Sunday, June 24, 2018

Happy Summer!

Sun is shining today. After a day long downpour yesterday. Makes it all the sweeter to see sun. I must say my lawn is loving all this rain but my cats are not. The big outdoors is my cats playground and they are not happy when it is soggy. They finally settled in for long naps, and I settled in to watch the Royal Ascot Races. That was such fun, not only do I love horse racing, but then add the Royals? Win, win.

Life has been motoring on. I picked up all my flowers for my pots. I loosely say "all my flowers", cause come July when the big sales happen, I will be right down there buying up new flowers to overload my patio with. :) Oh I forgot to say, I had the best night with my family the last week of work. We all attended the Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers concert here in town! It was fantastic. Somehow the beer tasted extra special, and I could not help but jump up and dance to China Grove along with everyone else. I felt like I was 20 again!

When I retired, part of the reason I decided to do it now, was because my school is getting a brand new school and I wanted to "go down with the ship" as they say. I thought it fitting that the new Head Cook would start in a brand new space, without being haunted by the specter of In my old kitchen, one of the items that I have looked at for 14 years is a bank of lockers. Lockers? In a kitchen? Believe it or not, my kitchen used to be the boys old locker room. I used them to store paper products and my magnet collection. I asked for and have received these lockers as a gift from the school. It took a bit of red tape but my friends came thru for me and they now have a new home in my rec room. I am beyond happy. A big Thank You to my hubby and Jim, my moving crew!

So now, I am busy getting ready for my annual trip to Oregon. My hubby and I have been so lucky to have found a wonderful condo overlooking the sea. It is our second happiest place on the earth. And for the next week or so, I will be sitting in my favorite leather chair, sipping wine and trying to read a book, but mainly just looking out to sea and grinning. Always, Kit

Saturday, June 16, 2018

It has been only a week!

The coffee tastes especially good this morn. After a week of sunny and lovely days, we have rain. I don't mind. Everything is getting a good drink (especially the new perennial garden I just put in) and without me hauling hoses. I have been retired for only a week but it feels so much longer. I was able to get a lot done and it is surprising how much energy and time I had given to my job and now can put toward my home. I painted steps, potted up annuals and moved some plants around. Totally caught up on laundry and made the house ship shape. It feels so good!

May 31st will forever be a very special day for me. It was Willard Alternative High School's graduation and a Special Goodbye to me. I was completely in the dark, but the school planned a surprise for me and how a whole school could keep such a secret is beyond me. But they did! I didn't realize anything was happening until my good friend and Librarian at the school, took the stage and started to mention me, then she asked my youngest up to the stage (she always attends the grad with me) to say a few words. Uh oh, I was in for She had us all in tears, and at the end they presented me with a gift basket full of gift cards to all my favorite places and a book that the whole school had written in with all their wonderful sentiments. But that was not all, I was greeted by a standing ovation and my husband and oldest daughter were there with a bouquet of flowers. Wow! To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. Is this place great or what?! And I made the 10:00 news too!

The following week was a hard one. Time to clean and close down my kitchen for the last time. Lots of good-byes and on the last day my children showed up with flowers and a balloon bouquet that they put on my car. Even my hubby came by to wish me well.  With tears and hugs, I left the staff and students and when I closed my door for the final time, I strangely did not feel sad, but I felt excited. What lies next in my life? Always, Kit

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Crazy Wonderful Days!

Whew! My life has been a whirlwind lately. So many lovely happenings, but first I am sipping my first coffee of my retired life! Yes, it is finally done, but more on that later. I need to backtrack a bit and go back to my wonderful 63rd birthday. Put on by my lovely and talented party planner extraordinaire, Emily. 

I came home and spied some British bunting and Flags and thought, hmm, an English party? Well, I was partly right. It was a Royal Wedding Birthday Party!  

Oh it looked so pretty! And as I had walked in I could hear the music, God Save The Queen playing and all my loves were wearing Fascinators! 

And I had a Fascintator too! It was part of my cake and it made me feel like a bride again. I know Megan had hundreds of ladies embroidering on her veil but heck, mine smelled like frosting. I win!

Vintage Teacups with my favorite tea and lots of Royal reading material for later. 

Special biscuits and mints to keep us going before dinner. 

And of course me being goofy as I as I thought of my wish. My girls were afraid I would set myself on Oh, we had fun. And I was quite pleased. It was wonderful and so nice to be with my family. Plus the next morning, I would have something we call, Breakfast Cake with my coffee. :) Always, Kit