Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Break!

I won't be frolicking in my bikini (god forbid!) on a beach but I will be reveling in the fact that I can do what ever I want this coming week. I have to admit I barely got out of my PJ's yesterday....lol But today I will muster the energy to do a little Spring Cleaning and do my kitchen today. My poor Rooster and Roses collection needs some hand washing and a little sparkle. Did my decor changeover to all things yellow and green and I like it. It may be a bit brown outside still but inside screams to me, S-P-R-I-N-G! 

My love and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on Thursday. 40 years! We really didn't want to do anything big and fancy, so we went to lunch and just reminisced about our lives and the fun times we had. We had quite a few good laughs too! My youngest wrote the following tribute to us on Facebook and we were so touched. She has a way with words!
                             "Today marks an incredible milestone: my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary! This is my favorite love story—still as fresh and beautiful as it was 40 years ago. There is nothing quite as inspiring as two souls who find each other in this vast universe and grow a love that can withstand the tests of time, the rigors of parenthood, and the challenges of ambitious lives. Hand in hand, with butterflies still flittering, they greet each day joyful knowing that their heart is held strongly and safely by the other. To many more years, my wonderful parents, I love you, and am proud to share pages in your epic story. "

Hubby came to my work and gave me my wedding flowers, yellow roses and white daisies in a milk glass vase. So lovely and they smell so good. And I bought myself a gift to mark the years. When I found out that the Ruby is the gemstone for this milestone, I found the most gorgeous ring to replace my current wedding ring (I have over 4 wedding rings) what can I say, my tastes change. So I will wear this beauty for the next 10 years. Hmmm, what is the stone for 50 years?.....lol

Well, that is it from here.  I intend to have a lovely week, of sleeping in and hot coffee and a day trip to do some antique shopping and whatever else suits my fancy. Sounds wonderful to me. Always, Kit

Saturday, March 17, 2018

DisneyWorld 2018!

I am back and have been adjusting to life not walking everywhere. Not waiting in a line. Not enveloped in green and flowers and warmth. Oh, to say it was wonderful is such an understatement. My daughter and I had an incredible time. We had a short amount of time, but we packed it full of events. I love that by flying across the country that I can enter "summertime". It is like magic! I discovered Uber and love it! One of our drivers was so sweet and put on our favorite tunes and Em and I sang all the way back to the resort. He just smiled and laughed and it made these two tired tourists so happy. On to the trip!

We flew to Florida via Seattle, which meant we were up at 4:30 am but we still managed to have some smiles on our faces. Once we were on the plane and headed to Florida we always exchange gifts. Em gave me my favorite princess, Cinderella and a mystery present of Winnie the Pooh. So cute! And I had an Etsy artist make a silver bracelet for each of us to wear. They were lovely, with a heart, a castle and the world! The second day after my daughter's conference we visited Disney Springs for lunch at our favorite restaurant and did some shopping, I picked myself up an alligator. When you think of Florida, you think of alligators, right?  Then an Uber ride later we were at the Titanic Exhibit. Wow, it was wonderful and caused quite of few tears between the two of us. We were able to touch an actual piece of the hull. As you can see they also took a few goofy pics of us. We had to share this one. Em got to be Kate to my Leo!

Our first full day at DisneyWorld! Such a lovely place. Just look at that castle! I was in awe over all the flowers. Crowds weren't too bad either. It was a bit hot, 88 degrees but we took lots of breaks. We enjoyed our first encounter with pin trading and met a lot of great cast members and got quite a few new pins. It was so much fun! Then we got on the monorail and took a ride to...

Epcot! They were having the Annual Flower Show. I was so thrilled, and the topiaries and flowers were so lovely. Every "town" had their own special ones. We wandered and enjoyed each land. We even surprised ourselves and made it all the way around the loop. We were so tired! But we still had to hop a bus to...

Disney Worlds Hollywood Studios! My all time favorite show ever is Fantasmic. I had reserved us a Dessert Party with special seating. We got special lanyards, blinking cups full of tequila punch, a box of dessert pastries and snacks and the best seats in the house. It was fantastic! This show delivers and I of course burst into tears when the white boat came around the corner with all the characters on it. That's a given, and then Em bought me a souvenir a Fantasmic pin for my hat! We were on such a high from the show, or was it the Tequila....LOL we wandered over to the square just in time for the Star Wars, a Galactic Spectacular Fireworks show. Wow! A great finish to our first day. 

To start our second day, I took Em to the Kona Cafe on the Polynesian Resort. 10 years ago my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary here. And every day we ate at the Cafe and I had the Tonga Toast! Once I heard we were going, I had to make a reservation for breakfast and the TT was as good as I had remembered it. One Monorail and bus later we were at the ...

Animal Kingdom! Em wanted to ride the Safari Ride and our happy faces were because we were finally at the end of the line...lol We got to see lots of animals and it was great to sit down. Em said this was her favorite land. So green and wonderful! Back on the bus we were off to...

The Magic Kingdom and at the perfect time. Here came the parade, The Festival of Fantasy! And we had front row seats. So colorful and fun. And I finally saw an alligator, the Peter Pan one....lol 

We went hurrying thru the park, we had a Fast Pass to the Peter Pan ride! And only 10 minutes to get there. But we made it just fine and I got to ride my favorite ride. Teacups came next and then snacks and I enjoyed a Dole Whip while Em climbed the Swiss Family Treehouse. As evening came on....

We did some wandering and some smiling and some shopping. But at last we had to call our last Uber driver and head out. We said our goodbyes to Walt and thanked him for his dream and for a wonderful time. I will be smiling for a long time. Always, Kit
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