Sunday, November 12, 2017

Warming up and Back Outside

Here I sit. Sipping my coffee and today, I have a glazed doughnut alongside. Shhh, don't tell anyone. Not exactly on the Top 10 healthy things to eat list. But now and again, it just hits the spot. I have a busy day ahead of me. When we got all that snow on Nov 1st, it hung around till yesterday. Today it should be 46 degrees out and I can finally mulch up the rest of the apple tree leaves. I hate going into the winter with my yard looking gnarly. Christmas Santas, just do not look right sitting on piles of old leaves....lol

I am getting ready for Thanksgiving. I have all my treasures about me. Turkeys, pumpkins and lots of silk flowers. I would have real flowers, but alas the Allergy Gods seemed fit to not let that happen. But I have found some lovely arrangements that give me all the prettiness and none of the sneezing.

Did my "big shopping" on Friday for the holiday. We used to call it that as kids. When the paycheck came in, Mom would go and get lots of food, in lots of brown bags. That was always a happy day. I buy everything I need for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. That way I do not have to worry that Christmas morn will dawn without Pillsbury Orange Rolls. :) So my cupboards are full, as is my freezer. I am still thinking of what little gift to put at the place settings on the big day and the decor for the table this year. I love this part of the holidays, the planning. :) Well, off I go. Time to get the working duds on and get to it while the sun shines. Always, Kit


Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit! I hope you stayed warm out in the leafy yard! Our gardens are all raked and bare (thanks to Bill) and I'm already finding myself thinking about flowers! I must stop! It's way too early for that! It isn't cold so I don't feel Thanksgiving-y or Christmas-y yet. SOON! Have a great week!

Angie said...

Kit - I am sure that you easily worked off that doughnut while doing yard work! Spousal Unit and I went to a Holiday Extravaganza yesterday (he volunteered to come!) and it put both of us in that holiday spirit. Tomorrow we are going to see the National Christmas Tree as it passes through Whitefish. And how about that Griz game yesterday? Have a festive week!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Hi KK ~ Raking up leaves will burn up doughnut calories. I know it must have felt great to be out doing that in crispy cool air. It is still hot and humid down here in s.e. FL.

I'm getting excited about the holidays too.

Love that last photo with your little bear. :-)

Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady

Susan said...

Hi Kit...Love all your Thanksgiving decor. So adorable. Wish I had a freezer to get the turkey in advance but, alas, I don't. Just the bottom freezer of the refridge and it's currently full. Oh well. Hope your holiday is studded with magic! Always love your visits. Hugs. Susan