Saturday, October 28, 2017

On to Halloween!

The weather over here has been gorgeous. Lots of sun, a little wind (to make the leaves dance!) and very chilly. I am hoping it hangs on till Halloween night. I want all the children to be able to enjoy their costumes. My daughters still dress up on Halloween and anytime they can get a I just heard this morning that they got in to Comic Com 2018 in San Diego this summer (lottery event). Yippee! They just love this event and get to make elaborate costumes and hang out with more people who love to dress up. Ideal situation.  This year at work, I will dress up as Ellie from Up. We shall see how many of the kids at my school have seen the movie. 

Today I am fine tuning the decor in the house. We open our doors on Halloween night and friends and family show up and enjoy the decor inside as well as out. We only have low lights and candles lit and the place becomes very magical.

I sure love all my Halloween decor and will miss it. The hubby can't pass by this piece without bopping it on the head and making it Bessie the Cat loves it too!

I found a place for my new Mickey head. And it lights up! See my collection of chest nuts? My hubby brings them to me after his runs, and leaves them on my car at work too. A very nice calling card. :)

Well, that is it for now. Today our Griz play away, so there is a game to watch on TV.  Later when it warms up a bit (40 degrees now) hubby and I will take a "tiddle" in the Cobra to see some Fall color down the Bitterroot. Last ride of the season. :) Always, Kit


Lizzy D said...

I love your Halloween decor, so fun! nd that you all still dress up.

Happy Halloween!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Love how you infuse every holiday and celebration with such joy. Have a blessed Sunday.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

you have some really great Halloween pieces. I love to dress the house for Halloween and HATE to put away my Day of the Dead skellies. Our forecast for Trick or Treat night is cold and rain...BOOOOO. Hope they are wrong.
xx, Carol

Angie said...

I couldn't agree more about our recent Montana weather - gorgeous in every way. We don't do much with inside decorating; we put most of our Halloween effort into our carved pumpkins and our costumes - watch my blog for a future post! Your decorations are "scary" good. I hope your Autumn tour of the Bitterroot was dreamy.

Diane said...

Hope you and your family all have a very Happy Halloween. Boo!!! Diane

Sandra said...

Olá, feliz halloween. cumprimentos.

Sandra said...

Olá, espero que tenha tido um feliz Halloween. Gostei imenso das abóboras. Tudo de bom.Abraço.