Friday, December 29, 2017

A Christmas to Remember

Another Christmas is in the record books. And this one, like all the others in the past years was so wonderful. Mostly because of having such a great family. We all take the time to make each other's Christmas the best it can be. I noticed my youngest on Christmas day going around to all the objects in the room, touching them and remembering her Christmas's Past. Though I have added some new items, we still have a lot of the old to conjure up past Christmas memories. And that is so important to all of us. Following is photo record of our Christmas Day. Minus the failed French Toast Casserole which everyone was so gracious to not

I love the quiet of Christmas morn, before all the festivities begin. It snowed a lot overnight, so we had our White Christmas (cue Bing). Bessie the Cat patiently waited for the girls to arrive from her perch next to the tree. They arrived bearing wonderful gifts and cheer! Their favorite part of the morning is opening their Christmas stockings. No matter how old they get, they will always have a stocking. And I get such a kick out of finding the items to stuff it with. Gorilla Glue, makeup kits, huckleberry candy, kissing balls, dental floss, and chocolates.

Every year Hubby carves me a new Santa and this year, my guy is climbing down a chimney, with a pack filled with toys! He is going to fit in nicely with all the rest of my beautiful Santa's. Even though my girls are in their 30's they must have a toy or two. Oldest girl loves Pokemon and my youngest must have a dress for her newest doll. A swing dress of course. Hubby loves banjo music, and was thrilled by the new Steve Martin CD. My newest ornie given to me by my love is a Disney Mickey Pumpkin. Just like the ones I saw in October on my trip. How cool is that?!

We always take turns opening gifts and ooo and ahh about each one. I gave my love a painting of whales to recall our annual trips to Oregon, our oldest has a new ornie to commemorate her new camper for her pickup and hubby surprised our youngest by finding her long lost clarinet (in the attic) and she promptly burst into tears and started to play. :) Those are the moments I love the best. We parted for a few hours and met back up for a turkey dinner and games. We played late into the night, sipping cinnamon whiskey, scarfing Chex Mix and laughing, so much laughing. It was a perfect Christmas! Apart from that darn  Always, Kit

Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Pom Pom Christmas!

Wow! It is almost here. The day before the day before. Work ended for the year on Thursday for me. Due to a potluck/talent show I only served breakfast, so I was off to have my own breakfast with my love. And who do I run in to? My daughter and her love. :) Lots of hugging ensued. And the eating of the pancakes.

Yesterday was lovely. We got a good amount of snow and I fired up the Jeep to head out to lunch with a good friend and to do a little extra Christmas shopping. Found what I needed and got myself a new sugar snowman too, and was happy to see that most people were happy and smiling and being kind. Home to just relax and watch the snow. One of my favorite past times.

So today I start the food preparing for our Eve buffet. Lots of easy hand held bits of Nothing too hard to make or time consuming, but oh so good. The sweets are done (I dipped pretzels last night), so I just have to make the salads and savories. I had a blast last weekend and made sugar cookies for the first time since the girls were little. It is a trusty recipe and they turned out great. Now I wonder why it took me so long to make them again.

My new decorating scheme has resulted in an un-thought of situation. I decided to sprinkle pom poms all over my coffee table with my snowmen. I came out one morning to all the pom poms scattered all over the floor, and thought, What the heck? As the picture shows, she had a little help learning a new game. Hubby had shown our cat a pom pom and how to find them. Now she sits on the floor and reaches up and grabs a pom pom and then proceeds to bat it around the living room. Hmmm. The hazards of

I am out of coffee and I need to get started. It is very cold out today, 15 degrees. So even though the sun is coming out, our snow is not going anywhere. Which makes me very happy. More snow is coming for Christmas, perfect.

"Pom Poms in the Bathroom, (too) and Carols at the Spinet!"  Merry Christmas! Always, Kit

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Snow, snow, snow

As if on cue, it snowed yesterday. I had finished work, did some grocery shopping and was settling on the couch to do some light reading and then, little flakes. Then more little flakes, and now we are at 3 inches. Not too much, but just enough to make me happy and giddy and loving all the whiteness. And nothing looks better, than Christmas lights in the snow.

Hubby asked me if I was planning to go out today. Nah, heck I may not make it out of my pajamas. I am toasty warm, the coffee seems so tasty today and I just want to nest. I am happiest when I am home bound, with baking in the future and some more wrapping. I went out with husband to Target this week and went a bit crazy. We had fun running all over the store finding little things for our girls. But now I have more wrapping to do.

