Saturday, February 24, 2018

Reflections on the Olympics

I can't believe it is almost over! I think I may cry. When else do you get license to sit on the couch for hours at a time. Days at a time, and no one questions it? I would be at work and anticipate getting home, queuing up my where I had left off the night before, settling in with iced tea and lunch, and there you would find me till dinner time. Just soaking in all the events, all the stories, and all the excitement of a world I only know about and visit every 4 years. 

I have seen lots of highs and lows, and learned more about half pipe and snow cross than anyone every needs to know...lol  Warning: here is my take on what I have seen. And it ain't all pretty. First and foremost. Boo, to the Canadian Hockey player who showed to the world that winning is everything and that sportsmanship is not alive in her heart. What a bad message to say to the up and coming hockey youth. I hope Canada takes her to task. Yay, to the other Russian skater, the little one who wasn't part of the "war" between two Russian juggernauts. She may not have been as good, but she did a great job considering how left out she must have felt.

Yay, to the USA's Jessie Diggins, for giving it her all in the cross country match. What a wonderful competitor and person.

Boo, to NBC for putting Lindsey Vonn on TV too much. By the time she skied out of her last gate, most of the world couldn't have cared less if she won or not. It was almost like they were trying to create drama at every turn. I would have liked to have seen more TV time on some of the more obscure athletes, from all the countries. Yay, to the show Olympic Ice! What a delight to watch Scott and Tanith tell us all we needed to know about skating and I very much loved hearing from Tara L. and Johnny W. spin their ideas too. Very knowledgeable the 4 of them.

Big Boo, on something that irritated the hell out of me. I know it will seem silly but does every girl in the snowboard events have to wear her hair like Chloe Kim? It is like they saw her and thought, oooo, I like that and I will copy her too! No individuality and it just ticked me off. I started to think their helmets came with two strands of hair attached....lol 

But finally, a huge Yay, for Pyeongchang for doing such an incredible job hosting. I never heard of any problems occurring and all the venues looked so lovely. I have had an incredible time watching and hoping and yelling and ringing my cow bell. I look forward to the closing ceremonies, but with tears I will say goodbye. But I do have a consolation prize though. "Kit the Olympics are over, what are you going to do?" (remember those commercials?) "I'm going to DisneyWorld!" True, with my daughter on Wednesday. See ya when I get back. :) Always, Kit
Thank you to the internet for my pics. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Olympics 2018

Truly, that is what my world is all about right now. Cleaning? Cooking? Well, they need to be scheduled around the Olympics....lol  I just love them. We hung our lights and watched the opening ceremony and marveled at the fireworks, the drumming and the dancing. And I always feel such pride when our team enters the stadium and I hope they behave themselves. I loved their outfits including the much maligned leather gloves (must be the Montanan in me) and thought it so clever they included heated jackets. Now that is some smart thinking. What a spectacular evening it was.

I spent yesterday curled up on the couch and enjoyed watching Red Gerard win the USA's first gold medal of the game. He is only 17 and was so thrilled and I loved seeing his whole family just revel in his victory. Now I know nothing about Slopestyle Snowboarding, but that didn't matter, it was still an awesome event to watch. How do they learn that stuff? Way to go Red!

Took in a little Curling, and some ice skating. I love the Ice Dancing the most. I am from the Torvill and Dean era and love the quickness and style of it. I must say some of the other skating is just a bit ponderous for me. And what is with some of their music choices? Yawn. I did love one particular skater from Korea, in the woman's short program. A lovely young lady who skated to, Papa Can you Hear Me (from Yentl) and it was truly a beautiful performance. I was ready to hang the medal around her neck right then and there. 

So, for the next 2 weeks, I will be watching, and clapping and crying. And I hope you will be too. It only comes every 4 years. Give up your regular shows, because this truly is the best reality show ever! :) Always, Kit

Sunday, February 4, 2018

In the Blink of an Eye

Here we are in February. Wow. I loved my January, though things were a bit different this year. I would have liked more snow. We didn't go to Disneyland (too much construction in the happiest place on Earth) but I got a lot done around the house, and had lots of time to read and play. Nice. I am loving Instagram and am so surprised by how many people I know are on it. A lot of folks came out of the woodwork, so to speak...lol I see where so many people give up their blogs for their IG accounts but that won't happen with me. My blog is my main journal of the events and happenings of my life. IG is just kind of fun to show "snippets" of my home. Though I have a hard time coming up with hashtags! Some folks have 10 of them and I can only think of 2 or 3...lol  

Today is the big game. I am thrilled of course. The last hurrah of the football year. I will make my chili and I have all the fixins'. I even baked cupcakes yesterday. And they will be sprinkled with green sugar. Go Eagles! Go Philly! I so want them to win. I have nothing against the Patriots, I just want the love spread around. The City of Brotherly Love needs to experience the great feeling of a win. 

I will decorate a bit for Valentine's Day. I need to pull out my favorite "red" items. But this year, I am not feeling a whole overhaul of the living and dining room. Just a few prized treasures. Anywho, that is it for over here in rainy Montana. Where's my snow? Always, Kit