Wednesday, November 22, 2017

In my Happy Place

My vacation has begun! 6 days of fun and family and relaxing and a whole lot of eating. :) I have been texting my oldest and she is in Utah and heading north to Montana. She should be home by tonight. I am one giddy Mom.

Once my coffee kicks in, it is on to preps. I do a lot of my cooking today, so that I can enjoy the whole Macy's parade and not be exhausted by the time my family is gathered tomorrow. Our menu is simple and the same and that is the way we all like it. I am allowed to add beets to the relish dish, but that is as far as any change can Tradition is big around here.

To me, my preparation day, is the best fun. I am one of those odd people who enjoy doing chores, organizing, and puttering about my home. So today is like winning the lottery to me. But there are rules: I need to be by myself (I can just get so much done without someone else here!), I prefer a football game playing on in the background, and I love a cloudy, snowy or rainy day. Today has all those aspects, so I am good to go.  

First up, is the cranberry jello mold. A tasty staple of our table. Hubby is not a big fan of straight cranberry sauce, so mixed with jello, apples and mandarin oranges and lots of spices, it is a winner in his book. Next, I need to bake my Libby's Pumpkin Pie. Right off the can, it is still the best pumpkin pie I have ever tasted. Boil the yams, cook the elbow macaroni. Our all natural, "spa" turkey is thawing in the frig. The Chex Mix needs to be stirred. All is good.

From our house to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! May you have the holiday you wished for. Keep it chill, and happy. Always, Kit 


Saturday, November 18, 2017

In a Nutshell

Good Morning. I just feel good today. Nothing like a good cup of coffee and texting ones oldest daughter, who is in New Mexico. I love how at any time of the day, I know what she is up to and what she is seeing. And I love the pics she sends, then she doesn't seem so far away. :) She should be headed back to Montana soon and we will all get together for the holiday. 

No big plans for today, except for one. It is the Brawl of the Wild football game in Bozeman, MT. Our rival is Montana State and we want the coveted (but ugly) trophy back. I am hoping for the best and it should be an exciting game. I will be watching from my couch this year, and working on holiday plans. And of course, a lot of screaming will take place. That's a given.

Hubby and I went to a special event this week that made me feel like a kid again. The 2017 Capitol Christmas tree stopped in Missoula on it's trek to Washington D.C., from the Yaak.  We got to the mall just as it was pulling in, horns a blaring and fronted by firetrucks and police. God I was so excited and literally jumped up and down squealing! Really, I did. There were tons of folks, snapping pictures and getting their photos taken with the driver and Santa, who was riding shotgun. And we were able to sign the truck. Our name is headed to DC! As you can see, the top of the tree is visible in a plexiglass box and it is all decorated with snowflakes and teepees. Also, a topper for the tree was made in Belgrade, MT  and it depicts our state flower, the Bitterroot.  It is an honor for our state and I am so glad they had the driver visit so many Montana towns. I wouldn't have wanted to miss this for the world!

So there you have it. The week in a nutshell. So many simple little pleasures that amount to living a great life. I don't ask for much. Just wonderful daughters, football games, semi's with huge trees, and maybe, just maybe another cup of hot coffee with a jelly doughnut chaser. Always, Kit

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Warming up and Back Outside

Here I sit. Sipping my coffee and today, I have a glazed doughnut alongside. Shhh, don't tell anyone. Not exactly on the Top 10 healthy things to eat list. But now and again, it just hits the spot. I have a busy day ahead of me. When we got all that snow on Nov 1st, it hung around till yesterday. Today it should be 46 degrees out and I can finally mulch up the rest of the apple tree leaves. I hate going into the winter with my yard looking gnarly. Christmas Santas, just do not look right sitting on piles of old

I am getting ready for Thanksgiving. I have all my treasures about me. Turkeys, pumpkins and lots of silk flowers. I would have real flowers, but alas the Allergy Gods seemed fit to not let that happen. But I have found some lovely arrangements that give me all the prettiness and none of the sneezing.

Did my "big shopping" on Friday for the holiday. We used to call it that as kids. When the paycheck came in, Mom would go and get lots of food, in lots of brown bags. That was always a happy day. I buy everything I need for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. That way I do not have to worry that Christmas morn will dawn without Pillsbury Orange Rolls. :) So my cupboards are full, as is my freezer. I am still thinking of what little gift to put at the place settings on the big day and the decor for the table this year. I love this part of the holidays, the planning. :) Well, off I go. Time to get the working duds on and get to it while the sun shines. Always, Kit

Saturday, November 4, 2017

November, is that you???

I am looking out my back window and marveling at the 3 inches of snow we have gotten since November 1st. Yep snow. Okay so it is early, true not all my leaves were mulched up, but boy is it pretty and cold and white and it puts my mind to all things Christmas. We were just glad it did not happen on Halloween to literally dampen the kids Trick or Treatings. Mother Nature was kind to us. :)

Halloween was fantastic! Now that hubby is retired, I came home to the whole front yard display being set up and I could sit back and just relax after a busy day at work. Even teenagers like to get all worked up and excited on They were all dressed up in costumes and we had a craft fair and an assembly. I went as Ellie from Up

I recharged and by evening, my Halloween table was ready, the movie Hocus Pocus was playing and all my little candles were flickering. The place looked amazing! We had about 50 treaters and that is a good night for us. I love this one family that have literally grown up in front of us. They return each year to get their pictures taken in front of our decor. They were all the characters from the Incredibles and one lone Ghostbuster. A young couple arrived dressed as Princess Leia and Han Solo and they were carrying an Ewok. They told us it was their baby's first Halloween and they had to come to our house. Ahhh.  Our daughter's came by in their costumes and we had a nice visit. Youngest wore her fantastic costume she made for Comic Con and oldest (who is always a different dresser-upper) created a scary ant like creature that kinda creeped me They always have fun those two girls.

Well, today I will spend the day finalizing the storing of all my Halloween decor, it is down stairs but that is as far as I got. And out comes my Thanksgiving treasures for their time to shine. Lots of autumn colors and twinkly lights. I just love this month! Hubby and youngest will attend the Griz Game dressed up to their eyeballs in woolen. And I will watch from the comfort of my couch with my cats and hot coffee. I think I will do a little baking too. Seems right with all this snow. :) Always, Kit