Monday, October 22, 2018

Smoothing my Feathers

I am not one to discuss certain topics here. Obviously we all have our opinions and beliefs and I do not want to get into a debate or cause hard feelings if your beliefs are different than mine. I have always known one should not discuss religion, politics or But we had an event happen in our little town which caused an upsurge of emotions in me that quite surprised me in their strength. We had a visit from our current president in order for him to degrade everything holy and good. Yes, I do not like him, at all. I never have. To put it simply, I think he is a moron. But, I felt like I should be informed, so I watched some of his speech. I only made it 20 minutes and I literally started to feel ill. What also made me sick were all the people nodding and smiling at him. They certainly were not "my people". Mine were at the park demonstrating against him. Mine were wearing rainbows, and mine were for love and kindness and inclusion. I switched off the TV, and was in the worse mood ever and it continued into the next day. I felt like I was unclean having him here. I am better now and am glad the elections are almost over. I did my duty and voted. Now I will go back to enjoying my Fall and will not ever again listen to him. Ever! Some people think Halloween is scary and evil. It pales in comparison to our current president. Always, Kit

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Leaves are Falling

Last night it dropped to 26° and this morning the leaves are literally raining down from my trees. My hubby stood under the Autumn maple and just looked up and it was the strangest sensation he said. Our highs will be in the low 60's and sunny this week, so that should make for very pretty days. But it also will be the perfect time to start mulching my leaves. I mow them all up and dump them in my gardens. Free garden food. And it keeps down the weeds. Lookie, my newest Blowmold from hubby!

Road trip! We live in a place where come Winter, we are pretty well trapped by snowy passes. And I do not like to travel in snow. So we headed off to the East, to Helena, Mt. It is lovely country and perfect for viewing fall color. I just love the Tamaracks, and we were not disappointed. They just glowed yellow, high up on the mountain sides! We weren't surprised to see snow on the pass, but were surprised to see snow in town. That's Montana, it keeps you guessing. We ate at our fav eatery, Bert and Ernie's and then visited the shops. They have a new one and I almost bought a quilt, but I resisted. It was Fall themed and the price didn't justify it's display time per year. And I can't believe it. We went to our antique mall, and not one single thing jumped out at me. And if it does not make bells ring, it does not come home with me.

So this morning, you find me house sitting at my kid's. Just as cold weather gets here, their furnace stops working and I am trying to keep the house warm for their cats. Oldest kid is headed home from a business trip across the Southwest and youngest is down in New Mexico for her job. Good thing I am retired. But where the hell is that heating guy!? I am running out of Always, Kit

Not all Halloween decor need to be scary. New hearts from Lizzy. So pretty!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Good Life

I had my dream day the other day. Nothing grandiose and earth shattering, but simple and one I have wanted for so long. Back when I worked, I would wake and it would be cold and rainy and all I wanted to do was to stay home and be cozy. Maybe bake, maybe read, maybe... But no, I would get myself out the door and do my obligation. But the other day, we had one of those days and I curled up on the sofa, turned on my little lights and just looked out the window. It was everything I had dreamed it would be.

Now with October, I am in full Halloween mode. I have changed out my house to everything orange and black. It looks so different and wonderful. I must admit I have a ongoing obsession with Blowmold Halloween. Anything pumpkin, ghost or witch, I will seek. I have been lucky and have found a couple at yard sales for only 50 cents each. Otherwise they can get really pricey. So far I have about 8 of them. I restuffed my scarecrow and he is now outside protecting our home. I have had Ed for over 30 years now and we just couldn't have Halloween without him. 

I have taken up my journaling again. Not electronic. In a real book with a real pen. I have kept a journal since I was 16. That is a lot of years. But I have to admit with blogging and Instagram I stopped writing. But recently I started reading some of my journals and was amazed how much info I had written about. So I am back to it, and have been logging in every day. It feels wonderful!

And speaking of Instagram. I just love it! So simple and fun. I enjoy the process of finding a pic to share and I could spend hours (but I don't) looking at all the homes and topics that are posted. I especially love the new friends I have found across the pond and here in the states. 

So other than just regular life happening, that is it for here. With the cooler weather, I have been cooking and baking more. And I have put my yard art to bed for the season. My flowers are still going great, but I fear our first frost is imminent. Football fills my weekends, college and professional and I adore it! Nothing better than screaming at a television Always, Kit