Saturday, October 28, 2017

On to Halloween!

The weather over here has been gorgeous. Lots of sun, a little wind (to make the leaves dance!) and very chilly. I am hoping it hangs on till Halloween night. I want all the children to be able to enjoy their costumes. My daughters still dress up on Halloween and anytime they can get a chance....lol I just heard this morning that they got in to Comic Com 2018 in San Diego this summer (lottery event). Yippee! They just love this event and get to make elaborate costumes and hang out with more people who love to dress up. Ideal situation.  This year at work, I will dress up as Ellie from Up. We shall see how many of the kids at my school have seen the movie. 

Today I am fine tuning the decor in the house. We open our doors on Halloween night and friends and family show up and enjoy the decor inside as well as out. We only have low lights and candles lit and the place becomes very magical.

I sure love all my Halloween decor and will miss it. The hubby can't pass by this piece without bopping it on the head and making it bounce....lol Bessie the Cat loves it too!

I found a place for my new Mickey head. And it lights up! See my collection of chest nuts? My hubby brings them to me after his runs, and leaves them on my car at work too. A very nice calling card. :)

Well, that is it for now. Today our Griz play away, so there is a game to watch on TV.  Later when it warms up a bit (40 degrees now) hubby and I will take a "tiddle" in the Cobra to see some Fall color down the Bitterroot. Last ride of the season. :) Always, Kit

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Back to Regular Life

Fall has arrived here in the mountains and it is a beaut! Such color, and I am enjoying each of my trees as they each have their day in the sun. The Ginnala's are done, as is my Autumn Splendor Maple. My Transparent Apple is dropping it's leaves quickly but leaving me with my Mackintosh and my Red Maple to gaze at. The Rugosa Rose is a bright yellow and the Dogwood a pinky/yellow color. I am glad that I had the forethought to plant so many interesting plants. Below is the view I have from my place in the living room, I think the balloons add a special touch to the scene. :)

We celebrated hubby's birthday just last night (hence the balloons), even though the real day is the 17th. Youngest girl was on a business trip to Albuquerque so we rescheduled. It was nice to all get together in these busy times. His theme this year was Bats and Ghosts! He loves a Halloween theme the best. And I gave him a new inflatable for the yard on Halloween night. A Witch stirring her kettle and a little Ghost helping her. He loved it!

Last week we celebrated Homecoming at our University and it was a lot of fun, but very cold. We only lasted at the parade and hour and 1/2 and I called Uncle. But I got to see the important things. The bands (The Red Wave is my all time favorite, consisting of middle schoolers and both my girls used to be in it), the Foresters (oldest girl is a Wildlife Biologist) and two friends who march in the Alumni Band. We attended the game and we gained a win, and I a sore throat. I just yell way too loud....lol But how could I not? I love my Grizzly's.

So now we are just getting ready for Halloween. A big holiday in our family. We all love to create costumes, dress up and we enjoy the Trick or Treaters. I have my home all decorated inside and out and since these are my most favorite colors, I love it. I have always had a problem with Easter, not on my color wheel....lol I am just not a pastel girl. Give me bold color! Until next week. Always, Kit

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party!

Oh my! What an incredible time my youngest and I had. I have to warn you, this will be a photo heavy post. From the get go, we were in party mode and doing all we could in the time we had. Kinda how I live my life....lol Yes, we got tired, true my legs could not take another step on day 5, but who cared, we were in Disneyland! 

Even on the plane, we were ready for some fun. We had our cheese snacks and exchanged gifts and my daughter even brought, soft and fluffy mouse ears to wear. They were so comfortable, I even forgot we had them on as we headed through the airport....lol We were taken to the Candy Cane Inn, a cute and family owned hotel right on Disney property. I just loved all their flowers! My daughter put a note and little toy on my bed each night, what a clever surprise and so appreciated. 

First day dawned lovely and today we were going to be dressing up as Peter Pan and Wendy. It is called Disneybounding, and you can dress up, as long as you do not look exactly like the character. I didn't think I would have any problem being confused with a 15 year old boy. :) We were so impressed with the decor in Disney. Lots of pumpkins and bunting and everything was dressed in orange, of course! We ran into the real Peter Pan and we were tickled. 

