Tuesday, August 28, 2018


And I mean that literally this morning. Got down to 42 last night. Yep, we are definitely heading toward Autumn here in the mountains. Our first hard frost could hit here pretty soon. We had a winter warning on the weather for the mountains east of us for early snow and Glacier Park (to the north of us) had their first snow on Logan Pass yesterday. Do we complain or grouse? Not at all, because snow means an end to our fires. And that is a good thing.  I turned the gas fireplace on this morning and enjoyed it with my coffee and fresh zucchini bread. Great way to start the day.

Hubby brought me the first token of the Fall last week. "Close your eyes, and hold out your hands", is a mantra of And in them he placed two horse chestnuts still in their prickly seed pods. Yay! They will sit on my Victrola until they burst open.

Now since I retired, we are able to switch our schedules around and we now yard sale on Fridays. So much more chill on a Friday. And I was so surprised to see so many that were still happening. This little and very heavy curio cabinet was one of my latest finds. Not sure what I will do with it yet, but I just knew I had to have it. It has hearts on it.

This project turned out well I think. I found the base of the lamp at one yard sale for 50 cents. And I found 2 glass ceiling shades from an old house here in town, both for $5.00. So I enlisted my hubby's skills and told him what I wanted and ta da.... a new lamp for the dining room. 

The pace has slowed which has allowed me to spend my time elsewhere. My children and I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new Rainbow Crosswalk which is next to our art museum, in support of the LGBTQ Community. It was so lovely to see so many people come out in support of it. There was dancing, speeches, and some crying. Even the rain could not dampen our spirits! (my two kiddos)

Well, that is all from here. The sun is out and it is turning into a lovely day. I think I need some time in the garden. Always, Kit

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Putzing About

Eating lunch and watching the sun filtering thru the leaves. So pretty. And yesterday had it's own unique prettiness. It rained for the first time in 47 days! All day long. I felt like Sarah, in Skylark (sequel to Sarah, Plain and Tall) when it finally rains and she goes outside and dances in it. Rain! I know for a lot of you, you are having too much rain. But here in the Northwest we are in our fire season and any amount we can get, scrubs the air clean and helps put the fires out.

Been just relaxing since the fair left town. That was one busy week, so I have earned myself a bit of a lazy one. Not only did we have the fair, but we also participated in the new addition to the fair, The Made Fair. That's a lot of  It was a new event which my husband the steampunk artist was chosen to be in. The whole family helped out and he did very well selling his creations. I hear tell, he was the talk of the town! :)

This week feels good for a bunch of reasons. But I think the biggest one is that this normally would be the week that I would start getting ready to go back to work. And I don't have to! No worrying about orders and deliveries and learning new names and getting up at 5:30. What is ironic is that I woke today at 6 and got up, but I had my coffee and watched the sun rise and did some reading. My own rules, my own schedule. It is wonderful!

I have been working side by side with my hubby and we have been doing a lot of pruning. Usually the end of August comes around and I am done with gardening. I just do not have the time, but this year I do. I am planning to enjoy it till October if Mother Nature seems fit. 

Off I go. I have rediscovered the art of cooking! Tonight are steaks and baked potatoes with everything and a chocolate cream pie. The last pic is for my friend Lizzy. A few seaside items, from land locked Montana! She'll know what it means. :) Always, Kit

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Chicks and Chaps 2018

Each year, for the past 11 years there is a wonderful event for breast cancer, that runs alongside the Western Montana Fair. I have had the pleasure to attend with my daughter 7 times, and we never fail to have a great time. This year was a little daunting. The day of the event it was supposed to top out at 104 degrees. It was so hot, we had a designated man who sprayed water on us! We called him Mr. Mister. I was surprised I did as well as I did, cause in this family we all know, "Mommy doesn't do well in heat!" But I lasted 5 hours and it was so much fun!

My youngest is know for her Chick outfits! This year was incredible. She wore a swing dress in the brightest pink ever and she shone. Even her nails had little jewels on them (see the little turquoise one? That signifies me). The crowd was large and we got to snack on veggies and fruit and a deli platter, pizza and chicken and tiny little cupcakes. And we always love to do the raffle. I wanted to win that little basket, but alas it wasn't meant to be. :( 

One of the best parts of the event is the Rodeo Clinic where handsome cowboys teach us to rope, and ride a bull and learn us in the ways of cows and horses. Em was the first on the bull and she rode with such style. Her favorite of all the men there? The Rodeo Clown. Of Course!

We always get to hear wonderful speeches from survivors and this year the lovely lady had all cancer survivors come up to the front. I was reluctant (I had an unwanted date with the Big C 5 years ago) but my daughter who is my biggest supporter pushed me along. With my paperplate! Then there was music and dancing and Em had all the right moves. 

We finished the day with the Rodeo! We had special seating and the stands were filled with pink! I was starting to droop a little but a buttery ear of corn sure perked me up. Now how can Em look so fantastic start to finish? Always, Kit
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Sunday, August 5, 2018

So Much Sunshine

It has been amazing! I get up early where it has cooled down to a lovely 50 degrees, take my coffee and camera out to the gardens and wander. Smells sooooo good. I have all the windows in the house open, and I stay out until the temp starts to rise. We have been averaging about mid 90's to high 80's. And with low humidity, I can handle it. I grew up in New Jersey and the humidity was horrible. I don't do humidity, so you will not see me visiting the East Coast very often. You want low humidity come to Western Montana!

Life has been simple. My motto. I take my time. I find I do not want to go scurrying all over the place. Now and then, the youngest will convince me to run to Michael's, or JoAnns and I go in and peruse the decor and it is fun. But I don't really need anything. I make do with what I already own. Or I decorate with a wonderful find my hubby found me at an antique fair!

Took my youngest on a day trip south down the Bitterroot Valley. A lovely place. She needed some TLC after a bad breakup (after 5 years!). I have been giving her a lot of time to heal. She likes us to drive and talk and just be together. It is working, but I know she will feel this for some time and it makes me sad.

Since the youngest was away during her birthday (Comic Con) we celebrated yesterday! When she and I were in DisneyWorld, she mentioned she felt like she had cheated on Disneyland and couldn't wait to go back and make amends....LOL  So I recreated Disneyland for her birthday theme. Lots of photos of favorite rides and events. Simulated fireworks, popcorn, characters, and pin trader buttons.
I found her the coveted Oogie Boogie popcorn container (only available on the Halloween party night and we missed out!), a vintage Disneyland pennant and a Starbucks mug of the original California Adventure. Thank you Ebay! We had a wonderful time and finished the evening with a great game of Pictionary. Just seeing her having such a great time meant the world to me. And we are going back to Disneyland to right the wrong, next Halloween 2019!

Well, this week is going to be a busy one. We have the Western Montana Fair and Rodeo. And a special event that I go to each year with my youngest called, Chicks and Chaps. A benefit for Breast Cancer. Plus, my hubby who creates Steampunk art is participating in a Make it Fair at the fairgrounds this year. So I will be helping him in his booth. I hope he does well and wows the crowds! Always, Kit