Saturday, November 4, 2017

November, is that you???

I am looking out my back window and marveling at the 3 inches of snow we have gotten since November 1st. Yep snow. Okay so it is early, true not all my leaves were mulched up, but boy is it pretty and cold and white and it puts my mind to all things Christmas. We were just glad it did not happen on Halloween to literally dampen the kids Trick or Treatings. Mother Nature was kind to us. :)

Halloween was fantastic! Now that hubby is retired, I came home to the whole front yard display being set up and I could sit back and just relax after a busy day at work. Even teenagers like to get all worked up and excited on Halloween....lol They were all dressed up in costumes and we had a craft fair and an assembly. I went as Ellie from Up

I recharged and by evening, my Halloween table was ready, the movie Hocus Pocus was playing and all my little candles were flickering. The place looked amazing! We had about 50 treaters and that is a good night for us. I love this one family that have literally grown up in front of us. They return each year to get their pictures taken in front of our decor. They were all the characters from the Incredibles and one lone Ghostbuster. A young couple arrived dressed as Princess Leia and Han Solo and they were carrying an Ewok. They told us it was their baby's first Halloween and they had to come to our house. Ahhh.  Our daughter's came by in their costumes and we had a nice visit. Youngest wore her fantastic costume she made for Comic Con and oldest (who is always a different dresser-upper) created a scary ant like creature that kinda creeped me out....lol They always have fun those two girls.

Well, today I will spend the day finalizing the storing of all my Halloween decor, it is down stairs but that is as far as I got. And out comes my Thanksgiving treasures for their time to shine. Lots of autumn colors and twinkly lights. I just love this month! Hubby and youngest will attend the Griz Game dressed up to their eyeballs in woolen. And I will watch from the comfort of my couch with my cats and hot coffee. I think I will do a little baking too. Seems right with all this snow. :) Always, Kit


oldgreymareprimitives said...

I'm envious of your snow

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

How sweet that people love to come to your house on Halloween.

Happy Autumn dear KK ~ FlowerLady

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Seems lots of folks were surprised by an early snow. Sounds like a good turnout of trick-or-treaters. I can see why the "ant" costume would freak you out. :/ Happy November!

Lizzy D said...

What a fabulous Halloween. I esp loved the young couple who brought their baby! And the snow is beautiful, the first snow is always so exciting I think. I m glad it missed Halloween night tho.

Happy November, Kit!


Angie said...

Kit - so glad you received 50 Trick or Treaters! I adore seeing little kids in their costumes .... Just watched the finish of the Griz game - so exciting! And I fancy your blog template for November - so striking! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

how fun. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. I used to really go all out with the decor and yard decorations, but Terry is unable to help and I have toned it down a bit. Our neighborhood kids always bring their kids and now their grandkids to get treats. We may have had 30 goblins besides them. Our house is a bit out of the way and most in our block were not home. I loved seeing the ones that came to our door.

I used to do holiday crafts shows. The first weekend of November was my second for the season and we ALWAYS had snow that weekend. Not so in the past few years. We are getting a LOT of rain though.

On to Turkey Day!!
xx, Carol

Poppy said...

What a beautiful, autumnal banner for November! Your snowy scene is actually making me wish for snowflakes!