The Haunted Mansion was spectacular. That must have taken a long time to set up and the ride so different and a lot of fun. We had to get two Fast Passes to it since the line was soooooo long. All the windows along Main Street had the most unusual and gorgeous Halloween displays. I would have loved to buy quite a few items had they been for sale. Also being celebrated in the parks was Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. In California Adventure we were able to take in a live show based on the new movie, Coco. It was wonderful! 

But even though it was Halloween in the parks, we did the regular stuff too. Rode the Grizzly Water ride (reminds us of home), caught the parade, played Astro Blasters (Em beat me this time!), and sat in a teacup with a huge heart on the side in Fantasyland. Of course we had to do the Peter Pan ride, as Peter Pan. A lot of folks got a kick out of that. Em rode the raft to Tom Sawyers Island and we ate sugary beignets in New Orleans Square. 

With dusk coming on, we had to run over to Cars Land which had a wonderful Halloween "overlay". Lots of clever displays and the neon is so lovely. We rode the Racers, which is a blast and in the line I met a young disabled man who kept pointing to my hat and grinning. His Mom said, "He loves your ride! It is his favorite." I guess I can be confused with Peter Pan. :) 

Day two! Really, has it only been two days? My legs were saying no....lol Youngest was the Queen from Alice in Wonderland and I was Adventureland. Though that was a bit obscure, so I referred to myself as Beige Lady. We wandered the parks catching the rides we had missed and spending a lot of time sipping iced coffee and seeking air conditioning. It seems Cally, was having a heat wave. 92 degrees in the shade. Oy! Dole whip helped a lot, as did riding the train and taking a turn through Small World. I hadn't ridden that ride since 1995. And now I remember why.....lol 

We took the hot weather as a sign that it was time to shop and eat special treats. I couldn't believe that they even took the special holiday decor to the inside of the stores. I want that chandelier! Look at those caramel apples. $11.00  a pop! They were so pretty, but there was no way I could damage one by eating it. So I bought the coolest container that looks like Snow White's poison apple and it came with grapes. A much healthier option. Em found a lovely dress in New Orleans Square and I found my new popcorn container, Mickey Mouse as a pumpkin. Perfect!

Party Day had arrived! But we couldn't go to the parks until 4pm. So we did the next best thing and went to Downtown Disney for some lunch and shopping. There again, they we all decorated up with pumpkins and it was so pretty. Found a lovely Mexican restaurant for some table side, freshly prepared guacamole which was delich and an apple tart. Apple tart? It went with the Fall theme. Back to rest up and then get dressed. My lovely girl decided to go as Katrina Van Tassel of Sleepy Hallow fame. The Disney version (the best version). And I was Ellie from Up as a child. I love Ellie! And everyone loved our costumes. And there were tons of costumes! 

Once the party started, we had such fun! We ran over to Calif Adventure to the Headless Horseman statue to get a bunch of photos taken of my lovely girl. Once folks realized who she was, they started snapping pics of her. :) Disney had these great Trick or Treat venues in all the lands. And we hit each and every one of them. The staff were eager to give you all that you wanted (Cheez Its, candy, apple slices, pretzels, popcorn, and more candy) The atmosphere in the park was dark and spooky and gorgeous! We rode some rides with literally the smallest lines I have ever seen, visited a dance party, and were wowed by the firework display. And to top off the evening we found a perfect spot for the parade and who comes down the street but Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman and when he saw my Katrina they had a moment of kiss throwing and waving. The crowd loved it! They should invite her back for a repeat performance don't ya think?

But all things must come to an end. We boarded the plane very tired, but very happy and thought back on special treats, Cadaver Dan's singing to us, gorgeous decorations, lots of fun and the most wonderful time a Mom could have with her daughter. We were sad, but I had a Mickey Mouse pumpkin waiting for me at home and joining it would be two huge bags of treats and lots and lots of great memories. :) Always, Kit

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