My youngest and I have been having some fun together this season. I have always been of the notion, that the Christmas Season is to be celebrated all month long. Not just waiting for the 25th to come. So since she has been on her own, (her guy is on tour in Australia and her sister is traveling for business) I try to leave her a surprise at her house each week to make her smile. It has been fun to come up with things to surprise and delight her. A toy advent calendar, her favorite cookies, a stack of vintage Christmas records (mine from when I was a kid) and her favorite donuts. She loved everything and I loved spreading some joy. Her fella is back tonight, my job is complete. :)

Now my youngest has a marvelous sense of humor and is very clever. We were having a conversation recently where I voiced the fact that I do not like receiving photo cards with no hand written message on them. Just one of my pet peeves, I find them very impersonal and too easy. I guess if someone is sending me a card, I want a little effort there. I understand why folks like to use them, but I just do not like them. Soooooooo, my youngest staged a pic with her cat and each day this week, guess what I received? A photo card with NO hand written message....LOL  Oh my, how I laughed. I couldn't believe it and it tickled me to no end. She's a keeper!

Well, I have sat here long enough. Those sugar cookies will not make themselves. Off I go, but first I must find a football game on the tube. :) Always, Kit


Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Christmas Season!

I have been a busy little elf and I for one would not have it any other way. But today I am staying put and enjoying the day with just a few holiday projects and diversions. This past week had me running about after work and though fun, I know my own self and have to have a day where I just retreat; settle on the couch with my comfy throw, some coffee and my cat and watch a movie. The movie of choice is The Holiday. I think I am as in love with the soundtrack, as I am the movie. A great feel good movie. Bessie our cat, has the right idea.

The visit to the Antique Mall was so much fun! They had live music and the place was packed, but that actually made for such a fun time. Everyone was chatting and munching on cookies and sipping cider. And I found some treasures (of course I did!). I love little German wooden ornaments and I was not to be disappointed, and they were only $1.00 a piece. I found a new Snowman for my collection, and wanted a display that wasn't for sale. Boo Hoo. I grew up on those delicious East Coast treats.  

The decorating is sort of complete. I keep getting these ideas and have to follow  A string of red pom pom apples? Well, of course they have to hang over my bathroom mirror. And everyday that I am visiting Instagram and blogs, I can't help but be inspired by what everyone else is doing. My favorite hash tag is #vintagechristmas. :)   

It took 2 days, but our tree is done and ready for the season! This year we counted each and every ornament and the final total? 525 of the delightful little items. And everyone of them a wonderful memory. 

Listening to Singers Unlimited - Christmas. Check it out, it is an amazing album. I am off to bake some Magic Cookie Bars and do a little wrapping while I have the house to myself. I leave you with  my latest "fun time". My youngest bought me an advent calendar this year. It is so much fun! Tsum Tsum Disney. Each day I get a little toy and I can't wait to see what comes next. Today was Ariel from the Little Mermaid in glitter and sparkles. :) Always, Kit

Saturday, December 2, 2017

It's Here!

It has arrived and I am happy. December. The first marks the "official" day of the start of the holiday season (but of course I have been thinking of the holiday for a couple months now) and now our outside lights get turned on (we must have some rules or else they would be on in the beginning of, the inside is decorated with all my treasures and I love having everything ready and in place to enjoy all month long. I read of some folks who put their decor up a week or maybe two before Christmas and my first thought is, huh? I find all my treasures get me in the mood and make the whole month such a pleasure. I guess to each their own, but to me that would make a very sad holiday. 

Well, our Thanksgiving was wonderful. Everyone claimed the food to be the very best ever, the table decor a little different but traditional and the company of course was perfect. My oldest drove 13 hours straight to get here by 2am on the day of. To see her shining face was all I needed. We toasted and played games and we didn't want the night to end. But it had to, because...

My youngest and I had our traditional date for Black Friday! Oh what a blast. I had the Christmas tunes going, the coffee hot and though we had no snow, it was cold. Altogether we visited 6 stores and picked up a few items that she was looking for. I am always looking for new throws for my sofa, and scored a lovely number in baby blue and brown, and you can't beat a pair of pillowcases with pine trees all over them. :) Two happy but sleepy faces.

Today I am off to the Missoula Antique Mall to look for Vintage Christmas. I am totally in love with anything from the 50's and earlier. Last year we found a Blow Mold Santa, so who knows what treasures wait for me. Let's fire up the Jeep and head out. But first I have to put the new Christmas wreath on the back! Always, Kit