shopping" my home for different ways to make a display. I already have enough holiday items, I really do not need to go to Michael's for the latest go-to item. Instead this year, I am trying to make up unique and fun areas in my home using what I already own. And so far it is working.

Well, Thanksgiving was incredible!  I don't need much to make me happy. If I have the 4 of us together, I am the happiest person this side of the Mississippi. My oldest travels for her business and was going to be in the Mid-West for the holiday. No way. So we both put our heads together and if she could get to Chicago, we could fly her home. And fly home she did. We had a wonderful time catching up and playing games and eating, and then more eating. No fighting, no nagging and no drunken uncles and aunts....lol Just fun. Em and I had a wonderful time shopping and found a few items here and there. My biggest purchase was a new Blowmold Snowman which I will use during the month of January to brighten the front porch. Can you feel my excitement? And now you know what I look like at 5am....lol

 Off I go! I have to help move one of our chairs in the living room to prepare to put the tree up tomorrow! My favorite part. The tree, not the moving of the chair. There is always the chance of a couple of pinched fingers and a good bit of swearing with that darn chair...lol Always, Kit

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My Favorite Week

Oh my! It is hard to contain myself. This week brings me such joy. It started with me gleefully running outside and down my sidewalk on Sunday, as the plane carrying my oldest flew over the house. My neighbors you would think would be wondering, What the hell? But they are used to me doing things like that....lol I screamed and waved my arms, and I do believe I have never seen such a prettier sight. Home for Thanksgiving! All I ever want in this world is my family and my home. And I am content.

This is the first year I am home before the holiday and I have all my ducks in a row. My shopping complete, and my menu ready. Today I will make up some sugar cookie dough (for now and later) and we are going to take advantage of the great weather, 43 and sunny! And put the Christmas lights up. That is a first. Usually we are out there in the snow, freezing our fingers off and not being in too great of a mood.

I will start my food preps tomorrow. I have the house all to myself, I put on my Autumn CD and start puttering around my kitchen. The menu is always the same so it is easy peasy. All the tried and true recipes and family favorites. We couldn't have Thanksgiving any other way.

I will wake early on the Big Day, and watch the Macy's parade, while reading the paper. And when Santa arrives, I will cry. Always do. :) The kids will come for dinner (we eat at 5) and then we will settle in with food, drink and games. Boy do we enjoy being together. No fighting, no crankiness, no sulking. Just a lot of laughing and good cheer.

We break up early so we can get some rest, cause my youngest and I have a very special tradition that we both just adore.  We love Black Friday shopping. Even though it has changed and now a lot of the stores are open on Thanksgiving (horror!) we get up early and go shopping at 5am. I warm up the Jeep, put on the Christmas CD and pick my daughter up. If we are lucky it will be softly snowing. We get coffee and there is hardly anyone up and about and the town looks magical! We go to our favorite stores and most times we really do not buy much. A box of candy, a pair of socks, a new throw for the couch. One year we bought tiny little poinsettia plants for all our co-workers. We chat about all sorts of things and do a lot of laughing. And the rule is, when the sun starts to rise over Mt. Sentinel, the spell is broken and we are done. By that time, we are ready for a much needed nap. And it is 9am! So, I understand a lot of you look on that day with distaste and I understand, but for us, it is a special morning together and I cherish it.

Well, that will be my next few days and by the weekend I will be taking down the decor and getting ready for Christmas. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Enjoy your family and friends. Always, Kit

Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Good, the Bad and the Scary!

Onward to November! Ours arrived like it usually does with rain and gray skies with a touch of snow on the mountains. I really don't mind, since it makes for cozy days, but it is making it a bit hard to get up the last of my leaves. It looks like I have a slight window next Thursday....lol  In the meantime, I will continue to sip my coffee and do some baking, and take down Halloween. 

Well, we had some good things come to us. The first may seem odd. But to me, it was a little dream come true. I do not have many items from my childhood left. So when I find something that sparks a memory, I want to grab it. In my hometown of Pennsauken, New Jersey we had a pretzel company, Reisman's! And in every home there was a tin of pretzels in their notable red, white and blue can. One day when I was wandering the web, I saw a tin on Ebay. But it was way too expensive and very beat up, and also someone had stored oily car parts in it. Nasty. I was patient for quite a long while and that patience paid off when I went to search and a can came up in Pittsburgh, Pa. And it was cheap and not smelly. Well, it is now mine and I love it! And right down in the right hand corner it says my hometown, Pennsauken.

We celebrated my hubby's 69th birthday. Very simple and fun. Both kids were able to be here and it made it special. And we had Chocolate Cream Birthday pie!

Then I am sad to say, life took a bad turn. I had to make the hard decision to put my 18 year old cat down. With the colder weather his old bones were not working well and he stopped eating. I could tell he didn't know what was going on and I hated the thought that he was in pain. He will forever be in his favorite place, underneath his rose bush and that gives me comfort. But oh how my heart aches.

We celebrated Halloween with our regular flourish and the neighborhood kids loved it. This year the numbers were down due to the rain but it was still so much fun. I even had a mother come up and thank me for making her little boy's holiday so special. And that is why we do it. And I hope we can for many more years to come. Always, Kit

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