Saturday, January 27, 2018


Saturday. Cloudy and Cold. Snow coming? Nice to be off and not have anywhere to go. I am amazed how much time I have saved and how relaxed I am, by not running around to this store or the next, seeing what the latest fad is and seeing if I need the latest gadget! I used to love a wander through Target to see what the decorating scene was looking like. Now it seems silly and pointless. That wasn't me. I didn't need a store to tell me what my home should look like. I have my own style. But was there anyone else who "flew off the radar"?

Then I discovered the magic of the hashtag. I know I am late to the party, but I have just joined Instagram and am loving it. One day during Christmas I clicked on #vintageChristmas and was transported to a wonderful land of homes that looked so incredibly unique and special. Homes with personality, with creativity, with ownership and not like they just jumped out of the catalog for Crate and Barrel. Places where I could get a real sense of the person who lived there. Homes that decorated with globes, and lockers and toy trucks.  I loved it!

I have gotten some great ideas on how I can better use my collections and how to display my personal items. Now this kind of instruction I will take. My home is different and for years I thought I was quite the oddball. How many folks have a 2 foot beetle hanging on their wall or a Mahogany case full of Pez in the dining room? But now I have found my people! They are on Instagram. So now I have a wealth of info (and at no cost) at a finger stroke. I am looking forward to many hours of browsing and discovering many many hashtags. #oldtypewriters. Well hello there everyone, nice to meet you, my name is Kit.   Always, Kit

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Simple Life

Not too much happening over here in Montana, which is okay with me. Just little bits of life. I had a short schedule last week which gave me time to go out for breakfast with my love, out to lunch with my youngest and lots of time to finish piddly things about the house. Don't those things drive you crazy? My house is always neat as a pin, but now and then I come up with an idea to tweak what I have and it stays on my list, and stays on my list, get the idea. Well, I got a bunch of those things off my list and it feels good. So now I have a charging station in my nightstand drawer (I hate seeing cords all over the house with some gadget attached), I ordered my new Blog book, I now have 8! And since I really do not shop any more for leisure, I went to Shopko to return a present I had bought the beginning of December. I swear, they probably have wondered what had happened to me. Those were the old days. These days, I "shop" my house for a new look. No more buying something new just because I am bored, sad, or have money to spend. I am loving putting old things in new places. And my wallet is a lot fatter because of this. :)

I have finished my chores and am ready for the first playoff game. I am hoping the Philadelphia Eagles win their game today. Though I am a Denver Bronco fan, I grew up across the river in Jersey and they are my nostalgic pick. Plus, I just love their new (but injured) quarterback. I have my hot dogs, beans, chips and beer ready and it should be a fun night.  Always, Kit

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Just Relaxing

Looks like the sun is gonna shine today. That will be nice. We have had more snow and a bit of ice, but the temps are staying above freezing and that is helping with travel and the act of keeping on one's We still have a foot of snow in the yard, so I had Hubby feed the squirrels and refill the bird feeder today. The birds found it right away and already are arguing on who can sit and eat. Just like a clique in school. Tsk, tsk.

Not much planned today, but I will get my outdoor Christmas decor organized and tucked back under the stairs in the basement. They have all been visiting in the Rec Room together (with Halloween) and drying out.  There is something so satisfying about putting it all back in it's place for the year. Later I will make Bean and Ham soup. With hot rolls and Iced Tea it will be a splendid dinner while watching the Playoffs. Oh, how I am loving all the football.

I am always amazed when I read other blogs at how similar we are. One of my friends mentioned that she used to always get a Date Book from Hallmark each year. I have been using them for decades and I have kept every one! They have so many great notes in them. Some regarding folks long gone, some of milestones (Emily Walks!)  and just haircuts and how much I weighed. Oh how I wished I was still that  I went to get my new one and oh no, they were out. So I emailed Hallmark and they are sending me one in the mail. Whew, I don't know if I could go thru a year without my trusty Date Book.

Work has been going great and I finished decorating the lunch room as a Winter Wonderland. In Montana, you can't dream of spring just now, you have to embrace Winter or go So, many snowflakes are in evidence, as is snowmen.

I am out of coffee and feeling the need for a Cutie Orange. Time to get crackin', I have a game to watch at 2ish, and those Blow Mold Santa's are getting a bit feisty, I think I may have to separate them with the Trick or Treaters and the Halloween  :P Always, Kit

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Lovely, Snowy Montana

Ahhhh, my favorite months of the year are here. There is just something so wonderful about being holed up in my home; the pantry is full, there is a foot of snow outside my windows and more expected to fall and I feel so content. When I used to watch old Little House or pioneer shows, I thought it so perfect to be cut off from the world and to just have my close family about me. The outside world did not exist and I could be happy. And happy I am. :) Now now, I do understand in the olden days they had the threat of starvation and no heat and sickness, but that part does not enter into my scenario. It is all sewing, and pots of stew, baking and chatting and embracing the Winter. I better embrace it, I will have it for 3 more months. :)

The first week of work is over, complete with the grumblings and the comments  from folks not having enough time off and general disappointment (there is that outside world harshing my mood again) Geeze folks, we just had 11 days off!

I was able to spend the week after Christmas putting all my treasures away and except for the ones that had to be washed, all is packed back in their spots till next year. As you can see Bessie was a lot of

Now is my Winter of Blue and Browns. I snapped this pic the other day and it dawned on me why I love this color scheme for January. It mimics the scene outside my front window! So soothing after the excitement of our Christmas Extravaganza. 

Well, so far I have baked some Chocolate chip Cookies and done some laundry. I ate my bowl of "porridge" and will now do the modern equivalent of sitting around the fire and playing the fiddle, (I will be watching the first playoff game on the TV and eating a big bowl of popcorn.)  Happy Weekend to All from housebound in Montana! Always, Kit